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IHE Patient Care Coordination Domain Update PowerPoint Presentation
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IHE Patient Care Coordination Domain Update

IHE Patient Care Coordination Domain Update

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IHE Patient Care Coordination Domain Update

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  1. IHE Patient Care Coordination Domain Update HIMSS Interoperability Showcase February 2008 Keith W. BooneInteroperability Architect, GE Healthcare Co-chair, IHE PCCCo-chair, HL7 Structured DocumentsConvener, HITSP Care Management and Health Records Domain TC

  2. Patient Care Coordination • Established in 2005 • Scope • Integration issues that cross providers, patient problems or time. • General clinical care aspects such as • document exchange, • order processing, • coordination with other specialty domains. • Address workflows and the integration needs of specialty areas without a separate domain within IHE

  3. Sponsors and Professional Societies • Sponsors • Health Information Management Systems Society • American College of Physicians • Professional Societies • American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists • American College of Emergency Physicians • 93 Organizational Members of IHE •

  4. PCC Activities to Date

  5. PCC Activities for 2008-2009 • Care Management • Chronic Disease Management • Immunization Registries • Cancer Registries • Clinical Trials • Antepartum Record • Medical Home

  6. IHE PCC Nursing Subcommittee • PCC Approved the formation of a Nursing Subcommittee in November 2008 • Membership open to any IHE Member • See • Call for Co-chair Nominations occurring soon • Initial Focus • Review of ALL IHE Activities involving Nursing • Leading development of Nursing specific profiles • Liason with other IHE Domain

  7. Categories of Healthcare Communication Services HIEs and RHIOs Hospitals Patient and Provider ID Mgt e.g. access to last 6 months historical labs and encounter summaries e.g. get a current list of allergies or med list from a source e.g. order a lab test, track status and receive results Security Document Sharing Dynamic Information Access Workflow Management Source persisted and attested health records Specific info snapshot provided on demand 2 or more entities synchronize a task

  8. Combining IHE ProfilesDocument Content & Modes of Document Exchange Doc Content Profiles (Semantics content) Scanned Doc XDS-SD Consent BPPC ED Encounter Summary EDES Functional Status Assessment FSA Emergency EDR PHR Exchange XPHR Discharge &Referrals XDS-MS Imaging XDS-I Laboratory XD*-Lab Document Exchange Integration Profiles Document SharingXDS Reliable Pt-PtInterchange XDR MediaInterchange XDM

  9. Use of a shared XDS Infrastructure Between Providers and : • Specialists • Patients Hospital Ambulatory or Specialty Center Home

  10. Community Network A Community Network B Document Registry Document Registry Practice Practice Hospitals Practice Hospitals Practice Hospitals Hospital Practice Practice Hospital Practice Hospitals Hospital Practice Hospitals Practice Hospitals Practice Diag Test Clinic Clinic Clinic Diag Test Clinic Other Clinic Clinic Clinic Clinic Community Network D Community Network C Document Registry Document Registry Hospitals Hospitals Practice Practice Hospitals Hospitals Practice Practice Clinic Clinic HIMSS NHIN: Network of networksThe largest multi-vendor HIE Prototype ever built ! 3 infrastructure systems 3 infrastructure 9 local systems 2 infrastructure 4 local systems 6 infrastructure 9 local systems 3 infrastructure 7 local systems

  11. 2008 HIMSS Interoperability Showcase

  12. Austria IHE, global standards-based profiles adopted by several national & regional projects Lower Austria Netherland Amsterdam Italy (Conto Corrente Salute) UK CfH (Radiology WF) Denmark (Funen) Italy (Veneto) Spain (Aragon) FranceDMP Quebec, Toronto,Alberta, British ColumbiaCanada Infoway VITL-Vermont Boston Medical Center - MA Philadelphia HIE CPHIC – Pennsylvania CareSpark – TN & VA South Africa THINC- New York NCHICA – N. Carolina Malaysia CHINA-MoH Lab results sharing JAPAN-Nagaya Imaging Info Sharing CHINA-Shanghai Imaging Info Sharing

  13. NHIN-2 Projects • CareSpark – Tricities region of Eastern Tennessee and Southwestern Virginia • Delaware Health Information Network • Indiana University • Long Beach Network for Health • Lovelace Clinic Foundation – New Mexico • MedVirginia • New York eHealth Collaborative • North Carolina Healthcare Information and Communications Alliance, Inc. (NCHICA) • West Virginia Health Information Network

  14. CCHIT 08 Level 3 Text Structure Med, Problems and Allergies Entry as highly structured text. Coded Section Coded Section Coded Section Text easy to import/parse Entry Entry Entry Level 3 Med Problems a nd Text Structure Allergies have a Entry fine-grain structure with CCHIT 09 optional coding. Coding Scheme explicitly identified. Text Structure Entry PCC Technical FrameworkHL7 Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) Release 2 and ASTM/HL7 Continuity of Care Level 1 Structured and Coded Header Patient, A uthor, Authenticator, Institution, Header always structured and coded Time of Service, etc. Level 2 S t r u c t u r e d C o n t e n t w i t h c o d e d s e c t i o n s : S t r u c t u r e d C o n t e n t w i t h c o d e d s e c t i o n s : Title - coded sections with non - structured · Reason for Referral nor coded content (text, lists, tables). · · Vital Signs  Simple Viewing (XML Style sheet) · · M e d i c a t i o n M e d i c a t i o n · Studies · · A l l e r g i e s A l l e r g i e s · Social History · · P r o b l e m s P r o b l e m s The PCC Technical Framework enable both semantic interoperability and simple viewing ! · Care Plan

  15. IHE Profiles are consistent with HHS Accepted Standards(HITSP Interoperability Specifications) 15

  16. How can I participate? As a Provider or Vendor Contributor • Offer Clinical Use Case Input to Drive IHE Profile Development • Become a member of relevant domain’s Planning or Technical Committees • Become a member of relevant Regional/National Committees • Help to shape IHE’s future direction As a Vendor Participant • Respond to Public Comments of Domain Supplements • Attend the June Educational Workshop • Participate in Connect-a-thons and Demonstrations As a Provider/Consultant Participant • Respond to Public Comments of Domain Supplements • Attend the June Educational Workshop • Attend Demonstrations and include IHE Integration Profiles in your RFPs and Integration Projects.

  17. What can you do? • Attend the IHE Domain specific sessions in these Theaters during HIMSS 2007 (Orange sessions) • Learn about IHE, • Insist on relevant IHE profiles compliance in your RFPs and contract documents: • Select Integration Profiles, and Appropriate Actor(s) • Ask vendors for their products “IHE Integration Statements”. • Need more interoperability ? • Contribute to IHE Committees

  18. IHE Web site:www.IHE .net • Frequently AskedQuestions • Integration Profiles in Technical Frameworks: See Volume 1 of each TF for Use cases • Cardiology • Eye Care • IT Infrastructure • Laboratory • Patient Care Coordination • Patient Care Devices • Pathology • Quality • Radiation Oncology • Radiology • Connectathon Result: • Vendor Products Integration Statements

  19. ANSI/HITSP Call for Participation • Care Management and Health Records Domain TC • Health Information Management Professionals • Architects and Implementers of EHR Systems • Experts in Clinical Vocabularies • LOINC • SNOMED • RxNORM • Architects and Implementers of Clinical Decision Support Systems • HL7 CDA R2 knowledge and implementation experience