how to guarantee exams online using tops n.
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How to Guarantee Exams Online using TOPS PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Guarantee Exams Online using TOPS

How to Guarantee Exams Online using TOPS

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How to Guarantee Exams Online using TOPS

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  1. How to Guarantee Exams Online using TOPS

  2. Exam Fees After logging on, click on the Ancillary Charges button.

  3. Exam Fees Key in Container Number.

  4. Exam Fees Container will appear with Hold Type and Amount Due.

  5. Exam Fees To guarantee exam, click on check box to the left of the container. Then select your Company name and payment method from the drop down box. PO Number field is used if a Reference Number is needed. Click Pay Ancillary to Finish.

  6. Exam Fees This is the next screen if guarantee is successful. Invoice is shown and able to print. Invoice will also sent to customer via fax or email, whichever the customer chose during registration.

  7. Exam Fees When guarantee is successful, TOPS sends an EDI message and automatically updates Express, releasing the Hold.

  8. Exam Fees Customers will also be able to see their invoices online. To see past invoices, click on the Account History button on the Main Menu page.

  9. Exam Fees Menu will appear to choose which type of Invoices to view. For this demonstration, we will use the Ancillary Invoices Report to see the invoice created.

  10. Exam Fees To view invoice, clink on the link. Invoice is listed with billing information and status of Payment. To print Invoice, select the invoice, and click on Print at the Bottom.