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Blueprint for Success in Teaching at Carroll Community College PowerPoint Presentation
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Blueprint for Success in Teaching at Carroll Community College

Blueprint for Success in Teaching at Carroll Community College

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Blueprint for Success in Teaching at Carroll Community College

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  1. Blueprint for Success in Teaching at Carroll Community College A Non-credit Adjunct Faculty Orientation Program

  2. Welcome to Carroll! We are glad that you have chosen to share your expertise and enthusiasm with our students here at Carroll Community College. To many of our students, it is you, their teacher, who actually becomes their college experience – your role is critical – and we want you to have all the information you need to create that wonderful classroom experience for your students. This orientation is designed to provide you the tools you need to be successful. Blueprints for Success

  3. Learn about Carroll Community College • Blueprints for Success

  4. Learn about Continuing Education & Training • Blueprints for Success

  5. By the end of the orientation you will be able to: • Applythe Quality Standards for Adjunct Faculty • Utilize college procedures for course administration activities • Follow college safety procedures • Find help when you need it Blueprints for Success

  6. Instructional Standards for Continuing Education and Training Adjunct Faculty Quality Standards Blueprints for Success

  7. Use of Quality Standards • Quality Standards help to ensure a quality course and/or training experience. • Program managers will be observing all new adjunct faculty and veteran faculty on a rotating basis using the elements in the Quality Standards document. Blueprints for Success

  8. Quality Standards – Number 1 Faculty member incorporates adult learning principles into classroom • The 10 most • important principles • as described • By Malcolm • Knowles • follow. Blueprints for Success

  9. Adults Learn Better: sufficient time for learning practice or apply learning focus on relevant and realistic problems and the practical application some measure of performance for a sense of progress • informal non-threatening environment • want or need to learn • learning needs and styles are met. • knowledge & experience are valued and used. • control over the learning content • participation Blueprints for Success

  10. For Your Reference A basic knowledge of how adults learn will help make your class effective. The college will provide a reference book for you for this purpose: “How to Teach Adults” by William A. Draves, 2007. Blueprints for Success

  11. 3 basic points are covered in the book: • How adults learn and how you can help them learn better • How to prepare for your class • How you can implement ideas for teaching and tips for improving your teaching technique Blueprints for Success

  12. Quality Standards – Number 2 & 3 2.The faculty member has appropriate academic or technical credentials and experience in the content area of teaching. 3.The faculty member engages in professional development activities to stay current in field of expertise. Blueprints for Success

  13. Quality Standards – Number 4 & 5 4.Course content is based on current industry and/or topic standards and relevant to current student population. 5.Materials/handouts are professionally produced and are of sufficient content and substance to be useful to the student. Blueprints for Success

  14. Quality Standards – Number 6 6. Course materials include the non-credit course syllabus. See your program manager for your unit syllabus template. Most include : • course outline • objectives and competencies • learning assessment strategies • reference information and textbook • workbook, or worksheets as appropriate Blueprints for Success

  15. Creating Your Syllabus • \Word\STAFF\BbsiteAdjFac\Course Syllabus 1 7 09.pdf • This link requires that you login to Blackboard (Bb), the site for Carroll’s on line courses. To login click here, watch the video and follow the instructions. Blueprints for Success

  16. Quality Standards – Number 7 7.Formal and /or informal learning outcomes assessment will be conducted that link to the course objectives in Continuing Education Certificate training programs and other selected workforce training courses. See your program manager for more information on this. Blueprints for Success

  17. Quality Standards Number 8, 9 & 10 8. Enthusiasm for course content and towards the students is displayed. 9. There is a positive learning environment in the classroom using the principles of adult learning. 10. Effective classroom management techniques are utilized. Blueprints for Success

  18. Quality StandardsNumber 11, 12 & 13 • Effective communication is evident in the classroom. • Technology resources are used effectively if applicable. • Faculty member presents a professional image. • Faculty member communicates timely and effectively with CET staff Blueprints for Success

  19. Polices and Procedures for the Classroom Classroom Management Blueprints for Success

  20. As your class begins… • Your course packet will be in your classroom – it contains: Class Roster/s Course Evaluations Certificates (if app) Attendance Sheet • Have your students sign the roster as indicated. • Your books and class materials will be in your classroom. • Keep attendance accurately. Blueprints for Success

  21. The Mystery Student • If there is someone in your class NOT on the roster but who HAS a Confirmation Form • Write in name, address, daytime phone on Student List • Sign Student List Blueprints for Success

  22. Mystery Student • If there is someone in your class NOT on the roster with NO confirmation form • If it’s Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 7 p.m. • Have the student call or go to CET office in A115 to register and pay • If after 7:00 p.m. or weekend: • Get name, address, daytime phone • Must show confirmation by next class • Relay the students contact information to CET Office at 410-386-8100 or leave a copy of contact information addressed to CET at the main Information Desk. Blueprints for Success

  23. As your class ends… • Be sure to sign the attendance form • Assign grades as described – CC, CA or NG (see next slide for grading information • Return your packet to either a CET office in K, T, A or North Center OR to the information desk when your class is over. Blueprints for Success

  24. CET Grading • CA – meets 80% course attendance requirement • CC – meets both course attendance and competency requirements • NG – no grade Blueprints for Success

  25. Required! Mary Smith CC John Green CA Betty Rockwell NG Blueprints for Success

  26. What’s a CEU? • Continuing Education Unit • Internationally recognized • Awarded in workforce-related courses where learning outcomes assessments are included. Blueprints for Success

  27. CEUs are awarded: • If the student meets both the attendance and the competency requirements • Students can receive transcripts listing work-related courses they successfully completed. Students may request them through the Records Office. If you are uncertain if this applies to your course contact your program manager. Blueprints for Success

  28. Supplies Certain basic supplies for instructional purposes such as dry erase markers and erasers are available. Supplies are located in the departmental offices and can be obtained by speaking to a program assistant. If your course requires additional supplies, please see your program manager. Blueprints for Success

  29. Duplication of Course Materials Faculty members are requested to make full use of the College duplicating service. Due to increasing paper costs, all copies made will be two-sided. The completed work will be left in the classroom prior to the start of class. Very large jobs (e.g. original contains 25 or more pages) will need a 10 business day turn-around. Blueprints for Success

  30. Inclement weather • For information about courses held on the Washington Road Campus Enroll in e2campus (see next slide) Or Call College Inclement Weather Phone at 410-386-8457 and follow instructions to hear special information for continuing education classes Blueprints for Success

  31. e-2 Campus Sign-up for e-2 Campus at for college closings and emergency notifications. These messages will arrive instantaneously as a text message on your cell phone or using your favorite web portal, Facebook, and Twitter. Blueprints for Success

  32. More inclement weather info • For college courses held in a Carroll County Public School or Senior Center: If Carroll County Public Schools close for the day or during the day, the college courses being held in these locations that day or evening will be cancelled. Blueprints for Success

  33. Rescheduling cancelled classes… • Call your program manager to arrange a new date / time for the make up class. Students are instructed to go to the next class as scheduled and the instructor announces the make-up. If it’s the last class session, Customer Service will contact the students to inform them of the make-up date. Blueprints for Success

  34. How did we do? • Student evaluations • Have students complete the forms • Keep them confidential • Return them in your packet to A115 or Information/Security desks • Instructor evaluations • We need them so we can do better for you! Blueprints for Success

  35. Safety and Security Blueprints for Success

  36. 911 Emergency or 8123 Common sense should prevail. If the emergency is related to injury or illness and requires immediate medical attention, or is deemed violent or threatening in any way, "911" should be contacted immediately and then x8123. Please be prepared to advise 911 dispatch of an individual's apparent condition and location within the College. Location is imperative. Blueprints for Success

  37. Emergency cont…. • After contact with 911 is made, x8123 should be called as quickly as possible so that the College’s Public Safety and Security Officers who are trained first responders can assist, as well as direct the ambulance when it arrives. 8123 is the College’s emergency number for immediate assistance from College Security. Blueprints for Success

  38. Non-threatening Emergency • In the event of non-threatening emergency Monday through Friday, prior to 4:30 p.m., please contact Administration at 410-386-8123 from outside the building; from inside the building, call ext. 8123. After 4:30 until closing, or Saturday please contact the Information Center, ext. “0.” Blueprints for Success

  39. 8123 8123 can be called for any situation that an instructor finds disturbing or disrupting. For example: • belligerent student • despondent student • threatening student or visitor • strange behavior Blueprints for Success

  40. Telephones in Classrooms • Telephones have been placed in each classroom, hallways, and the Student Center. These phones are for the safety of students, faculty, and staff. They have been placed both in conjunction with our Crisis Management Plan as well as to offer a higher level of security and safety to faculty and students within these areas. Blueprints for Success

  41. A College “Care Team” is available to help you If you are concerned about a student’s behavior, worried about his/her class session attendance, or the student has confided in you something you do not know how to address, contact your program manager with the following information: Blueprints for Success

  42. Care Team cont… • Student’s full name and ID number (if known); Description of the incident or behaviors prompting the referral; Description of your actions (if any) to address the concern • A member of the “Care Team” will respond to you within 24 hours with advice. • Call 8123 if you matter cannot wait. Blueprints for Success

  43. Additional Resources for Adjunct Faculty Blueprints for Success

  44. Library & Media Services • The college’s library has many resource books, databases, and audio visual materials for use in classes. Access those resources at: Blueprints for Success

  45. Student use of the library • Continuing Educationstudents and instructors may borrow items from the college library using their CCPL card. • If your course requires students to borrow library materials, a roster will be provided to the library by CET, and one week later, they will be able to pick up their library cards. (Cards are valid only for the duration of the course.) Blueprints for Success

  46. E-mail account • You may be interested in a college e-mail account. To request one, contact your program manager. Blueprints for Success

  47. Parking Permits • A parking permit will allow faculty to park in the spaces marked “Faculty / Staff.” Request one in the Continuing Education main office in A115. Parking permits are dated for the term in which you are teaching. If you skip a term you will receive a new permit for the new course period. Blueprints for Success

  48. Technology Support • The classrooms at the college are “Smart Rooms” meaning that the instructor stations have integrated computer/audio visual capabilities. Find operational instructions on the podium. If additional assistance is needed call 8016 from the classroom telephone. Blueprints for Success

  49. A word about Blackboard (Bb) • The college offers an on-line resource called Blackboard where faculty and students can interact on together and with class material. You are taking this orientation on a Bb site. If you would like a site for your course, contact your program manager. Blueprints for Success

  50. Adjunct Faculty Handbooks • Follow this link to access the adjunct faculty handbook • Blueprints for Success