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Online Store

Multifarious Systems I. Online Store. By : Daniel Alvarado. Purpose.

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Online Store

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  1. Multifarious Systems I Online Store By: Daniel Alvarado

  2. Purpose My final project was creating an online weapon store. In my store I have two different lists of weapons, melee and fire. I have a registration form where users can register and buy weapons, while I am the designer as well as the administrator

  3. Home and Requirements These two pages are simply filler pages to make the website look more presentable and real , but the real purpose was testing my CCS style for the webpage and see the future appearance for the rest of them.

  4. Registration My registration functionality is a combination between an html and php page. When I hit the registration button on my webpage its going to go to html webpage first and after hitting the create account is going to go to the php file where it each check every single data of the checkboxes to see if the form was entered in the right way.

  5. Store/ Melee and Fire Weapons My store is divided in two lists, Melee and Fire weapons, they work the same way except that when I display them I open the database where the weapon are stored with their Id, price and name and picture. I have a weaponType , melee or Fire and that way I display them

  6. Add To Cart/Delete From Cart These two files insert and remove items from an user’s shopping cart . I created a database table called addtocart. If am adding to cart I am insert into this table if I delete from the cart then I would create a query that deletes from the addtocart table too.

  7. Place Order Each time we place an order after an user has a shopping cart, it redirects to the home page and erases the current shopping cart. This php file includes functionality from the delete from cart and also storing in the table called orders all of the items placed in the order

  8. View Orders All of the users with placed orders re going to be viewable at the view orders section , this section is only viewable to the administrator. Only I am the administrator and have this privilege.

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