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Hollingworth Elementary School A California Distinguished School PowerPoint Presentation
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Hollingworth Elementary School A California Distinguished School

Hollingworth Elementary School A California Distinguished School

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Hollingworth Elementary School A California Distinguished School

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  1. Hollingworth Elementary School A California Distinguished School A No Excuses University School of Inquiry, Imagination, and Individualized Learning Transitional Kindergarten (TK) and Kindergarten Orientation Welcome! Creating Pathways to Help Every Student Succeed! Dr. Hoon, Principal Ms. Dorado, L.D./P.S.

  2. Hollingworth TK/ Kindergarten TeachersMs. Fonseca, rm. K-1Ms. Martini, rm. K-2 (TK)Mrs. Gutierrez, rm. K-3Ms. Radford, rm. BDr. Rideau, rm. CWe practice a Team Approach.

  3. Community of Caring • Values • Trust, Family, Respect • Integrity, Responsibility • Character Education is integrated throughout the curriculum with • CHARACTER COUNTS! • Trustworthiness4. Fairness • Respect5. Caring • Responsibility6. Citizenship • SIX PILLARS OF CHARACTER!

  4. Parent Involvement is Important to us!!!! There are great opportunities to become involved at Hollingworth! School Site Council, Morning Break Club, Hollingworth Parent Teacher Organization, Help in classrooms (more to follow), Assist on fieldtrips, Watch DOGS!, and more! TO VOLUNTEER: Application, TB, Megan’s Law Ck

  5. Kindergarten Academic GoalsHighlights: Write a three sentence story Read at or above a level of proficiency Retell a story Read 20 or more high frequency words Produce rhyming words Write numbers to 30 or higher Understand simple addition and subtraction

  6. Communication is key! • We will meet twice to discuss student progress in mid-October and, if necessary, March. • Three report cards and CASE, California Academic Standards Evaluation, are sent home at the end of each trimester. • Students are assessed formally and informally on a regular basis. • You will receive on-going information about your child’s progress. You may always contact the teacher for more!

  7. Attendance is Important!Please bring your child to school, on time, every day!We use a tardy free clock as an incentive to reward punctuality. Students who are tardy must check in at the office. We reward with popsicles or free dress the class with 12 tardy free days.Any absence requires a note upon return or call the school to report an absence at (909) 598-3661.Kindergarten classrooms open at 8:00am.

  8. Pick-up Policy.Students will be released from the inside their classrooms at 1:25 pm(Tuesdays and any other early day is 1:00pm dismissal)Teachers will call each child’s name and give a “Hi-5” to dismiss.Your child will only be released to persons listed on the emergency card unless you notify the school of any changes.Students may not be released to minors.Students not picked up by 1:45p.m. will be escorted to the office.Bussers will be escorted to their bus by staff.

  9. Communication Update the school of any changes in telephone numbers, emergency contacts or address listings. Notify your child’s teacher of any events that may be affecting your child’s learning and/or behavior. Your child’s teacher is available for brief notices before classroom doors open and after school when all students have been dismissed. OR We can arrange a time to meet with you if more time is required. Written notes are very effective.

  10. Health Information • Students will have a hearing and vision screening by a nurse. • Inform your child’s teacher • of any health issues regarding your child: • asthma • glasses • allergies (bee stings, peanut butter, etc.) • taking medication • frequent restroom use • other________________________________________

  11. Parent Volunteers • All parents are needed to help on a regular basis: • Student special projects • Student reading • Student skill reinforcement • Small group work • Clerical assistance • Take home prep work • Computer assistance • Library assistance • Special events • Become familiar with your child’s peer group. • Notify teacher in advance of when you plan to help. • Sign in and out at the office • ***Birthdays are celebrated through book donations, not parties!

  12. TK/K Extended Day Schedule 6 hour day (5 hour day on Tuesday, 8:00am -1:00pm)

  13. Home Support • Read to your child at least 20 minutes a day. • Discuss what you’ve read. • Have your child retell a familiar story to you. • Have your child read to you. • Build interest in books at the library or bookstore. • Review a completed page of homework each day. • Use a pencil only for written work (no pens or markers). • Check for accuracy in name writing. • Extend math concepts at home (find shapes, count fruit, etc.) • HOMEWORK • Homework Packets will be distributed each Monday beginning mid-September. • Return Homework every Friday.

  14. Student Folders • Send the student folder to school with your child every Friday. Write communication, if necessary. • Check for papers requiring your signature. • Look for school information including breakfast/lunch menus. • Review work and empty the student folder at home. • Classroom work need not return to school unless noted. • Have your child hand deliver notes to teacher rather than leaving them in the folder. • Backpacks must be checked and maintained by parent

  15. Dress Code • Label clothing such as sweaters and jackets • Safe closed toed shoes • Collared shirt or blouse (no words, stripes or graphics) • Fitted pants and shorts • Solid colored pants, shorts and skirts • Clothing should allow child to use restroom independently • Girls are highly encouraged to wear shorts under skirts for both inside sitting and outside play. • Hats may be worn during recess. • Provide jackets on cold days. • Halloween costumes are not permitted.

  16. Lunch • Complete the free/reduced lunch application ASAP. • You may pre-pay lunches. • The cafeteria staff may send a collection envelope home with your child if lunch money is owed. • A modified lunch will be served if lunch money is owed. • Cafeteria staff is on duty during lunch and lunch recess. • It is helpful if your child learns his or her first and last name for quick lunch verification. • Pack a nutritious snack for A.M. snack recess (not shared).

  17. Basic Expectations • Keep your hands to yourself (no hitting,kicking) • Raise your hand before you talk • Use an inside voice in the classroom • Share classroom materials • Walk in the classroom and in the halls • Be a good listener We practice being peacemakers. We model, practice and reinforce the desired behavior. Classroom rules will be developed with students based upon the Six Pillars of Character.

  18. Behavior System* Certificates of Achievement are awarded at monthly assemblies *Individual Behavioral Contract may be used

  19. Voluntary Donations • 3 Tissue Boxes • 4 Dry erase markers (blue, black, red, green) • 3 Glue sticks, Crayola brand (sold at Michaels) • 1 Box of Ziploc bags (1 gallon size or quart size) • 1 ream of white copy paper • 1 container of hand sanitizer to share with class

  20. Care Package Recommendations • Write child’s full name on large Ziploc bag • Solar Blanket • Non-perishable Snack Foods (foods should have expiration date after July 2012) • Family Photo • Child’s Book • These emergency, care packages are “just in case.”

  21. Upcoming Special Events • NEU Kick-off • Back to School Night • 100th Day of School • Sports Jersey Day • Crazy Sock Day • Jog-a-thon • Hat Day • Field Trip • International Day • Open House • Theatrical Performance • Kindergarten Carnival • Kindergarten Field Day • Earth Day • Dr. Suess Day What does your family celebrate?

  22. First Week Memories • Arrive at school early and avoid the rush. • Make the morning as calm as possible. • Give the message to your child that s/he is in a good and safe place. • Avoid showing any hesitation about leaving your child. • Take cues from the teacher on what to do if your child is upset. • Build your child’s confidence by telling him/her how proud you are that s/he is going to kindergarten. • Ask your child about his/her day and build excitement for the next day. • Make great kindergarten memories!

  23. THANK YOU! WE LOOK FORWARD TO A GREAT TK/K YEAR FOR YOUR CHILD!!! Together we will make your child’s TK/K experience a great one! We will Create Pathways to Help Every Child Succeed! Thank you, Hollingworth TK/K Team