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  1. G8 PE Done By : Angel Su

  2. Fitness • In term one, we started Pe class from fitness, we did a lot test for our body like the bleep test, speed test, agility test and a lot others. I did better in the speed test, because my that is strength. After we have learn those thing we have a test for fitness, my score is not really good but I got pass. Learning fitness can help us to get more fit to our body.

  3. Soccer • After fitness we did soccer, soccer is a very familiar sports to everyone. In our grade we are still playing and practicing. In the first lesson. Mr.G told us the basic things about the football like we can’t use hand to touch the ball the first basic rule. Then the lesson after we started practicing dribble. Passing, shooting and defending . After we have all those knowledge we started playing a game.

  4. Gymnastic • The term 1 has end, term 2 Pe start, we started from the gymnastic, for gymnastic we need flexibility for girls and need power for boys. We learned a lot action in gymnastic and in lesson 7 and 8 we have to create our own gymnastic action and we have to present in front of the class and Mr.G have record down the video. I can do split, forward roll and the front, back and side support, I think the most difficult part is not the actions is how to linked the action together.

  5. Netball • In the last half term 2 we started netball, start from primary one I didn’t play netball before so of course I know nothing about netball but after learning this lesson I learn more and I know how to play it. We learn that the position of each player and also the place we can go and wouldn’t go.

  6. Track and Field • Doing track and field is practicing for the coming soon sport in track and field we have to learn all the sport day event. In the event we have 100m sprint, 600m, high jump, discus, javelin and triple jump. So practing those so we can get good score for the sports day

  7. Reflection • In G8 Pe class, I have learn a lot new things that I haven't done before, and Pe can also improve our health playing sport is a fun thing because we don’t have to look at the computer every Second. I like Pe class and playing sport because we can relax and we can forgot everything and just concentrate in playing sports .

  8. Learner profile • I think in the netball lesson, I m more kind of balanced because I can understand the rules and also obey the rules when playing the game, I tried my best in the game and also did better than at the start. • In gymnastic I think I am a thinker because we have to link least 8 action together so we have to be creative so that our performance can be different from others and get more attention from the others.