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JANSANGHARSH MANCH 104, Maharanapratap Complex, Ellisbridge, Ahmedabad. Ph. 079 26577280

JANSANGHARSH MANCH 104, Maharanapratap Complex, Ellisbridge, Ahmedabad. Ph. 079 26577280. Dead ly Plan. Whenever people of one community die in a communal conflict, their relatives cry but the politician rejoices!. Dead ly Plan. Dead ly Plan.

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JANSANGHARSH MANCH 104, Maharanapratap Complex, Ellisbridge, Ahmedabad. Ph. 079 26577280

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  1. JANSANGHARSH MANCH 104, Maharanapratap Complex, Ellisbridge, Ahmedabad. Ph. 079 26577280

  2. Deadly Plan Whenever people of one community die in a communal conflict, their relatives cry but the politician rejoices!

  3. Deadly Plan

  4. Deadly Plan And if their death is in a conflict connected with a religious place or religious organisation, then the nation cries and the politicians take out a victory rallies!

  5. Deadly Plan

  6. Deadly Plan That’s what happened after the demolition of the Babri Masjid and that’s what happened after the S6 coach of Sabarmati Express burnt at Godhra on 27th February, 2002.

  7. Deadly Plan

  8. Deadly Plan It is the same old politics of hatred and dead bodies. Godhra was to contribute 59 unfortunate dead bodies for some one to win an election…

  9. Deadly Plan A monumental national tragedy that ought to have been mourned by all, but was quickly converted into a focal point of hate-politics.

  10. Deadly Plan On 27th Feb 2002 around 12 noon the dead bodies were removed from the S6 coach of the ill fated train and laid down in the yard itself. A huge crowd was allowed to gather all around.

  11. Deadly Plan The inquest was carried out by PI Mirza which was started at 13:15 hours and was completed and signed at 18:45 hours.

  12. Deadly Plan Under the criminal law, it is the inquesting authority who has to decide whether to send the dead bodies for post-mortem or not.But in the present case PM of almost all bodies were over by 18.45 hours, the time when inquest report was signed.

  13. Deadly Plan The question is under whose orders the Post- mortem was being conducted in the Railway Yard itself without any facility and equipments and also by Doctors who were not trained to do Post Mortem?

  14. Deadly Plan • The mobile phone records would indicate that Shri Ashok Bhatt in consultation with the Chief Minister took the decision to ‘finish’ the Post Mortem at Godhra itself, however illegal and unwarranted that may be! • The mobile phone call record shows who was organising Doctors to start the Post Mortem…

  15. Who Took the Post Mortem Decision?

  16. Who Called the Doctors to Godhra?

  17. Doctors who Carried out the Post Mortems Cont…

  18. Cont…

  19. Doctors who Carried out the Post Mortems

  20. Deadly Plan Why was the post mortem done in this hasty and fraudulent manner?

  21. Deadly Plan • In fact one Passenger, Shri Haribhai M Joshi, Income Tax Officer has deposed before Nanavati Commission that : • “As far as I remember, no post mortem was done when the dead body of my wife was given to me.”

  22. Deadly Plan The make belief Post Mortem was carried out at great haste at Godhra itself for three objectives:

  23. Deadly Plan • (1) The real cause of death was obliterated; • (2) The dead bodies could be transported to reach Ahmedabad next morning to hold a funeral rally; • (3) The inflamed anger of the funeralists could be lasered into a violent communal reprisal.

  24. Deadly Plan • The first objective was easily achieved: All doctors simply wrote the cause of all 58 deaths to be due to “extensive shock due to burn”. • No investigation was made as to whether the burns were anti-mortem or post-mortem.

  25. Deadly Plan • To achieve the second and third objective, the dead the bodies were handed over to Jaydeep Patel, the Vice President of VHP at 11pm at Godhra and transporting them by trucks to reach the Civil Hospital at Sola, Ahmedabad in the early morning at 2:44 am on 28th Feb. 2002.

  26. Deadly Plan The mobile phone calls between PA to CM , Home Minister Zadafia, Jaideep Patel, DCP Sawani, and VHP office at Ahmedabad tells the story of the conspiracy being hatched at Godhra

  27. Deadly Plan

  28. Deadly Plan

  29. Deadly Plan The District Collector of Godhra Ms Jayanti Ravi and the Addl. Chief Secretary, Home Shri Ashok Narayan have gone on record to state that it was the Chief Minister who took the decision to send the dead bodies to Ahmedabad.

  30. The Funeral Rally from Sola on 28th Feb ‘02 Morning

  31. Deadly Plan • 10 dead bodies were taken to Ramol, an area near Naroda and a massive funeral rally of over 50 thousand mourners took the bodies to Hatkeshwar crematorium at 10am in the morning

  32. Deadly Plan • Around 10.30 am, a part of the funeral crowd went berserk and attacked a Muslim Hotel at Thakkarbapa nagar, close to Naroda. • Then in rapid succession, the violence spreads to Naroda Gam and then to Naroda Patiya and to Gulberg Society, all within three kilometers!

  33. Deadly Plan Thus started one of the worst events in the history of free India that would change the politics of the country once and for all…

  34. The Dead Bodies from Gulberg and Naroda Patia in the Hospital

  35. Deadly Plan • The Government of Gujarat has of course being telling a different story. The story of ‘Action and Reaction’ • The story of an unprecedented explosion of mass anger over-whelming the police administration.

  36. Deadly Plan Few hundred Affidavits have been filed before the Hon’ble Commission by the Police officials from the rank of DGP to PSO of local police stations from all over Gujarat. Except for a few, most of the Police officials have voiced the same reason for their failure to prevent the killings and destruction. Outnumbered and overpowered !

  37. Police ‘Outnumbered’ by Riotous Mob?

  38. Deadly Plan What is however required to be asked and answered on the basis of the facts and evidences led before this Hon’ble Commission is whether, prima facie the defense put up by the Police has any substance at all or the defense is purely a cover up for their direct collusion with the rioters ??

  39. Deadly Plan Jansangharsh Manch submits that the Mobile Call Data collected and submitted by Shri Rahul Sharma before the Commission is of great importance as corroborative evidence and therefore, has analyzed this data in respect of around 40 persons whose names have already been submitted to the Commission.

  40. Deadly Plan Whenever any person uses his mobile, the phone company records his phone no, tower location, time, and the phone no. of other party etc.

  41. Deadly Plan To ascertain the geographical location of any person carrying a particular mobile, unique location codes were assigned to each tower. The list of some important location codes are given here.

  42. Location Codes of Important Areas

  43. An Illustration It has been alleged by many victims of Narodagam that the MLA of Naroda, Mayaben Kodnani was instigating the mob to attack them. She has of course denied even her presence in the Naroda village. The locational chart of Mayaben however tells the truth!

  44. Colluding & Instigating

  45. Deadly Plan Similarly from graphs of accused Jaydeep Patel, Babu Bajrangi, Bipin Panchal and Ashok Patel, it is very clear that they were present at the scene of crime.

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