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Privacy and Security Briefing PowerPoint Presentation
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Privacy and Security Briefing

Privacy and Security Briefing

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Privacy and Security Briefing

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  1. Privacy and Security Briefing Protecting our Patient’s Privacy is Everyone’s Business: Be a Privacy Protector!

  2. What is PHI? • Protected Health Information • This information can be in any form • Written • Verbal • Electronic

  3. Who Uses PHI? • Anyone who works with or may see health, financial, research or confidential information • Can you think of any examples of people who work with PHI? • Most of us who work in the Medical Center or a Campus clinical or research environment • Almost all of us

  4. Our responsibility • We all share in the responsibility to protect our patient’s private information • We must protect the privacy rights of other workforce members and our patients • If you find medical records, research records, patient registration forms or bills (for example on the street, in the cafeteria, in the hallways) it is your responsibility to pick it up and turn it into your supervisor • If you see or hear any private patient information it is your responsibility not to share that information with anyone who does not need to know it

  5. How Privacy and Security Standards apply to you • Privacy and Security Standards apply to you when you look at, use, see, hear or share any Private Health Information • Some examples: From your co-worker In a patient’s room In the elevator On a computer From a patient

  6. Remember: • Our patients trust us to protect their personal confidential Private Health Information • If you fail to protect our patient’s Private Health Information it can result in civil and criminal fines and penalties for you, personally, and for UCSF CONFIDENTIAL

  7. Things Change • Laws and regulations about Privacy and Confidentiality are constantly changing • Your supervisor will update you as these laws and regulations change • If you have any questions ask your supervisor or call the Privacy Office at 353-2750

  8. Reporting Privacy/Security Violations • Report any known or suspected privacy or Security violations • to your supervisor • to the Privacy Office at 353-2750 • to IT customer support at 514-4100

  9. Be a Privacy Protector! Protecting the Privacy of our Patients is Everyone’s Business