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Forever Living Products. Welcome. Sonya Skincare & Make-up Course by Mette Halkjær Madsen. What to expect of this course? Exhaustive knowledge of the products in Fleur de Jouvence skincare and Sonya Makeup. Skin- and Color analysis.

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Forever Living Products

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  1. Forever Living Products Welcome

  2. Sonya Skincare & Make-up Course by Mette Halkjær Madsen • What to expect of this course? • Exhaustive knowledge of the products in Fleur de Jouvence skincare and Sonya Makeup. • Skin- and Color analysis. • You will learn to do the perfect make-up all the way from the ground, both party- and everyday make-up. • Great tips and ideas. • Lots of sale arguments. • You will get a perfect basis to introduce Forever Living Products skincare and make-up by yourself.

  3. Forever Living ProductsAloe Fleur de Jouvence Skincare course by Team Baltic

  4. Task of the skin • The skin is the protecting surface of the body, which protects against the outer environment and all of its harmful substances, all the way from chemicals to batteries. • The skin adjusts its normal body temperature by being waterproof. • The skin is a sense organ to pain, touch, cold and heat. • The skin is also important to the body because it can make vitamin D by influence of the sun.

  5. The skins anatomy • The skin constitutes about 15 % of the body weight depending on how thick the layer of fat is. It means that a person who weighs 55 kg, carries about 8 kg of skin. If these 8 kg of skin were spread out, the total surface would almost be 2 m². The thickness of the skin vary from 1 mm on the eyelids, to several cm on the back and stomach. • The skin is divided into three layers • The epidermis • The corium • The subcutis

  6. Epidermis • The epidermis is the waterproof layer, which prevent the body to dry out. • The epidermis is consisting of three layers • Hornlayer • The lighter layer • The cambium • The new cells of the epidermis are formed in the cambium. They are slowly pressed to the skins surface. The outermost layer of the skin is consisting of dead skin cells, which is slides away all the time to be replaced by the cells in the deeper layers. It takes about 21-28 days from a skin cell is formed to it is rejected. The dead skin cells is a connected layer of a substance called keratin. Keratin is a Greek word, which means horn. and that is why the dead layer of skin is called hornlayer. The Hornlayer has a very resistant barrier which is called acid cloak. The acid cloak can be removed by being washed with acid solvent or acid neutralizing preparation. Normally it will be repaired fast on a healthy skin, so it’s important not to use strong soaps on the skin, because it will make the acid cloak imbalanced. The skins normal pH-value is between 4,2-5,6 • The epidermis don’t have any vein, and that’s why superficially scratches don’t bleed. Although there isn’t any veins, the epidermis still receives oxygen and nutrient from the liquid of the tissue which seeps up between them from corium underneath.

  7. Corium • In the top of the corium is the connective tissue membrane. • The corium is consisting of firm connective tissue which is strong and elastic, and which contains collagen and elastin fiber. The collagen and elastin fiber in the connective tissue will, along with a normal content of water, give the skin its normal elasticity and suppleness. • If the skin dries out, the normal suppleness will disappear and the skin will become loose and wrinkled. This is often seen with people who doesn’t drink enough liquid every day. When ageing the skin will loose its suppleness. Exaggerated sun-bathe or smoking are some of the factors that can speed up the ageing process • Otherwise, there is nerves, sweat glands, sebaceous glands, hair, lymphatic and veins in the corium. It’s these veins that gives the living cells in the corium there nourishment. • Most of the nerve organs, which belongs to the senses of pressure and pain is also in the corium.

  8. Subcutis • There isn’t a clear delimitation between the corium and the subcutis. • The subcutis is consisting of a loose connective tissue. • This layer works as a depot to fat and water. • The subcutis also works as a protective and isolate padding. • There is a bigger system of veins and nerves, in the lower part of the subcutis, which makes sure that the skin will get oxygen and nourishment. These veins makes a system of artery which ramifies to the lower part of the corium, and then it will make an even bigger and more fine system through the corium. • Nerve nucleus in the subcutis also lead to the skins surface with fine ramifications. • The body has its sensitivity of temperature/ regulated part in the subcutis. • It’s also in this place the hair roots and the sweat glands begins.

  9. Ageing of the skin • There is two forms of ageing of the skin • Biological ageing • This can’t be avoided, but it vary depending on for instance age, sex and type of skin. • Secondary ageing • It happens as a result of for instance pollution, unhealthy life style, weather or exaggerated sun-bathe. • The secondary ageing can be counteracted by protecting your skin and replacing the nutrient the skin needs.

  10. Advantages of using Aloe in the skincare products • Lignin Has an incredible ability to penetrate down through the layers of skin. That’s why it helps transporting the healing qualities which Aloes have, down to the place which are injured. •  Sapoins Works naturally cleansing and antiseptic. • Nutrients 75 different known vitamins among these vitamin A, C and E which are strong antioxidants, and also plant sterols which has a naturally anti-inflammatory effect. • Anthraquinones Works anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-virucidal, eminent as painkiller. • Anti-pyretic Reduces heat • Anti-pruritic Stops itching • Giberellin In Aloe Vera it works like a growth hormone which stimulates the increase of new cells.

  11. Aloe Vera and skin type • Aloe Vera has useful effects for all skin types. • Normal/ combined skin • Oily skin • Dry skin (poor of moisture and poor of oil) • Weary and lifeless skin/ Aged skin

  12. Normal/ combined Skin • The skin can have tendency to dryness, mostly on the cheeks and at the same time the skin can be a little oily, and it’s mostly in the T-zone. (forehead, nose and chin). • The skin will be moisture and the production of tallow will be normalized.

  13. Oily Skin • Accumulation of the skins waste products, among other things dead skin cells and oil from the skin provides a fertile soil for pimples and blackheads, irritations etc. • Result • The balance in the epidermis are recreated • The skin are able to breath again • Your skin will look newer, healthier and younger

  14. Dry Skin • The cells are missing moisture. The need of a strong cell structure prevent the skin to absorb and tie the moisture. • Result • Aloe Vera will provide moisture and energy to the skin • The epidermid will be recreated with new moisture cells • The skin will be soft, firm and will get new vitality

  15. Weary and lifeless skin/ Ages skin • The replacement of cells are reduced (It normally takes 21-28 days) • The skin cells are accumulated on the skins surface, complexion seems gray and with no life. • Result • The skin is getting a new life as the dead skin cells are expelled • Sings of age and wrinkles are reduced • The skin will be more tight, more soft and smooth

  16. The Aloe Fleur de Jouvence Skincare concept • Cleanse your skin twice a day with the milky cleanserExfoliationg Cleanser • Use the skin tonic Rehydrating Toner afterwards, do also use this twice a day • Use Firming Foundation Lotion every morning • Use Recovering Night Crème every night • Use The mask Aloe Facial which is a combination of Facial Contour Mask Powder and Aloe Activator, use this 2-3 times a week or after need. The mask are used between step 1 and step 2

  17. Exfoliating Cleanser • Milky cleanser • This product is made of ingredients which are good for your skin. The consistency is mild and it doesn’t seem oily or irritating. • This product easily removes make-up, dirt and also waste products from the skins surface. • How to use: • Distribute the product in the face and on the neck with your fingertips, in slow circular movements. Afterwards you use a little cotton wool or a Kleenex to remove make-up, dirt, dead skin cells tec.

  18. Rehydrating Toner • Skin tonic • This product are free of alcohol so it’s very mild. It can even be used on a sensible skin. Thanks to the ingredients that moistener, the product don’t seems to dry out the skin. The skin tonic are to be used after the milky cleanser, so this can remove the last remnant of the milky cleanser, but also to contract the skins pores. • How to use: • Moisten a little piece of cotton wool with Rehydrating Toner and easily stroke it over your face and neck in a up- and outwards going movement. Repeat this until you no longer can se any dirt on the cotton wool.

  19. Aloe Eye Makeup Remover • Eye makeup remover • Removes your eye makeup in a mild and effective way. • How to be used: • Moisten a little piece of cotton wool with the product. Close your eyes and put the cotton wool on the eyelid, wait a moment while the product gets a chance to work and stroke careful downwards. Afterwards you remove the rest of the makeup underneath the eyes by an easy outwards going movement. • Remember that the skin around your eyes is very thin, so be very careful when you remove your eye makeup and avoid to rub and pull unnecessary in the skin.

  20. Firming Foundation Lotion • Day crème • Is going to be use as a daily moisten care. Ideal protection of the skin against harmful effects as the weather, sun and pollution. • How to use: • Distribute the crème in the whole face and on the neck every morning. When the product has absorbed into the skin, you can put on your makeup.

  21. Recovering Night Creme. • Night creme • Reconstruct your skin while you are a sleep. Moistener and protect the skin and also counteract the occurrence of small lines and wrinkles. • How to use: • Put a thin layer I the whole face every night.

  22. Alluring Eyes • Eye creme • Reconstructive eye creme that reduces the occurrence of small lines and wrinkles. Improve the skins suppleness and elasticity in the sensitive area around the eyes. • How to use: • Is used morning and/ or night depending on your needs. The product is very economical in use, so a little of it is going a long way. Because the third fingeris the weakest finger, can it with advantage be used when you distribute the eye creme. Tap the creme on around the eyes. (Imagine yourself invisible glasses and that’s where you have to put the product)

  23. R3 Factor Defense Creme • A perfect supplement for Fleur de Jouvence • Retain, Restore, Renew • Is compound of stabilized Aloe Vera Gel, the antioxidants, vitamin A and E and also AHA (fruit acid). These ingredients helps effectively to remove dead skin cells, and also give the new skin cells moisture, and the occurrence of small lines and wrinkles is going to be reduces. • How to use: • Is used day and/ or night. You can use the product alone or you can use it together with Firming Foundation Lotion or Recovering Night Creme. • NB! This fruit acid creme is much more gentle then most other crème on the marked, because of its high content of Aloe Vera.

  24. Forever Aloe Scrub • Scrub creme • Removes the dead skin cells gentle from the surface of the skin, it can both be used in the face but also on the body. • The skin will be soft, smooth and lively to look at and to touch. • You will get more out of your creme care. • Is used 2 to 3 times a week, or after your needs. • How to use: • Is used on a wet or moistened skin. Massage gently in 2-3 minutes and wash it of with plenty of water. • NB! It’s easy to use Aloe Scrub under the shower.

  25. Aloe FacialFacial Contour Mask Powder/ Aloe Activator • The Mask • Supply the skin with plenty of moisture. • Cleanse the pores completely, these are reduces and the surplus oil are also absorbed. • Tighten up and smooth out the skin. • Is used two to three times a week, or after your needs. • How to use: • Mix Powder and Activator 1 to 1 to a thin lotion which distributes in the face in upwards going strokes. You can with advantage mix it with a little honey, if your skin is sensible.

  26. Alpha-E Factor • Serum • It is compound to give the skin the optimal moistness. It makes the skin suppleness and soft, and so the skin looks more radiantly and younger, and the skin will also have a better protection. • How to use: • Is used every day and/ or night, it’s used alone or under your creme.

  27. Aloe Vera Gelly • The pure stabilized Aloe Vera Gel which are just as effective as breaking a fresh leaf of a plant and smear it on the skin. • Works cooling and calming and it also reconstruct inside of the skin. • Effective on problems with the skin. Particularly to the oily skin. • Combat infections.

  28. Aloe Moisturizing Lotion • It calm a dry and cracked or damaged skin. • Perfect to recreate a soft and smooth skin. • It can be used as a facial creme, alone or underneath makeup, and it can also be used as body lotion, hand- and foot lotion etc.

  29. Aloe Vera Lotion • A softener creme with a high content of Aloe Vera. • Great against irritated, dry and sunburned skin. • It’s not oily and it leaves the skin soft and suppleness. • Suitable to hands and feet and also a body lotion.

  30. What is the different of Moisturising lotion and Aloe Lotion?? • Aloe Moisturising Lotion (The purple) • It contents 42% Aloe Vera, and a great share of collagen and elastin. This combination of ingredients will make the skins elasticity better because the skin will be able to keep the moisture. • Aloe Lotion (The blue) • The consistency is lighter then a Moisturising lotion and it contents 69% Aloe Vera. It also contents vitamin E and Jojoba oil. This lotion is ideal to be used as body lotion. The great content of Aloe will also help to better small skin irritations.

  31. Aloe Propolis creme • Unique composition of Aloe Vera and Propolis. • Moistener and softener. • Has a calming effect on scrapes, burnings and scratches. • It can be mixed with Aloe First to have a creme which seems more soothing. • And much much more!

  32. Aloe Heat Lotion • Relaxing Aloe Vera term lotion with eucalyptus and menthol. • The creme will heat up sore muscles and joints. • It can also seems cooling on the skin.

  33. Aloe First • First aid to: • Sunburns • Irritated/ cracked skin • Burnings • Boils • Inflammations • Fungal and scars • Stretch marks, together with Aloe Gelly

  34. Forever Living ProductsSonya makeup Make-up course by Team Baltic

  35. Introduction • Many experts within makeup are giving lines of direction and rules about how you should do your makeup according to the size of your eyes and nose, the shape of your face etc. • My starting point is that there aren’t any rules when it comes to makeup, but there’s lines of direction which can make it easier and more fun to use makeup. • So the following is not supposed to be looked at as rules but as ideas and suggestions which can be used by everybody to achieve whatever you wish.

  36. The skin of spring Yellowish undertone, freckles can occur. Ivory, Rose, Peach The eyes of spring Purple emperor will seem as a contrast with white Clear light blue with dark blue Gray blue Golden green The hair of spring Yellowish undertone. It will never be extremely dark Light flaxen to golden Light to medium brown Red to medium blond Brown with a red glow Spring colors Golden brown, Orange-red, coral, Warm yellow-gray, golden yellow, clear golden green, light orange, peach, turquoise, green-blue, violet, creme-white. Colors: Spring (Warm)

  37. The skin of summer Can seem thin. So the summer types blue undertone can give the skin a rose glow. Strong rose, light to dark rose beige. Yellow beige (With these it can be difficult to see the blue undertone) The eyes of summer The white isn’t clearly so it doesn’t give a great contrast to purple emperor. Clear blue, Gray-blue, Gray-green, Hazelnut brown The hair of summer Will from the nature have a blue undertone but because of the suns bleaching effect it can seem reddish. Blond (platinum, ash, dark ash), blue-green to pearl white, brown with a red glow. Summers colors Rose-brown, Bordeaux, light red, Blue-green, lemon-colored, mint, old rose, jeans, sand, Lilac, raw white. Colors: Summer (Cold)

  38. The skin of autumn Can have a tendency to red-brown freckles Light to dark peach, beige with a yellowish undertone, golden brown The eyes of autumn Blue eyes are rare, they are mostly brown Golden amber to dark brown, light to dark brown with a rusty colored ring around the pupil, olive-green The hair of autumn Covers from yellow through carrot-red, to dark chestnut Autumns colors Rust, chocolate-brown, khaki, tomato-red, orange, sweet corn-yellow, moss-green, petroleum-blue, ivory, dark violet, beige. Colors: Autumn (Warm)

  39. The skin of winter Can vary from snow-white to vary dark. Much white, Brownish, Olive, Brown to black The eyes of winter All eye colors can be seen. But it’s mostly brown. Black-brown, dark blue, green, turquoise. The hair of winter As a child, the winter type can have light hair, but the hair is turning dark while ageing. Dark brown, blue-black, mixed gray shades. Winter colors All ice colors, Bordeaux, vine-red, charcoal gray, blue-green, bottle-green, pink, cobalt, gray-beige, dark lilac, snow-white, black. Colors: Winter (Cold)

  40. A series of makeup which is based on Aloe Vera and it consist of completely naturally ingredients. It doesn’t consist of anything which can cause allergy. It contents strong antioxidants which protects the skin against the free radicals. Humectants: A substance that attracts moisture from the air so the moisture can be supplied to the skin. It has a pH-value which are close to the skins. Very small molecules, then the skin can breath although it’s covered with a full makeup. It gives a very colorful and clear makeup, because of micronising. The colors easily merge together and doesn’t come of, when it’s not supposed to. Can be used by colored. Unique makeup with 90 days right of return! Sonya Makeup

  41. Palettes side 46 Foundation side 47 Concealer side 48 Powder side 49 Rouge side 50 Eyebrow side 51 Eyes side 52 Eyeliner side 53 Eyelashes side 54 Lips side 55 side 56 From day to evening makeup side 57 Sonya Makeup

  42. Palettes • 5 different beautiful palettes ( 3 colds and 2 Warms), plus 2 Beauty Plus palettes • Content: • 1 Powder • 2 Rouge A light and a dark • 4 Eye shadows A light, medium and dark color plus a contrast color. • 1 Mascara • 1 Eyeliner • 1 Lip pencil • 2 Lipsticks • Are combined in a way that makes it easy for you and the customer to find the colors which go well together and matches the customer.

  43. Foundation • Creme Powder • Can be used by all types of skin, also sensitive skin • Two products in one, foundation to powder • Advantage • Easy to work with • Perfect ability to cover, from light to much • Naturally and vary comfortable on the skin • Tip • When you put on the foundation, remember to smooth out the color on the jaw line.

  44. Concealer Red Yellow is covered with purple Blue is covered with orange Blue Yellow Red is covered with green Examples: Orange Dark rings under one’s eyes Green Pimples or blood shots Purple Changes in the pigments or lever-spots

  45. Powder • Firmed powder • 3 transparent colors • Makes the makeup more fast • Use a brush or a puff • The powder alone can be used as a light foundation which gives a matt finish and smooth out the difference in colors in the skin. • Maybe you have seen a picture of a woman who is completely pale in her face but brown on the neck and breast. It’s because the flash reflects in the face (because of the foundation and powder) while the neck and breast absorb the light. It can be avoided by powder the neck and breast quite slight. • Do also remember to powder the eyelids, it’s the best way to secure that your eye shadow look good. If the eye shadow is directly on the skin, it can have a tendency to get lumpy. • Tip • Do a little extra powder under the eyes. This can give a discreet highlight effect and also collect loose eye shadow and mascara, which can be brushed away easily.

  46. Rouge • Gives a glow and a fresh look in the face. • Can be used alone or two can be used together. • Tip • To get a discreet tanned effect , put a gleam of rouge on the forehead, bridge of the nose and the chin. • The products is VERY colorfast. To avoid an uneven spreading of the color, you should brush the surplus color of in a napkin or on the hand before you put the rouge on.

  47. Eyebrows • The eyebrows is a important starting point to get a beautiful eye makeup • Direction • Coloring • Drawing To do this you can choose to use a pencil or eye shadow. • Control Brow Fix

  48. Dark colors Makes smaller Subdued Dull colors Gives depth Absorb the light Light colors Makes bigger Bring out Metal colors High lighter Reflects the light Eyes There is a lot of different ways you can do your eye makeup according to your mood and remember, practice makes a master! Tip: If it’s possible, it would be a good idea to take out your contact lenses when you do your eye makeup.

  49. Eyeliner • You can choose to use a pencil, an eye shadow or a liquid eyeliner, as a eyeliner. There doesn’t exist many liquid eyeliners in Sonya´s assortment but instead you can use an eye shadow and just make the applicator a little wet, then you can draw a great and accentuated line. • It’s important to do the eyeliner as close to the eyelashes as possible, then you will avoid a white line between the eyeliner and the eyelashes. • If the pencil won't draw then try to make a couple of lines on your hand before you do the eyes. • There are also white eyeliners in the assortment. This can be used on the eyes wet edge to make the eye look bigger and more open.

  50. Eyelashes • Mascara • Put your mascara on from the root and out, then you will get the best result. • Chance your mascara every 2. to 3. month for hygiene reasons. • Tip • Avoid to pump air into your mascara. (To get more color on the brush) This only helps to dry out the product. To get a longer durability, twist out the brush instead.

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