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Beautiful skin at every age

Beautiful skin at every age. Objectives. Skin science Skin care - basics Skin care - lifestyle Things you can do for every age Special topics. Skin Science. What is skin?. Fun facts. It’s the biggest organ!. Busy as a bee. Skin…it’s hard at work.

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Beautiful skin at every age

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  1. Beautiful skin at every age

  2. Objectives • Skin science • Skin care - basics • Skin care - lifestyle • Things you can do for every age • Special topics

  3. Skin Science

  4. What is skin? Fun facts • It’s the biggest organ!

  5. Busy as a bee Skin…it’s hard at work It takes 2 weeks to a month for new skin to come up to surface! • It has 3 parts: • The epidermis • 95% make new skin • 5% make melanin • Dermis • As you get older, this gets thinner • Home to oil glands (Sebum) and sweat • Subcutaneous layer (fat) • Home to hair follicle • Insulation

  6. Hair and Nails • An adaptation of the epidermis

  7. Some skin functions • Protective water-proof barrier • Protecting against excessive moisture loss or gain • Keeps out bugs • Viruses, germs, bacteria, fungus • Shields from UV rays • Regulates body temperatures • Excretes waste products through sweat

  8. Skin Type Determined by 3 things Skin types • Water content: • for suppleness and comfort • Fat content: • for nutrition and softness • Sensitivity level: • responsible for resistance and tolerance • Oily • Normal/Combination • Sensitive • Dry • Sun-damaged/aging

  9. What happens as you age? 40’s 50’s 60’s • New wrinkles • Increased dryness • Due to menopause • Sagging increases

  10. Skin Care - Basics 4-steps to beautiful skin Source: Mayo Clinic

  11. Step 1: Cleanse • Morning: splash with lukewarm water • Nighttime:use cleanser • Never use bar soap: too drying • Select cleanser for your skin type • Creamy cleanser for dry skin • Clear cleanser for oily skin

  12. Step 2: Exfoliate • Many people skip, but this step helps improve skin appearance • Types: • Retinoid creams/alpha hydroxy acids • Scrubs (weekly): look for “gentle” with tiny grains • Removes top layer of skin • Chemical peel (most effective, but expensive) • What about toners? • A good cleanser should do it…don’t need it.

  13. Step 3: Moisturize • Can’t get enough of this…regardless of skin type! • Moisturizer seals in moisture into skin • Very important as you get older • Best time to do it is after shower/bath • Use more “intense” as you age • Eye cream? • Some say yes, some say no

  14. You don’t need to break the bank!

  15. Step 4: Sunscreen • Most important step of beauty regimen

  16. Skin care - Lifestyle

  17. Stay out of sun • Wear sunscreen • How about vitamin D? • Wear protective clothing • Avoid the sun between 10am and 4pm

  18. Don’t Smoke • Contributes to wrinkles • Makes skin look older • Narrows blood vessels, decreasing blood flow, including oxygen and nutrients • Damages collagen and elastin • Decreases elasticity • Best self help: QUIT Non-smoking Smoking

  19. Treat skin gently • Limit bath time (removes oils) • Use warm not hot water • Avoid strong soaps • Choose mild cleansers • Shave carefully • Pat dry • Never sleep with makeup on

  20. Moisturize-Inside and out! • Inside: Water! • Outside: creams, right for skin type

  21. Manage stress • Stress makes skin more sensitive • Can trigger acne and other skin problems

  22. Eat a healthy diet • Plenty of: • Fruits • Vegetables • Whole grains • Lean proteins • Healthy fat (to keep skin plump) • Water • Eat simple foods; limit processed foods

  23. Exercise De-Ages • Increases blood flow • Detoxifier

  24. Sleep • 7-9 hours per night • Keep to a schedule

  25. Other • Don’t buy “antibacterial” or “antimicrobial” - more harmful to skin • Avoid talc powders - can breakdown skin • Wash skin in folds and creases more often (groin and underarms)

  26. Skin care products and treatments What you need to know without spending a fortune

  27. Change your skin products • As you age, your skin changes • Change your skin products with changing needs

  28. In your 40’s:Treat, tone and texture • Products to know about: • Retinoids: Vitamin A products that boost collagen production • softens fine lines • minimizes pores • Revs up skin turnover (smoother, more radiant skin, dark spots fade) • Takes about 12 weeks to see a difference • Alpha hydroxy acids

  29. In your 50’s: Hydrate and Plump • Switch to gentler cleanser • Creamy face wash • Choose double duty moisturizers • Switch to stronger retinoid (prescription strength) • If using eye cream • Look for silicone

  30. In your 60’s + : Nourish and lift • Use even more gentle cleanser • One that wipes off • Use intense moisturizers • (high concentration of petrolatum) • Consider vaseline, even on eyes • It’s gentle but very effective on sealing in moisture • Adjust retinoid (more moisturizing and even mixing it with your moisturizer)

  31. Adult Acne Products to use • Can be due to hormones • Pregnancy • Peri menopause • Menopause • Stress • Look for Benzoyl Peroxide • Kills bacteria • Benzoyl peroxide • Kills bacteria • Salicylic acid • Unclogs pores If that doesn’t help: • Try retinoids (hydroxy acids) Clear up skin, help fine lines, improve skin color and collagen • Cool Laser

  32. Stop seeing red Rosacea What you can do • Between 30 and 60 • Broken skin vessels • Looks like red patches • Triggers include: • Stress • Hormone fluctuations • Alcohol (red wine) • Spicy foods • exercising • Topical and oral antibiotics • Aura-I laser (needs numerous treatments) • Be extra gentle with your face

  33. A smile is an instant beautifier Nothing like a smile

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