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About Titanium Dioxide PowerPoint Presentation
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About Titanium Dioxide

About Titanium Dioxide

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About Titanium Dioxide

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  2. Pantai Chemical USA Inc. Pantai Chemical USA a most popular and responsible company in North America.

  3. Pantai Chemical USA Inc is a most popular and responsible company in North America.

  4. About Titanium Dioxide

  5. Many people do not know too much about titanium dioxide, and the all those ways in which titanium dioxide uses is present in many different areas.

  6. It is a naturally occurring oxide of titanium, and it is also known as titania and titanium oxide. Chemical formula of titanium dioxide is TiO2. It is a mineral, and the color of it is a bright white.

  7. Usage Of TitaniumOxide The usage of titanium dioxide is present in many different fields, and many people are pretty surprised when they learn more about it.

  8. It is used in: -Cosmetic industry -Food (to add more color to certain foods, and even to enhance the taste of the food) -it is used as a protective coating

  9. When it comes to cosmetic industry, titanium dioxide uses is frequent, and it is common in products such as tooth paste, creams and especially in sunscreens. You probably noticed that most of the sunscreens available in the market are white, and it is because of the titanium dioxide in it. Cosmetic industry

  10. The color of the mineral is bright white, and its main purpose in those creams is to protect your sun from damaging UV rays. The thing is, titanium dioxide reflects the light away from the skin in a brilliant way, and when you apply the sunscreen, you are protecting your body, preventing the premature gaining of your skin, various skin conditions, and sunburns.

  11. Because it non-toxic, it is ideal to be used as a protection, and it can be found in the sunscreens for children. If you want to keep your skin, and skin of your kids safe when you are out in the sun, you should rely on this mineral.

  12. Food In many different ways, titanium dioxide is present in the food as well. In most cases, it is used to enhance the color of certain products, such as candies, or milk for example.

  13. Moreover, it is used to make the taste of certain things better. It can be found in seeds and nuts, wine and beer, soups, dry vegetables, and mustard. Its presence as the food enhancer and food additive is highly popular all around the world.

  14. Protective coating As mentioned before, this mineral has the bright white color, and it reflects the light in the perfect way. That is the main reason why it is used as a protective coating for optical mirrors and car parts.

  15. Moreover, it is also included in the paint, which is why it is used to coat buses, cars, airplanes and boats. This mineral can also be found in different building materials and construction materials. It is present in many different areas of the model society today, and its popularity is constantly increasing.

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