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Titanium Dioxide PowerPoint Presentation
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Titanium Dioxide

Titanium Dioxide

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Titanium Dioxide

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  2. Pantai Chemical USA Inc. Pantai Chemical USA a most popular and responsible company in North America.

  3. Pantai Chemical USA Inc is a most popular and responsible company in North America.

  4. Titanium Dioxide

  5. There are many products you use each day, and you do not even wonder about the ingredients and substances in it. Some may be harmful, but some of them may also be very beneficial. Until know, you probably have heard many times about titanium dioxide, but have you ever wondered what is titanium oxide, when and how it is used, and many other things.

  6. Your answer is probably no. the first thing you should learn about it is that titanium dioxide is natural titanium oxide. It is produced in various particle sizes, in the form of an oil, water soluble.

  7. The fact is, titanium dioxide makes up about 70% of the worldwide production of pigments. It gives the products whiteness and transparency which is why it is used in: Main usage of titanium dioxide

  8. Paints • Plastic • Paper • Sunscreens • Food • Tooth paste • Creams and other cosmetic products

  9. One of the things that people do not know about titanium dioxide is that, titanium dioxide is one of the world’s whitest materials. Over the years, because of its color, this mineral got the nickname, titanium white. That is the main reason why many cosmetic products contain titanium dioxide.

  10. The main purpose of it in those products is to reflect the light away, and to protect your skin. Just like the zinc oxide, it absorbs Ultraviolet rays (UV), and it keeps your facial and body skin safe.

  11. Titanium Dioxide As The Whitener • Over the years, usage of this mineral spread on various areas. You probably did not know, but titanium dioxide uses is present even in the food, because of that bright white color. It is used to improve the white color of the milk for example. It is used to color even candies.

  12. It is not harmful, which is why it is one of the world’s most popular whiteners. Because of the fact that it can reflect the light so well, it is practically perfect to be used as a defensive coating for various items and products such as optical mirrors and parts for the car.

  13. You will see that this natural whitener is often used to coat airplanes, buses, boats, and cars. It is very present in the plastic industry. Basically, this mineral is used as a whitener in almost every area of people’s lives.

  14. There were some concerns that this mineral may have damaging effects on the human body if the person inhales it for a very long period of time, through dust particles. On the other hand, as a food additive and whitener, it is not harmful, because it is used in very small amounts, and it does not cause any damage. Moreover, it is very helpful in many different ways, especially as the protection from the sun.

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