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  2. : Fax Capturing & Routing System : Correspondences System Incoming Outgoing with Linking : Bank Signature Capturing System : Document Routing System, Document Workflow System : Document Management & Archiving System, Encryption & Clipping, Zonal Security & Compression

  3. WHAT IS EASY DMS? • EasyDMS is part of EasySolutions systems, and it is a Document management, archiving, Routing, and Workflow system that Stores scanned Documents, and existing Electronic files, and makes them available for easy retrieval, Sharing, and distribution. • Having a robust scanning module, EasyDMS allows users to scan paper documents from a scanner, or images from a built in camera, or a USB Camera, and import electronic files or an entire directory of files, the system is designed to allow for distributing the capturing process among several stations, who can work simultaneously on the same batches of captured documents with great performance and efficiency • Captured documents can be distributed using MMS, alerts can be sent via SMS, Email, And/Or EasyDMS Alerts.

  4. WHY EASY DMS? • Built based on practical experience in the middle east region, and based on 5 universal systems, by grouping all of their features together, and adding more exclusive features • Tested on several environments of database engines and Windows operating systems including Windows 7, Windows 8 64-bit. • Extremely high performance, independent of data size, or scanned image size • Supports MS ACCESS, MYSQL, ORACLE, MS SQL database engines • Supports sending customized emails, Exporting Documents, either on Client or Server Sides. • Supports sending customized SMS messages to users and customers. • Voice Alerts

  5. WHY EASY DMS? • Single Sign On • Supports easy document routing functionality, with commenting capability. • Built in, out of the box document workflow. • Supports viewing charts. • Audit control for tracking employees performance • Customized reports for search results. • Very Simple User Interface (All In One Interface) • Quick Implementation & Installation

  6. WHY EASY DMS? • Integration with almost all ODBC database on client side And/or Server side. • Supports all kinds of documents, Audio, Video, Office 2007, Office Plus2010, Office 2013, Images, AutoCAD drawings…etc. • Document Encryption for highly classified information for all file types, this feature makes hackers, and unauthorized users even IT administrators unable to view classified data even when they are super users • Document Security which allows users to or not to view documents inside cabinets. • Functional Security which disables or enables some/all functionality of the system

  7. WHY EASY DMS? • SQL Filter Security which blocks certain documents in the archive based on defined rules, like dates, amounts, departments, document types …etc. • Multiple viewers, with thumbnail viewer capability for tiff files. • Universal File Format Export (Original, Tiff, XML) • No Development required – out of the box solution • Import Active Directory users from LDAP, Or Create EasyDMS Users • Hierarchical Archive Structure, similar to original organization structure, in both Arabic and English • Exclusive Dynamic Taxonomy Result List Viewer

  8. WHY EASY DMS? • Supports Arabic and English Languages in the following areas: • Interface • Messages • Archive names • Archive Field Names • Fields Content • Drop Down Lists • Email body and subject.

  9. WHY EASY DMS? • Competitive Prices • HIGH ROI • Technical team has more than 9 practical years of experience in this field with more than 150 successful implementations in the Middle East. • Document Clipping • Document Encryption • Document Zonal Security • Document Compression • Built in Zonal OCR, and Barcode Splitting and OCR functionality

  10. WHY EASY DMS? • Workflow Dash Board • External Database Immediate Search • Equation Builder • Forms Builder • Announcements • Import Excel Records • Diversified Document Viewers

  11. EASY DMS AND BACKLOG • EasyDMS is perfect for handling millions of backlog documents, whether it will be used as a backlog tool which will export to an existing DMS system, or as a total solution for capturing and retrieving backlog documents. • The backlog process requires no additional database licenses, or special environment, as the output is simply images, and database records or XML files. • Distribute Work Easily among Capturing, Indexing, and QA stations

  12. EASY SOLUTIONS FUNCTIONALITY Capturing Retrieving Audit Charts Distribution Encryption Auto Indexing Alerting SMS Alerting Email Auto Importing E-Mails Auto Importing Files Web Access

  13. POSSIBLE CLIENTS • Government • Hospitals • Banks • Contracting/Consulting/Engineering agencies • Law Firms and Courts • Universities & Schools • Industrial companies • Factories • Police, Military


  15. And Much More…

  16. THANK YOU… For More Info Contact: EasySolutions +962-6-5671108