what do you think about life after death n.
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What do you think about life after death? PowerPoint Presentation
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What do you think about life after death?

What do you think about life after death?

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What do you think about life after death?

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  1. What do you think about life after death? Circle the statements that best reflect your views.

  2. The Immortal Soul To define what the soul is To give evidence for the existence of the soul/ spirit To evaluate the importance of having a soul

  3. C It is what gives life to your mind, thoughts and feelings. Look at the definitions. Which do you think best explains what a soul is ? Number them 1 (for best definition) -6. Write your own definition of a SOUL putting together these ideas. A The part of a human being that is not physical, and lives on after death • D It is created directly by God, in His image, sets humans apart from other creatures. • B It makes you you - a unique individual unlike anyone else. • E It is the part of a human being that allows us to be in a relationship to God

  4. How do we know if souls exist, and if it is immortal? 1. Organise the statements according to the kind of evidence they are. Scientific Personal Religious Philosophical 2. Write out one example for each kind of evidence 3. Which evidence do you find most convincing for the existence of an immortal soul? Why? 4. Which evidence do you not find convincing? Why? • scientific evidence • Problem: by definition, the soul is not made of any “stuff” – hard to measure. • evidence of personal experience • Problem: one person’s experience could be different and unusual: can’t be relied on • religious claims • Problem: how can you tell if teachings about the soul are true? • philosophical arguments • Problem: only as good as the argumentsare.

  5. Importance of the Soul

  6. What does having a soul do for you? • Makes eternal life possible • Makes prayer – communication with God - possible • Allows you to see “beyond” what is physical/ material. • Makes you uniquely you • Makes you the image of God: capable of selfless loving, free will, knowing good and evil. • Makes you especially valuable (God gave it to you) 1. Draw a stick version of a person with a soul “inside”. 2. Label it with how the soul makes a difference to your life 3. which reasons are the most important to you? Choose 2 and explain why. **What would be the best way you could “test out” if you had a soul?

  7. What difference does it make to animals, if they don’t have souls?

  8. Soul or no soul ? • Is there a soul? Or is it just our mind playing tricks? What do you think ? You can hope for eternal life You can pray – have a relationship to God You can know you are uniquely valuable, because you have a soul You can experience heaven or hell, spiritual beings You can know and perceive things in a “spiritual” way

  9. The importance of having a soul A. Because the soul can never die, it means we are made for eternal life. D. Because the soul is spiritual, it means you can communicate with God, and share in His (eternal) life F. The soul makes you properly human. Your body wouldn’t be “human” without it. C. Your soul is created directly by God, in His own image. This means you are from Him – and incredibly valuable. E. Your soul is what makes you you, even when you are a baby, or unconscious, or grown up.