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Sunny Pointe Elementary

Welcome. Sunny Pointe Elementary. Second Grade Curriculum Night August 12, 2014 Mrs. Velander jvelander@bssd.net. 2 nd Grade Daily Schedule. Second Grade Schedule 9:15 Tardy Bell, Attendance, Lunch Count  9:15-11:50 Literacy/Writer’s Workshop 12:00-12:30 Lunch/Recess

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Sunny Pointe Elementary

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  1. Welcome Sunny Pointe Elementary Second Grade Curriculum Night August 12, 2014 Mrs. Velander jvelander@bssd.net

  2. 2nd Grade Daily Schedule • Second Grade Schedule • 9:15 Tardy Bell, Attendance, Lunch Count  • 9:15-11:50 Literacy/Writer’s Workshop • 12:00-12:30 Lunch/Recess • 12:30-1:00 Read Aloud/Book Box • 1:00-1:50 Math • 1:50-2:20 Science/Social Studies • 2:20-3:05 Special Class Art/Library/Music/PE/Rotation • 3:10-3:30 Recess • 3:30-3:55 Prepare for home/ Review of day • 4:00 Dismissal • **Teacher Plan Time-2:30-3:00 • jvelander@bssd.net

  3. Language Arts/ Common Core • We want all students to be successful and to feel good about reading. Our reading program is designed to integrate the language arts of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Skills such as writing, phonics/decoding, comprehension, spelling and grammar will be an integral part of the Language Arts block. The program also affords students the opportunity to explore content across the curriculum by integrating science, math and social studies throughout. • We use the Readers/Writers Workshop Models for Language Arts instruction. This involves the teacher working with small groups of students at their academic levels. Student interest level is high as they are involved in selecting their own reading materials. Individual conferencing is a major component of this model.

  4. Language Arts • Pathways to Reading is a phonemic awareness program currently used by the district. • Spelling – Our spelling program is part of the Pathways to Reading program. It builds on the guides they’ve previously learned. Spelling tests will be given on Fridays and will include the week’s words, along with two dictation sentences. • You should supplement your child’s reading program by encouraging them to read at home at least twenty minutes daily. Let your child see you reading, read to your child, and have them read to you. • Fluency Passages need to be practiced nightly and returned on Friday please.

  5. Students will learn math skills using Common Core curriculum, math manipulatives, games and math practice. Your child should work at home to MEMORIZE the basic addition and subtraction facts to 20. Please purchase or make addition and subtraction flashcards and practice with your child daily. We will be giving timed tests to check their progress. Other skills to practice are counting money to $2, making change from $1, and telling time to 5 minute intervals. Math

  6. Social Studies/Science • Social Studies/Science Our Social Studies curriculum includes Democracy, Government, MO and US History, Economics and Geography. The Science curriculum topics are Force and Motion, Sound, Rocks & Soil and Animal Life Cycles.

  7. Daily Work Homework • Please check your child’s backpack and PUMA folder each day for papers. Your child will have homework Monday through Thursday. Homework will consist of spelling words, reading, and math. We are building life-long work habits and responsibility. • Please remove all papers from the folder and return the papers that are on the homework side.

  8. Grade Card • Grades are listed as follows: 3-Meets or exceeds expectations (85-100%) 2-Makes acceptable growth (70-89%) 1- Below grade level expectations (69% and below) Blank - Not Assessed (Skill not yet introduced/measured)

  9. Behavior Plan • Keep hands & feet to yourself. • Turn in completed assignments on time. • Walk in the hallway. • Come to class on time, prepared, with all your supplies and assignments. • Sit in your seat unless you have permission to leave it. • Work when you are supposed to. • Follow directions immediately. •  Please sign the behavior note and send back the next day. If the note is not returned, they will move over a bead for that day. When a student has five notes, there will be a student/principal conference and a phone call to the parents. • SEVERE CLAUSE: Send immediately to principal. If a student chooses to ignore the rules, the following consequences will be imposed: • Verbal Warning 2. Move a bead over on the bead board. Walk 5 think laps or sit out for 5 min. of recess for each bead moved, up to a total of 3 beads. 3. Behavior note issued if all 3 beads are moved over.

  10. 2nd Grade Procedures • We are looking forward to a great year with your child. We would like to explain some of the classroom procedures, so that the year will go as smoothly as possible. • Library Books Each week your child may check-out a book from the school library. The book can be kept for one week. We will go to the library at the same time every week. Please return the book by the due date as your child cannot check-out another book if he/she still has a book checked out. (We have a basket in our classroom for returned library books.)

  11. 2nd Grade Information • Field Trips • The Blue: Date to be determined. The students will attend the BSSD pool for 1 week of swimming lessons. Your child will need a swim suit and towel. More info to follow • B.S. School of Economics: We will attend the morning of March 5 or March 6. MANY parent volunteers will be needed. • Book Orders Once a month a book club order form will be sent home with your child. Please do not feel that you have to order something. The book orders are a good way for you to increase your child’s library of books at a reasonable cost, plus our classroom benefits by receiving free books and other materials. If you would like to place an order, please complete the form and return by the date listed. Make checks payable to SCHOLASTIC BOOK CLUB. We will call in the order within a week after sending the form home, please be prompt in returning the forms. The books will then arrive within a week of placing the order. Although we feel the book club is a good way to get books, please feel no pressure to order. • Book Reports Each month we would like the children to read at least 15 books. Parents need to help boys and girls select books to read that are appropriate to their reading level. This will change as the year progresses. Record the book titles on the monthly list provided by your teacher.

  12. Treats and Birthdays • Birthdays Birthday party invitations may not be distributed at school unless invitations are issued to every student in the class. Simple, store bought, individually wrapped treats may be brought to school for sharing with classmates. Summer birthdays may be celebrated anytime during the year. • Lunch You are welcome to join your child for lunch (12:00-12:20). Please wait for them at the gym doors. Due to the safety concerns for all the children, parents are not allowed to join us for recess. • Visiting SPE Please remember to check in at the office and get a visitors badge. In 2nd grade we are developing independence. It is developmentally appropriate for your child to walk to the classroom and unpack their belongings by themselves. Your cooperation with this is greatly appreciated! If it is necessary for you to talk with your child, please have the office call for them to come meet you at the office. This will be less disruptive for the rest of the students.

  13. It’s a great year to be a Puma! • Thank you for coming! • It’s going to be a fantastic year!

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