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Vacuum Pumps Manufacturers PowerPoint Presentation
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Vacuum Pumps Manufacturers

Vacuum Pumps Manufacturers

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Vacuum Pumps Manufacturers

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  1. Everest Blowers Pvt Ltd. Vacuum Pump Manufacturer

  2. Vacuum Pump Vacuum pumps are basically pumps used in processes where it is used to pump air, water vapor, organic and inorganic solvents and acids. There are many different types of vacuum pumps on the market today that meet special needs in pumping various gases. With the advancement of technology, vacuum pumps have also advanced a lot.

  3. Types of Vacuum Pump Vacuum pumps are available in different forms to meet different market needs. Some of the most common types of vacuum pumps you can find in the market, these are the most popular ones. • Rotary vane pump, the most common. • Diaphragm pump, zero oil contamination. • Liquid ring high resistance to dust. • Piston pump, fluctuating vacuum. • Scroll pump, highest speed dry pump.

  4. Basic Operation of a Vacuum Pump Vacuum pumps work on the Venturi principle. There is a play of compression between two nozzles of the pump. Accelerated air enters through one nozzle and creates a suction effect. Air is forced to flow in the delivery direction through the application of additional mechanical force. This is the simplest working principle that is true for the majority of vacuum pumps in the market today. There are two types of vacuum pumps: Displacement vacuum pumps & Kinetic vacuum pumps. Contact us to know more about the range of pumps available with us.

  5. Contact Us B-44, Mayapuri Industrial Area, Phase-1, New Delhi-110064, India. Tele :91-11-45457777 Website: