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Shedding unwanted Fat without Surgery PowerPoint Presentation
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Shedding unwanted Fat without Surgery

Shedding unwanted Fat without Surgery

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Shedding unwanted Fat without Surgery

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  1. She Shedd dding ing unwa unwanted – – C Coolsc nted Fa oolsculp Fat w t with ulpting ithout Su out Surge ting rgery ry In past, if exercise and diet couldn't give you a solution of the stubborn fat bulges, several patients have chosen for liposuction, the invasive surgical process. Or, they also turned to the devices of radio frequency or the infrared technology, but such devices offered limited development. With the advancements in the technology, patients may also now reduce the unwanted fat bulges as well as enjoy the permanent reduction in the fat cells during the non-invasive as well as the non-surgical process which is known as CoolSculpting which provides the most dramatic results. The Coolsculpting In Boston can reduce the areas which are difficult and tricky to reach with exercise and diet: love handles, upper belly fat, lower belly fat rolls, muffin top, under the bra fat as well as back fat. This is incredibly and effective technique which also improves contour of body.

  2. How is it possible? However, FDA-cleared the CoolSculpting works which as through the revolutionary technology which is known as cryolipolysis. However cryolipolysis, literally means "cold induced destruction of fat," fat cells get cooled through the process of Coolsculpting Treatment In Boston to the temperature which causes them to get eliminated. This process is much safe: temperature needed to destroy the fat cells is quite higher which would cause clear damage to the skin, nerves and muscle. With the CoolSculpting, certainly there is no such damage to surrounding structures. During this procedure, the professional physician applies the gel pad which is skin protecting to the skin, as well as the CoolSculpting applicator gets perfectly positioned over desired area of the treatment. This device also draws fat bulge in, as well as also cools down fat to induce the cryolipolysis, unceasingly monitoring temperature as well as adjusting it this is required.

  3. Unlike the process of liposuction, where the fat cells gets suctioned out from body, the treatments of CoolSculpting treatment that causes the body to eliminate the fat cells naturally through lymphatic system of drainage system. The cells then get excreted out slowly by body around the period of next various months. With the CoolSculpting, treatment for every fat bulge specifically takes one hour for performing. Moreover, Love handles might also take some hours of the treatment; lower abdomen generally takes one hour using the special large applicator. Though, every such case is quite different for the patient as well as the physician should also discuss this before to procedure. As it is opposed to the liposuction, there is no requirement of the anesthesia for CoolSculpting. At the time of this procedure, the patients can also use their laptop or their mobile phone, they can also read a book and can also watch a movie. The discomfort which is faced by patients is while undergoing the

  4. CoolSculpting is feeling of the sensation that is pinching or even squeezing when device is applied initially to skin. CoolSculpting may also be performed in comfort of the office physician. Patients also go for the home instantly after procedure and may also resume for the regular activities; several also known to work out and also do yoga similar day. Evolution MedSpa Boston 1290 Boylston Street,Chestnut Hill,MA USA 102467 617-380-7772