nollaig na mban n.
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  2. The Three Kings Of course, we all know that the 6th of January is when the 3 kings arrived at the stable in Bethlehem. BUT , it is also the end of the Christmas period. All the Christmas decorations are put away. But other things have happened also and continue to happen.

  3. Old Custom “NollaignamBan” or “ Women’s Little Christmas” is an old custom that is still celebrated by women, mostly in the south west of Ireland. It is celebrated on the 6th of January.

  4. Women at Work It goes back to the days when there were large families. Women were hard at work preparing for Christmas, cleaning and cooking. So on the 6th, at the end of Christmas, it was time for them to have a rest and go out.

  5. Men at Work So, when the women go out, the men stay at home and it is their time to do something. Women go out to restaurants to eat or even to each other’s houses and celebrate the end of Christmas and the end of all the hard work – at least for another year.

  6. Oíche na Gaoithe Móire Other Facts. Did you know that this day is famous for other things? In 1839 one of the biggest storms in Irish history started on this day. Several hundred people were killed, 42 ships were wrecked and 25%of property was damaged.

  7. Greek Custom In Greece ,on this day the Priest and all the people go down to the harbour or a lake and the priest throws a cross into the water. All the young men dive into the water and whoever finds the cross has joy and prosperity for themselves and their family for the following year.

  8. Rest Sometimes, also, children give their mothers little presents on this day - to say thank you. So to all the women out there , have a happy Little Christmas Day.

  9. Nollaig na mBan faoi mhaise dhaoibh