welcome to e waste chennai n.
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E waste recycling centers chennai, Tamilnadu, India PowerPoint Presentation
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E waste recycling centers chennai, Tamilnadu, India

E waste recycling centers chennai, Tamilnadu, India

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E waste recycling centers chennai, Tamilnadu, India

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  1. Welcome to E waste Chennai

  2. Your Trust is Our Success We at Virogreen India Pvt Ltd offer a broad range of comprehensive solutions to all the e-waste management needs for your organization. Establishing your independent division for e-waste management demands huge investment, skilled labours, employees and time for management. Virogreen provides you with our exceptional e-waste management solutions. We are serving in this industry since 2002 and made a reputation for ourselves as the best E-waste recycling company in Chennai.

  3. To innovate newer and faster technology and to contribute to the Indian Environmental Safety, Virogreen will strive to do best cultured business with inclusive growth of the industry.We also pledge to attain the following as we are earnestly concerned about it. Our Goals

  4. E-waste management We take care all of your electrical and electronic waste on our behalf, from the point of pickup to the point of recycling and disposal. Plastic recycling We also deal with plastic recycling services. Plastic is a non-bio degradable product, and we at Virogreen recycles plastics at an optimum scale and convert them into resalable goods and raw materials for remanufacturing purpose. Data erasure and data destruction Improper disposal of data can lead to leakage of your classified information such as client database, email id and passwords, contact numbers, credit card details etc. Therefore, Virogreen can gurad your sensitive company data by securely erasing the data before disposing them off. The end process is always test proved for better assurance. Our services

  5. When a client can envisage a long-term relationship and needs more than one service, to accommodate in an economic way, we offer the following services as a package. • WEEE management • Data Security • E-Waste Management Consultation Solutions

  6. The success of an e-waste business depends on availability of adequate quantities of e-waste to process. The e-waste entrepreneur / investor could tap e-waste from the following three major sources: • The Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive places the responsibility of e-waste on the manufacturer, and most brands now either offer buy-back of old products at a fixed price, or offer facility for customers to drop their waste free. Many major retail stores also offer such drop off service for their customers. The e-waste entrepreneur could approach such manufacturers and stores and offer to recycle the collected e-waste. • Offices and commercial establishments discarding computer accessories and peripherals constitute a major source of e-waste. The e-waste entrepreneur could reach out to recycle such e-waste. A good data-security tool to wipe out files and personal information such as passwords from discarded gadgets such as hard drives is both an essential tool of the trade and a method to persuade business houses to entrust e-waste. • Individual end-use consumers have the potential to contribute e-waste recycling in a big way. Most customers are however either unaware of the perils of e-waste and throw out old televisions and computers with common household garbage, or do not know what to do with unused electrical and electronic gadgets. The e-waste entrepreneur could reach out end users directly through clubs and raise awareness. Since such sources are unlikely to pay for the recycling effort, the entrepreneur could aim to collect high value e-waste that fetches maximum revenue when recycled. Investor

  7. Our organization is one of the premier service provider engaged in offering services for collection, recycling and safe disposal of electrical & electronics scraps. Starting amidst the advanced and stable organizations of the industry, we provide the clients with Data Erasure, Logistic, Collection of Electronic Waste, providing Waste Management and Recycling Services. We do effective and safe disposal and recycling of Plastic, Ferrous, and Non-Ferrous material. Our services are availed by the clients in computer hardware, electronic, and diverse manufacturing industries that uses plastic, metals and alloys. Our organization is the first and among very few organizations that has received approval from Tamil Nadu GovtPollution Control Board for clearing all types of E-Waste. Electronic waste disposal Chennai E waste disposal companies in ChennaiWaste recycling services ChennaiE waste recycling centers Chennai

  8. When the industry needs end-to-end services for all the end-of-life materials, we offer WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) management as a solution. Starting from the process definition for bin placement and periodic clearance and collection of all electrical and electronic recycling substances, till the reporting of entire recycle process will be executed under WEEE management.According to the industrial specifications for HSE (Health, Safety & Environment) policy, provided by Government Authority from time to time, we enable, strengthen, and tailor the WEEE management process. We have a well-documented process and guidelines for procuring, handling, logistics, recycling that will serve a one-stop-solution for any Medium Business in the metros.Our professional team would assist from perception to finalize of the agreements between Virogreen and client for the End-To-End solution. We would give a brief demo of all process and explain the cycle and also address all the queries in all the aspects.For more information please call or mail us.Call:(+91) 44 65485915, (+91)9940675888 or E-Waste WEEE management

  9. Privacy Policy We, at treat the privacy of our visitors with the highest importance. This policy details the measures we take to preserving and safely guarding your privacy when you visit or communicate with our site or personnel. The Privacy Policy here has been approved and provided by the legal advice resource Legal Centre. A detailed explanation of how we may store or otherwise use personal information about you is explained in this Privacy Policy.

  10. The concept behind the first R, reduce, is that you should limit the number of purchases that you make in the first place. So, for example, you might limit your household to a single computer. The concept behind the second R, reuse, is that you should reuse items as much as possible before replacing them. For example, it generally makes more environmental sense to update your computer rather than get rid of it and buy a new one. However, if you do replace your computer, you should ensure that it, or its components, are reused. Many charitable organizations welcome donations of second-hand computers. The concept behind the third R, recycle, is that you should ensure that items or their components are put to some new purpose as much as possible. If your computer is not fit for reuse as is, you can donate it to one of several organizations which will refurbish it or recycle its components. 3R

  11. CORPORATE OFFICE No 12/3, LCR Center, 2nd Floor, 100 ft road,Thiruvallur Nagar Extension, Kolathur,Chennai 600099.Tamil Nadu, India. Phone   : +91-44 6548 5915Mobile  : +91-9940675888Factory : +91-9940615444Telefax : +91-44 2651 REGISTRAR OFFICE/FACTORY ADDRESS No:297/1B-2, No:49, PappanKuppam Village,S.R. Kandigai Road, Gummidipoonditaluk,Thiruvallur - 601201, Tamil Nadu, India.Contact Details Pondicherry Mobile: +91 9940620885Contact Details Delhi Mobile: +91 8130965592,             : +91 8130965593. 3R