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9A0-397 Practice Online Test

Adobe newly released Adobe Certified Expert. Recently Adobe releases their Adbobe Certified Expert 9A0-397 exam. If you are known about the Adobe and its certification you definitely know the value of its certification. 9A0-397 recently released and very popular nowadays. Most of the websites claim they have 9A0-397 Adobe Exam Dumps Questions Answers, but they don't give you any assurance only Exams4sure can do that. You can easily prepare and pass the exam on the first attempt with the help of Exams4sure.com. Exams4sure known for its quality study material and their well-reputed customer staff. Get your Adobe 9A0-397 Dumps Questions right now and pass the exam.<br>Visit us today and get a 20% discount today by using this coupon code "xey20"<br>https://www.exams4sure.com/Adobe/9A0-397-practice-exam-dumps.html

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9A0-397 Practice Online Test

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  1. Proudly presents Adobe 9A0-397Exam Dumps Questions Answers

  2. A qualified Adobe AEM Dev/Ops Engineer typically has the following work experience: 2 - 3 years' experience operating and developing AEM solutions (with a focus on non-functional aspects) 2 - 3 years' experience defining system architecture (network, topology, etc.) Can manage experienced developers who may not be familiar with AEM, but get them set up with their development, QA environments, automated build, source control Familiar with IT change and operations management processes Prior troubleshooting experience reviewing code (desirable, but may not be a prerequisite) Experience with Java and understanding of good coding practices Knowledge of OSGi https://www.exams4sure.com/Adobe/9A0-397-practice-exam-dumps.html

  3. Passing Score All Adobe exams are reported on a scale of 300 to 700. The passing score for each exam is 550. Number of questions 50 multiple-choice questions https://www.exams4sure.com/Adobe/9A0-397-practice-exam-dumps.html

  4. Here are some demo Adobe 9A0-397 Questions Answers below https://www.exams4sure.com/Adobe/9A0-397-practice-exam-dumps.html

  5. Question No 1: You are configuring backup for the first time. Which backup strategy should a DevOps engineer use? A. Single complete repository backup on each AEM instance B. One complete repository backup and one content package backup via CRX for quick restore on author AEM instance C. One complete repository backup and one content package backup via CRX for quick restore on each AEM instance D. Different backup packages for different content via the CRX package on each AEM instance Answer: B https://www.exams4sure.com/Adobe/9A0-397-practice-exam-dumps.html

  6. Question No 2: A DevOps engineer needs to obtain an already existing OSGi bundle from a running AEM instance. Which method should the DevOps engineer use? A. Identify the bundle name via the REST API and look for it on the filesystem within the datastore folder B. Identify the bundle ID via the REST API and download it via curl C. Identify the bundle ID via the OSGi console and create a content package for it to download D. Identify the bundle ID via the OSGi console and look for it on the filesystem within the Launchpad folder Answer: D https://www.exams4sure.com/Adobe/9A0-397-practice-exam-dumps.html

  7. Question No 3: Which four can be deployed using a CRX Package? (Choose four.) A. A repository data store configuration B. A runmode configuration C. The key for encrypting values in the repository (/etc/key) D. A bundle with a non-standard start level E. Cloud service configurations F. Replication agents G. Trust store certificates Answer: A C D F https://www.exams4sure.com/Adobe/9A0-397-practice-exam-dumps.html

  8. Question No 4: When configuring the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), which setting configures the JVM heap size? A. xmx and jvmx B. xss and jvms C. xms and jhs D. xms and xmx Answer: B https://www.exams4sure.com/Adobe/9A0-397-practice-exam-dumps.html

  9. Question No 5: Given the Sling log rotation configuration, which two controls should be used for the rotation of the log? (Choose two.) A. A time/date schedule B. A maximum file size C. A system cron file D. A system task Answer: A B https://www.exams4sure.com/Adobe/9A0-397-practice-exam-dumps.html

  10. Question No 6: When should a DevOps engineer schedule maintenance tasks? (Choose two.) A. During other maintenance tasks B. During planned "downtimes" C. During out of office hours D. During a backup window Answer: B C https://www.exams4sure.com/Adobe/9A0-397-practice-exam-dumps.html

  11. Question No 7: How should a DevOps engineer configure against Cross Site Request Forging attacks? A. Create a filter to allow /libs/granite/csrf/token.json path and CSRF-Token header in dispatcher B. Set Access-Control-Allow-Origin to wildcard C. Send the proper X-Frame-Options HTTP response headers that instruct the browser to disallow framing from other domains Answer: A https://www.exams4sure.com/Adobe/9A0-397-practice-exam-dumps.html

  12. Question No 8: The disk of an attributing system is filling. How should a DevOps engineer determine where the most content is stored in the CRX? A. Use the diskusage.sh script B. Use the disk usage report tool C. Use the repository check in the web console D. Use the jmxdiskusage monitoring Answer: A https://www.exams4sure.com/Adobe/9A0-397-practice-exam-dumps.html

  13. Question No 9: How should a DevOps engineer launch a production ready AEM? A. Launch AEM on a production instance B. Launch aem-quickstart jar with a production flag C. Launch aem-quickstart jar with a nosamplecontent flag D. Add an instance to a production load balancer Answer: C https://www.exams4sure.com/Adobe/9A0-397-practice-exam-dumps.html

  14. Question No 10: A DevOps engineer needs to take a publish instance out of the loadbalancing for maintenance so that it does not answer requests. Which step should the DevOps engineer take regarding replication of content A. Deactivate the replication agent for this publish instance B. Stop the replication bundle C. Disable the replication agent for this publish instance D. Stop the replication queue Answer: C https://www.exams4sure.com/Adobe/9A0-397-practice-exam-dumps.html

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