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Why Choose Wallpapers Over Paints? PowerPoint Presentation
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Why Choose Wallpapers Over Paints?

Why Choose Wallpapers Over Paints?

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Why Choose Wallpapers Over Paints?

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  1. Why Choose Wallpapers Over Paints Why Choose Wallpapers Over Paints? ? The first step in doing interior decoration is to put some color on the walls. No one likes to look at plain white walls, be it at home or outside. Having white walls in a room often give an unfinished look to that space. It seems like the wall is waiting for something to happen. This is why paints and wallpapers are so much in demand. Applying a coat of colored paint to a room can transform the look of it completely.

  2. Similarly, using wallpaper for home walls can result in some impressive aesthetics. Homeowners today can have the best of both worlds. They are free to choose from a wide variety of paints and wallpapers available in the market. But consumers often get confused while making this decision. Which is better? Paint or wallpaper? Traditionally, paints have been the popular choice in the Indian market. This is more because of practical purposes than any decorative reason. Wallpapers in the old days would peel off quickly due to the warmer weather conditions in this country. In comparison, wall paints would easily last for up to three years or more. But this is no more the case today. With advancement in technology, high-grade quality wallpapers are available in the market now with special weather-resistant features. The Indian consumer has been showing the greater liking for wallpapers now. Wallpaper for bedroom walls is offered in a wide range of textures, colors, and patterns. They also come in many different finishes like vinyl, fabric, foil printed, embossed textures, suede etc. Consumers can choose between big floral prints, geometric shapes, attractive stripes and self-designed wallpaper designs. In case of paints, consumers can choose among different colors, but they have limited scope of prints or patterns. Wallpapers are also hassle-free. Sticking them on the walls takes no extra effort. When done by professionals, one medium sized room can be furnished with wallpapers in one day. Using wallpaper for home walls is

  3. an easy and convenient way to renovate your rooms. It is time-saving. When dealing with paints, it takes two to three days to finish up a room. After the painting job is done, there sometimes remains a strong odor in the room that lasts for a few days. Wallpapers have no such problems. Wallpapers are cheaper. Good branded high-quality paints come at a high price. Additionally, if homeowners want to add some pattern or special texture to their paints, the cost goes up. Wallpapers, because they already come in patterns, are of lesser cost than textured paint. In the aspect of longevity also, wallpapers have an advantage over paints. High-quality wallpapers last for at least seven years, whereas paint loses its shine within three years. No matter what the name may suggest, the application of wallpapers is not restricted to only being pasted on walls. Wallpaper for bedroom walls and living areas can also be used on other items very effectively. It can be used to decorate a piece of types of furniture like cabinets or shelves, small stools, and even the headboard. A storage box wrapped up in patterned wallpaper can make a good decorative piece.