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The advantages of bulk SMS marketing PowerPoint Presentation
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The advantages of bulk SMS marketing

The advantages of bulk SMS marketing

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The advantages of bulk SMS marketing

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  1. The advantages of bulk SMS marketing SMS Marketing has become quite popular these days. It is being counted as one of the most efficient way to communicate a big numbers of target audiences at one go. But besides reach, SMS marketing has some other advantages too, which is the reason behind its ascending popularity. These advantages are the USP of this mobile marketing.

  2. Instant communication SMS can be transmitted at one go. With the use of business tool it is now possible to merge different information like company’s name, product’s name, and other details for making it absolutely personalized. This personalization at minimum cost is one the reasons behind its popularity. It has been researched that with advanced SMS tools, now it is instantly possible to communicate cost effectively with the use of SMS API at USA, and according to the survey done by Frost and Sullivan 99% SMS s are looked and read with an average of 5 seconds after receiving it at mailbox. This statistics plainly speaks of the excellent reach of SMS marketing process.

  3. There is no push selling: no refusal is generated There is no push selling in this SMS marketing process hence the entire process is streamlined automated. The service message can be written by maintaining a sweet and professional tone, and at the same time it is easier to expand target base simply by expanding database. Not only for business promotion, SMS marketing is used for implementation of CRM and setting reminder, sales updates, as well as for sending discount coupon codes etc.

  4. Its budget savvy SMS marketing is extremely cost efficient. Besides it low cost, it is extremely result oriented. The money rate denotes that this channel of marketing offers tangible return on the investment. At one go a huge number of audience is knocked and it has been calculated that 60% users of smart phone check their SMS with 5 minutes it enters the inbox of the recipients. In case of any sales notification or updates this insta-communication works ultra-fast and the cost of the whole process always remind under budget. The grand combo of functionality and budget is one of the major advantages of SMS marketing.

  5. It is a green process Green world is now a generic wish and we all want to low the quantity of carbon emission. SMS marketing neither uses paper not it has any green gas emission issue. The entire process is a virtual one and there is no waste product out of DMD marketing campaign. Its environment friendly approach is one of the reasons SMS marketing has earned global popularity.

  6. It hardly needs any personal details The entire marketing campaign needs only the mobile numbers.It is easier to maintain and create a data base because little information is required for sending these SMSs. Here the privacy of the recipients is wonderfully honored but at the same time, the marketing approach penetrates directly at the end point, so generate better and accurate response. The responses are mostly counted as hot prospects and it is easier to close them as converted sales leads. In case you want to avail the reach and power of SMS marketing, you need to find out a reliable service provider. You need to check professional reputation of SMS gateway service in order to communicate cost effectively with the use of SMS API at USA, and for enjoying excellent marketing mileage out of this SMS marketing plan.

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