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Brewing in Scotland:

Brewing in Scotland:. A brief history of beer and its production. Dallas Iain; Kelly Will. Ingredients. Water Malted Grains Hops Yeast. Grains are allowed to germinate before being dried Used for enzyme production Malted Barley:. Malted Grains.

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Brewing in Scotland:

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  1. Brewing in Scotland: A brief history of beer and its production Dallas Iain; Kelly Will

  2. Ingredients • Water • Malted Grains • Hops • Yeast

  3. Grains are allowed to germinate before being dried Used for enzyme production Malted Barley: Malted Grains

  4. Female flower cones of Humulus Lupulus plant Flavouring and stability agent Cultivated since 736 a.d Hops

  5. The yeast species Saccharomyces cereviciaehas been used in fermenting alcoholic beverages for thousands of years Converting sugars to alcohol Yeast

  6. Beer Production is split into 7 Sections: Mashing Lautering Boiling Fermenting Conditioning Filtering Packaging The Process

  7. Water + Malted Grains Enzymes change Starch to sugars such as Maltose Different Temperature levels activate different enzymes Starch (C6H12O6)n => Maltose (C12H22O11) The process : Mashing

  8. Separation of extracts won during mashing from spent grain to create “ Wort” Mashout Recirculation Sparging Equipment used : Lauter Tun Mash Filter The Process: Lautering

  9. Ensures Sterility Hops added at this stage Vapours of the boil affect flavours, e.g Dimethyl Sulphide Dimethyl Sulphide: (CH3)2S The Process: Boiling

  10. Yeast added to the compound Sugars produced during mashing converted to Alcohol and Carbon Dioxide Maltose(C12H22O11) => Ethanol (CH3CH2OH)+ Carbon Dioxide (CO2) The Process: Fermenting

  11. Yeast begins settling at the bottom of the tank Beer is cooled to O degrees Celsius Phenolic compounds become insoluble in the beer Sulphur also reduced by extended cooling The Process: Conditioning

  12. Stabilises the beers flavour by removing particulates Divided into Rough, Fine and Sterile The Process: Filtering

  13. Bottle or cask? Bottle Fermentation Cask Conditioning The Process: Packaging

  14. Scottish Beer

  15. 5000 years 1509 - Aberdeen had 150 brewers 1598 - Edinburgh Society of Brewers 1707 - Acts of union 18th Century – scottish brewers rival the biggest in the world 1821 – IPA 1920 – Strong ales 1970 – Cask ale revival Scottish Beer: Timeline

  16. Scottish beers today still use a method of description from the early 19th century known as “The shilling Categories” /- is pronounced “shilling” Light (60/-) was under 3.5% abv Heavy (70/-) was between 3.5% and 4.0% abv Export (80/-) was between 4.0% and 5.5% abv Wee heavy (90/-) was over 6.0% abv Scottish Beer: The Terminology

  17. “Wellpark Brewery” Oldest existing brewery in Scotland – 1740 Makers of most popular pale lager in Scotland - which won highest award a Chicago world fair in 1893 Football Sponsorship The beers: Tennent's Special Tennent's Velvet Tennent’s Lager Sweetheart Stout Versa Scottish Beer: The Breweries

  18. “Caledonian Brewery” Founded in 1869 – only survivor of 40 from 18th century Brews traditional Cask – Conditioned ales The Beers: Deuchars IPA Deuchars 80/- Golden Promise XPA Scottish Beer: The Breweries

  19. “The Fountain Brewery” Founded in 1856 By 1900 was exporting to countries all over the world 1960 merged with newcastle breweries to become “Scottish + Newcastle” The Beers: McEwan’s 60,70,80 /- McEwan’s Lager McEwan’s Export McEwan’s IPA McEwan’s Champion Scottish Beers: The Breweries

  20. + 10 Scottish Beers Sober The Result? – Impaired Judgement

  21. Drink Responsibly! • Comments or questions?

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