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Healthy living

Healthy living

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Healthy living

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  1. Healthy living Drug assignment By: Kyla Rodgers

  2. heroin

  3. Long term effects • Infection of the heart lining and valves, normally due to lack of sterile technique. • Liver disease - approximately 70-80% of new hepatitis C infections in the U.S. each year are the result of injection drug use, and even sharing snorting straws has been linked to hepatitis transmission. • Kidney disease • Pulmonary complications, which are often infection • Skin infections and abscesses, especially among chronic injectors who suffer scarred or collapsed veins • The most serious health effect of heroin use is the possibility of death due to accidental overdose.

  4. Short term effects • a warm flushing of the skin • heroin suppresses the central nervous system • a dry mouth and the feeling of having "heavy" arms and legs. • users will go into an alternately wakeful and drowsy state sometimes called "on the nod.“ • breathe at a slower rate and their breathing can reach a point of respiratory failure.

  5. Ingredients/toxic chemical found in heroin • "Morphine" and "Acetic Anhydride • Acetaminophen (Analgesic) • Aminopyrine (Anti-inflammatory) • Amytryptaline (Anti-depressant) • Antipyrine (Body water measurement) • Benzoczine (Anesthetic) • Caffeine (Stimulant) • Cocaine (Stimulant) • D-metamphetamine (Stimulant) • Diphenhydramine (Anti-histamine) • Doxepin (Anesthetic) • Ephedrine (Stimulant) • Lidocaine(Anesthetic) • Hydroxyzine (Anxie medication) • Methylparben (Chemical persevative) • Methocarbomal(Muscle relaxant • Nabumetone (Arthritis treatment) • Nicotinamide (Coenzyme) • Etc

  6. Interesting facts • Heroin was once available over-the-counter and commonly used as cough syrup • It can take just three days of regular use for a heroin user to become addicted. After this point, the user will experience physical withdrawal symptoms if he/she stops using. • There are over 1.2 million "occasional" heroin users in the United States and over 200,000 people who could be classified as addicted to the drug. • The average heroin addiction ingests between 150mg and 250mg of the drug per day. • Heroin overdoses have caused more deaths than traffic accidents in the past several years. • There are believed to be at least 700,000 people in the United States who need heroin addiction treatment but are not receiving it. • The heroin addict spends between $80 to $200 per day to maintain a heroin addiction. • Over 80% of heroin users inject with a partner, yet 80% of overdose victims found by paramedics are found alone.  • Heroin is mistakenly assumed to be a drug that has to be taken intravenously. However, it can also be snorted or smoked, which will make it more attractive to those who are squeamish about sticking a needle into their body.

  7. What immediate affect this drug has • The initial effects of heroin include a surge of sensation—a “rush.” This is often accompanied by a warm feeling of the skin and a dry mouth. Sometimes, the initial reaction can include vomiting or severe itching. • After these initial effects fade, the user becomes drowsy for several hours. The basic body functions such as breathing and heartbeat slow down. • Within hours after the drug effects have decreased, the addict’s body begins to crave more. If he does not get another fix, he will begin to experience withdrawal. Withdrawal includes the extreme physical and mental symptoms which are experienced if the body is not supplied again with the next dose of heroin. Withdrawal symptoms include restlessness, aches and pains in the bones, diarrhea, vomiting and severe discomfort. • The intense high a user seeks lasts only a few minutes. With continued use, he needs increasing amounts of the drug just to feel “normal.”

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