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How to Get Publicity for Your Campus Organization PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Get Publicity for Your Campus Organization

How to Get Publicity for Your Campus Organization

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How to Get Publicity for Your Campus Organization

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  1. How to Get Publicity for Your Campus Organization Presented by Butch OxendineExecutive Director American Student Government Association

  2. It is NOTa sinto seek press& attentionfor your group!

  3. Get publicity for your groupNOT to boostyourown ego

  4. CreatingA Good Image for Your Group Will Take Time

  5. YouWILLGet Good PublicityIf You: • Understand and control perceptions about your organization • Develop a brand • Understand public opinion • Practice good media relations • Create smart & strategic advertising

  6. What Is A Brand??

  7. Rate Your SG’s “Brand Perception” on Campus: • “SG is a superpower. Without them, the campus would not be half of what it is.” • “SG is well-regarded and does many great things.” • “SG is a group of mostly smart and driven people who do several good things for the campus.” • “SG has some good and some worthless members, and every now and then they’ll get something done.” • “SG is okay. It’s better to have them than not.” • “I think SG is OK, but I really don’t know what they do or who’s a member.” • “SG… what’s that?” • “SG doesn’t get anything done. They don’t matter.” • “SG wastes student money and impeaches each other.” • “SG people are corrupt and evil. Their actions hurt this campus.”

  8. How Do YouWANTTo Be Seen? • SERIOUS: SG doesn’t mess around. Meetings aren’t playtime, and business gets done. • DOWN TO EARTH: SG people are real people, like me. They’re students too, and represent what they think I want. • FUNLOVING: SG meetings are entertaining and enjoyable. There’s a good amount of laughter, too. • OMNIPOTENT: SG is everywhere; its members are everywhere. • DIVERSE AND PARTISAN: SG has all types of students involved, representing lots of different opinions and interests. • UNIFIED: SG is a solid front. Decisions are institutional and supported by all members.

  9. How Do YouWANTTo Be Seen? • STRONG & POWERFUL: SG commands a lots of influence across campus, and various constituencies constantly vie for your support. • ELITE: SG is made up of the best of the best. • FEARED: Other students and even some administrators watch what they say and do in your presence. • WISE AND RIGHTEOUS: SG makes smart decisions in the best interest of the campus. • SWIFT AND THOROUGH: Legislation and executive orders come quickly and stimulate change immediately. • LARGE: SG has many officers, senators, committee members, and divisions. It is an institution/bureaucracy.

  10. What’s the NUMBER ONEway toget more publicityfor your group?

  11. Word of mouth and personal contact have the most impact—BYFAR—on getting goodPR for your group

  12. Be an AMBASSADORfor your group

  13. Personal Contact Is #1 • Speak to other groups • Speak to students in classes • Talk about SG with your friends • Arrange meetings with administrators, faculty, and staff

  14. #2 Best Publicity Tool:Effectively PlacedPosters & Flyers

  15. Posters WorkBecause: • They’re cheap • They’re easy to change and update • They’re free! • Can be put up by you or anyone in your group • Can be put up quickly

  16. Where’sthe BEST placeto put posters?

  17. The Ultimate Poster Location?Restrooms!

  18. Send Your Own Mailing

  19. Make Sure All of the Key Offices on Campus KNOW About You

  20. How Do You Find Time to DOAll of this?

  21. RecruitINTERNS

  22. Tell your campus press Don’t assumethey know everything!

  23. Six facts you should know about the “media”: • You really, really need them. • They’re people, believe it or not. • They’re super skeptical. • They’ll totally sell you out, if you give them the opportunity. • They have a rulebook that you need to master. • They love drama.

  24. How to Get AlongWith The Press: • Provide press releases and press-packets • Ask for a “beat” reporter • Have lunch with the editor-in-chief monthly • Don’t ever let them “find out” something before you tell them • Learn about their “product” • Keep them close and far

  25. Smart Advertising includes Four Key things: 1. A thought-through target 2. ONE key communication point • An insight • Creative execution

  26. What Are the BestWays to Get Publicity:1. Word of mouth2. Well-designed flyersposted strategicallyEVERYTHING elsewill be less effective

  27. Call me toll-free at 1-877 ASK ASGA (1-877-275-2742) E-mail me at I promise to answer all calls and e-mails! How to Contact Butch: