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Simple Steps for SMS Success! PowerPoint Presentation
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Simple Steps for SMS Success!

Simple Steps for SMS Success!

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Simple Steps for SMS Success!

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  1. Simple Steps for SMS Success Avoiding pitfalls and leveraging text messaging for success

  2. Find the right voice • Keep a consistent voice when communicating with subscribers via SMS • Copy should remain professional and urgent while maintaining a personable, specific tone • Don’t cut corners with abbreviations

  3. Say no to “text speak” • Text Speak (g2g, c u l8r, lol) is fine for person to person communications, but will alienate a significant portion of consumers. • Take the time to tailor 160 word SMS communications without relying on text speak to save space and cram content.

  4. Adspeak is pointless and invisible • Do not include adspeak (Act Now! Limited time offer!) in your SMS outreach. • Adspeak is so prevalent in marketing culture that it has become invisible to consumers, and is therefore a waste of space.

  5. Maintain a strong call to action • Incentivize every interaction possible, whether with discounts, giveaways, or insider information. • Keep incentivized content fresh and interesting, so that subscribers are excited to see what comes next. • Tap your employees for ideas about incentives and outreach ideas.

  6. Keep it local and specific • Reference local goings-on such as high school/college sports, local politics, and news in your SMS outreach. • EZ Texting allows for easy grouping of subscriber lists, which makes specificity of outreach simple.

  7. Don’t interrupt for no reason • Text outreach can be friendly, but should not be casual or seem unimportant. • Each interaction should be properly incentivized or contain some specified user benefit, even if that benefit is a game or quiz.

  8. Games, quizzes, and surveys • These are a great way to drive interactions and get people looking forward to SMS communications with your business • Use linking to drive traffic to content on your mobile website. • Partner with other local businesses to cross-promote websites and products this way

  9. Thou shalt not spam • It is crucial that the tone and frequency of your text messaging do not resemble spam marketing. • Modern consumers are trained to automatically reject spam; spamming subscribers with generic or overly frequent outreach will ‘poison the well.’

  10. Always provide an opt out • Opting out should be as easy as opting in. • Though counterintuitive, providing a clear path to opting out of a campaign is a great way to build trust and brand loyalty. • Subscribers and participants are put at ease by the option to cease interaction.

  11. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice • Nobody knows your customers better than your customers. • SMS outreach allows for real time conversations to take place, so don’t be afraid to ask questions. • Consumers in the social media age are very likely to provide input when prompted.