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The Passion and Death of Jesus PowerPoint Presentation
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The Passion and Death of Jesus

The Passion and Death of Jesus

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The Passion and Death of Jesus

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  1. The Passion and Death of Jesus

  2. -We adore You, O Christ, and we bless you. -Because by Your Holy Cross You have redeemed the world.

  3. Jesus Is Condemned To Death • Jesus Came before Pontius Pilate, and he turns him over to the people and asks them “Which one do you want me to release to you, Barabbas or Jesus called Messiah?” They choose to release Barabbas.

  4. Jesus Takes His Cross • Jesus was got a crown of thorns and the roman soldiers mocked him. He was beaten and then they gave him a cross to carry. He went to the place of Skull.

  5. Jesus Falls For The First Time • Jesus was very weak and hurt, so when he was carrying his cross, he fell and had to keep going anyway

  6. Jesus Meets His Mother • Jesus sees his mother Mary as he makes his sorrowful walk to his death.

  7. Simon Helps Jesus • Jesus was so weak and Simon was ordered to help Jesus carry his cross for him.

  8. Veronica Wipes The Face Of Jesus • On the way to the mount, Veronica sees Jesus and gives him her cloth which he wipes his face with. The cloth had the image of Jesus left on it.

  9. Jesus Falls The Second Time • From the major loss of blood from his body, Jesus falls for the second time and they whip him to get up.

  10. Jesus Meets The Women • Jesus meets women along the way and says “ do not weep for me, but rather for your children.”

  11. Jesus Falls The Third Time • Jesus doesn’t have much life in him left, so he falls the third time, but he gets up and keeps going anyway.

  12. Jesus Is Stripped Of His Clothes • When they come to the mount they rip of Jesus’ clothes so roughly that it takes off some of his skin with it.

  13. Jesus Is Nailed To The Cross • Jesus is laid on the cross and they put his feet together and lay his hands open and nail him to the cross.

  14. Jesus Dies On The Cross • After much pain and agony from being scorned and beaten, he takes one last look at the crowd, and he dies.

  15. Jesus Is Taken Down From The Cross • After he dies, his mother and other disciples take him down from the cross. They are filled with grief at the sight of Jesus’ limp body.

  16. Jesus Is Laid In His Tomb • After he is taken down, they laid him in a tomb which is an open cave, and then they rolled over a huge boulder so that no one could enter.

  17. Credits Ashley France Renee Vonguggenberg Ashley Thomas Cady Wiltsie