what you need to know about n.
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What you need to know about native ads PowerPoint Presentation
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What you need to know about native ads

What you need to know about native ads

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What you need to know about native ads

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  1. What You Need To Know About Native Advertising

  2. What We're Covering • What is Native Ads • Advantages of Native ads • Disadvantages of Native ads • Why everyone shifting to native ads • Presentation resource

  3. What is Native ads

  4. Native ads provide you the power to create the ideal ad units for your app. • With Native Ad API, you can manage the appearance, location, and quantity of your advertisements. • Native ads are oftentimes attained in social media feeds, or as suggested content on a web page. • Unlike display ads or banner ads, native ads don't actually look like ads. They look like a section of the editorial stream of a page. • Native ads are usually recognized as 'promoted stories' or recommended content'.

  5. Rather than the usual banner or display ads, native ads will try to represent the surrounding articles and pages. • They can be an excellent means to enhance engagement with your advertising site, and when you can able to manage it correctly, can be a large source of income. • In Native advertising, a promoter will give Native artistic elements such as headline, image, destination URL, logo, etc. • Your ad server will merge these elements and design an ad for you. In the method of representing the ad, the ad server automatically picks screen size, representation, device, etc.

  6. Disadvantages of Native ads Advantages of Native ads • One artistic and formatting for many layouts • Native ads are able to draw the attention of users if it is designed precisely • These ads are very flexible • Sometimes it becomes a dilemma by having ample features • Technical knowledge is required • Coding is also needed to ensure the multiple aspects

  7. Why everyone shifting to native ads

  8. According to Google trends, explorations for 'native ads' have rapidly progressed over the past few years and now they are similarly capable as 'display ads'. • This fact is now considered as a big deal because display ads have been the ultimate ad form on online advertising in the existing era. • Users view at native ads 53% more than display ads. • Native ads create an 18% rise in the visual engagement and investment intent. • Native ads appearance draped in editorial content, so they don’t tire out the public. As long as the content is appropriate and engaging, native advertising interacts with the audience.

  9. For in-depth information on native ads, please visit the following article: Presentation resource