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5. Political Parties.

5. Political Parties. Parties and What They Do. The Two-Party System. The Two-Party System in American History. The Minor Parties. Party Organization. p olitical party. p olitical party.

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5. Political Parties.

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  1. 5. Political Parties.

  2. Parties and What They Do.

  3. The Two-Party System.

  4. The Two-Party System in American History.

  5. The Minor Parties.

  6. Party Organization.

  7. political party

  8. political party a group of persons who seek to control government through the winning of elections and the holding of public offices

  9. major parties

  10. major parties Republican Democratic

  11. partisanship

  12. partisanship strong support of their party and its policy stands

  13. party in power

  14. party in power the party that controls the executive branch of government

  15. minor party

  16. minor party one of the many political parties without wide voter support in this country

  17. single-member district

  18. single-member district contests in which only one candidate is elected to each office on the ballet

  19. plurality

  20. plurality largest number of votes cast for the officer

  21. bipartisan

  22. bipartisan two major parties find common ground and work together here

  23. pluralistic society

  24. pluralistic society consisting of several distinct cultures and groups

  25. consensus

  26. consensus a general agreement among various groups

  27. multiparty

  28. multiparty several major and many lesser parties exist

  29. coalition

  30. coalition temporary alliance of several groups who come together to form a working majority and so to control a government

  31. one-party system

  32. one-party system “no party” system

  33. incumbent

  34. incumbent current office holder

  35. faction

  36. faction conflicting groups

  37. electorate

  38. electorate people eligible to vote

  39. sectionalism

  40. sectionalism a devotion to the interests of a particular region

  41. ideological parties

  42. ideological parties based on a particular set of beliefs

  43. single-issue parties

  44. single-issue parties focus on only one public-policy matter

  45. economic protest parties

  46. economic protest parties rooted in periods of economic discontent

  47. splinter parties

  48. splinter parties those that have split away from one of the major parties

  49. ward

  50. ward a unit into which cities are often divided for the election of city council members

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