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如何提取信息完成首字母填空题 --Searching for useful information to get the proper word PowerPoint Presentation
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如何提取信息完成首字母填空题 --Searching for useful information to get the proper word

如何提取信息完成首字母填空题 --Searching for useful information to get the proper word

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如何提取信息完成首字母填空题 --Searching for useful information to get the proper word

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  1. 如何提取信息完成首字母填空题 --Searching for usefulinformation to get the proper word

  2. I 首字母填空题的解题技巧 1. 泛读全文,领会大意 英语文章或段落都有中心主题.答题前应该从头到尾快速阅读一遍全文, 这样就有了一个正确的解题思路. 2. 细读全文,初选试填 填空时,每看完一句,不要急于 “定锤”. 请根据语义,语法,逻辑和搭配上的需要来推测所填词汇.*动词要注意时态, *名词要注意单复数, *形容词和副词要注意比较级和最高级. 3. 复读全文,校核答案

  3. 完成填空后,还需最后的校核. 考试时可以放在做完其他试题之后进行,避免思路停留在原来的文字上,回头再次校核能使你从另外的角度考虑问题,从而提高正确率.

  4. II Search for useful information in the same sentence(在本句中寻找信息): 1. U_______ , it is not a very good job,… …(03年中考) nluckily 2. One day ,Jeff told his friend that he’d fallen in love and planned to get married the n ___ months.(04年中考) ext

  5. 3. As your reading improves, you will probably find your schoolwork becomes much e____. (05年中考) asier 4. I asked him w_____ he was going and he said he was going to work. (06年中考) here

  6. 5. Then we started talking about school days and the people we both used to k____. (06年中考) now 6. I live here with my husband Joe and our t___ children , Patrick , 11, and , Abby, 8. (08年中考) wo

  7. 7. “ Early to bed, early to rise m____ a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” akes 8. Just then I heard someone k_______ at the door. nocking

  8. III Search for the useful information from sentences(在句群中寻找信息): 1. Most of my friends like loud music that they can dance to . I prefer q____ , traditional music, so the concert suited me very well. uiet 2. If you read as a hobby you will get better and better at it . This m_____ that you will read faster and will become better at understanding what you read. eans

  9. 3. Some people say that reading is out of date. This is not true. You have to be able to read to use a computer and, the better you read, the better your computer skills will be. Reading is h______ out of date! (05年中考) ardly

  10. 4. Hi! My name is Stephen and I live in a small flat in London. I chose to live here because there is never a b______ moment in a city like London. I’m an art student and the busy life in a city does good to my painting. (08年中考) oring

  11. IV Search for the useful information from paragraphs(在段落中寻找信息): • 1. • Reading books is a good hobby for all kinds of reasons. • First, …… • Next,…… • A______ good reason for reading is that it is useful. …… nother

  12. 2. … … Of course, London, like any large city, has p________ , too. Londoners don’t chat on the underground or the bus and there is much less community spirit than in the country, where my parents live. In fact, they don’t understand how I can put up with(忍受) the noise pollution, and traffic jams. … … … … Of course, country life also has weak points. We feel isolated(孤立的) sometimes, too, especially since the nearest neighbors are almost 100 km away. … … roblems

  13. V More exercises • 1.The curtain fell on the Beijing Games on September 17. On the same day, the next Olympic h____ city, London, opened its arms to the world. The city introduced i_____ with the two eight-minutes shows at the closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games and the Paralympics. • British performers put on brief but lively shows. In the first show, the performances gave people a feeling of everyday London. Umbrellas, newspapers at the bus stop, and the football—all part of d_____London life. ost tself aily

  14. ven • The second eight-minutes show was e___ more energetic. More young performers took part. These were street dances, and pop music on the top of the double-decker. They showed a lively London. T________ British food and drinks were also in the show. • In the end, the bus drove slowly o___ of the bird’s Nest, and went on its way to its next stop, London 2012. But it left people with a picture of an a_____ and friendly London. raditional ut ctive

  15. 2. An idiom is a phrase that we can’t understand from the meaning of each word. For example, if an American boy a____ his mum what’s for dinner tomorrow, she may say “ I’ll play it by ear” , that means she doesn’t have plans for dinner and she will decide l_____. “Play it by ear” used to mean playing music without using the sheet music(乐谱), but now people often use it when they’re not t______ about music! sks ater alking

  16. In the early 1930s, people in the US often did not know when or where their next meal was. So as soon as they got something in their hand that could be eaten, it would go into their mouth. That was how people began to use the idiom “living hand to mouth” to mean “living a p____ life”. oor

  17. There are many idioms in English. If you learn to use them, your English will be much more vivid(生动)and colorful. Have you ever heard the idiom “He bought the farm?” It means he died. Do you know how it became popular? It was f____ used in World War I. When a soldier died, the government gave his family enough money to buy a farm. irst

  18. And don’t be angry if your English friend says this to you, “ Break a leg in your game!” He is wishing you good luck. Hundreds of years ago, people b______ in sprites(小妖精). Sprites enjoyed causing trouble. If the sprites heard you ask for something, they would make the opposite happen. Tell someone to “ break a leg” and the sprites would make something g_____ happen. • Aren’t English idioms interesting? And “break a leg in your next football match! elieved ood

  19. VI A song with blank filling • I see the questions in your eyes • I know what's weighing on your mind • you can be sure I know my part • because I'll stand beside you through the years • you'll only cry those happy tears and though I make mistakes • I'll never break your heart • and I swear • by the moon and the stars in the sky

  20. I'll be there • I swear • like a shadow that's by your side • I'll be there • for better or worse • till death do us part • I'll love you every beat of my heart • and I swear • I'll give you everything I can

  21. I'll build your dreams with these two hands • we'll hang some memories on the walls • and when just the two of us are there • you won't have to ask if I still care • because as the time turns the page • my love won't age at all • and I swear • by the moon and the stars in the sky • I'll be there

  22. VII Homework 完成粉色 “教学与评估” P135-138 ---练习四,五,六