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Every Girl’s Hush Hush PowerPoint Presentation
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Every Girl’s Hush Hush

Every Girl’s Hush Hush

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Every Girl’s Hush Hush

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  1. Every Girl’s Hush Hush The PocketBra

  2. Introducing The PocketBra • The first sexy & comfortable pocket bra. The PocketBra gives you the freedom to go anywhere, do anything, and carry anything without lugging around a purse. Discreetly holds your cell phone, ID, and key on the side of your bra with easy access! When the pocket is empty, our patent pending design will look exactly like any other bra which means you can wear it night or day. Never again will you have to reach down the front of your dress looking for the key that slipped out of place. Our product places all pockets within easy, yet appropriate reach.

  3. Comfort • Your first question is most likely “how can a bra with a pocket be comfortable?” To answer this question, lets compare the bra to a pair of earrings. When you first put in your cutest pair of earrings, you notice them, every jingle and bounce. However, over time, your body adjusts to them, and eventually you don’t even feel like they’re there. This bra is meant to fit comfortably, and that is why the pockets are on the sides, not in the cup itself.

  4. Design • Our unique product allows women to finally ditch the purse and opt for a true night of just freedom. The PocketBra has two discreet pockets on both sides of sides of the bra. Without changing the shape or fit of the bra, our pockets can carry phones, as well as ID and credit cards, and also a key.

  5. Sizes and Prices. At Every Girls Hush Hush we don’t think that a woman should have to pay extra for a place to put her phone. That’s why our bra’s price only ranges according to size. Our sizes range from the double A cup, to the double D cup, and we are still expanding that size range, so that even the bustiest of women can have a fun girls night out without having to change her outfit or carry around a purse.

  6. Frequently Asked Questions Doesn’t placing you phone in your bra cause breast cancer? During the designing process of the PocketBra, we took this into consideration. We managed to come up with a new material that blocks out any harmful radiation from entering the body. When will other sizes be offered? We are currently working on getting more sizes, focusing on the larger sizes. The more our company grows, the more sizes we will be able to offer. Do you ship outside to other countries? Yes! We do currently offer International Shipping to most countries around the world including the United States.

  7. President Elexis Harris @HushHushPRez 965-284-3945 Vice President Faith Shepherd @HushHushVP 9658592840 Chief Designer Ana Escobar @HushHushCD 965-639-1099