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Central Bucks HS South

Central Bucks HS South

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Central Bucks HS South

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  1. Central Bucks HS South Planning for Post-Secondary Education September 11, 2014 Taryn Barrett and Laura Ladley Class of 2015

  2. Program Summary Senior Year Timeline Naviance, Common Application, & FERPA The Application Process Sending Standardized Test Scores Recommendations Financial Aid & Scholarships FAQs

  3. Senior Year Timeline Finalize a list of 4-8 colleges. Visit campuses. Clean-up social media pages and then apply to college. SAT/ACT scores to colleges in the format they require. Naviance: track applications, research scholarships, college rep visits, questionnaires. Secure teacher & counselor recommendations. Financial Aid Night November 12 @ CB East 7pm FAFSA after January 1, 2015. Stay strong academically!

  4. College Rep Visits Over 150 College Reps come to South each fall Find calendar of visits and register to attend in Naviance Procedure to register: Add the college to “Colleges I’m Thinking About” list. Sign-up for the visit at least one day in advance. Print confirmation page as your pass to attend the visit. Prepare questions to ask the rep!

  5. Colleges Tab

  6. Knowing your Admissions options Rolling Earlier application typically leads to earlier response Competition builds All PA state schools and PSU by Halloween • Regular • Set deadline • Often all apps are read at same time • May not receive a decision until Spring

  7. Other Admissions Options Early Action (EA)- LOVE the school, not binding; Apply early, get decision early. Some colleges limit the number of EA applications you send, all apps read together, May 1st to make final decision. Early Decision (ED)- LOVE the school, binding. Limited to one ED application.

  8. Types of Applications The Common Application PA State System of Higher Education School Specific Applications

  9. Use Your Resources

  10. 2,843 328 635 2 1

  11. The Application Process The Application Portion: Submit application & fee to college. Arrange for “official score reports” to be sent by College Board or ACT~ if required. The School Records Portion: Complete Transcript Request Form (TRF) for each college to which you apply. TRF on Guidance Website. If teacher recommendations are required get a Green Sheet from Mrs. Schamp, fill out and give to your teachers.

  12. Transcript Request Form

  13. ** Please note that you should submit two TRF to the Senior House if you apply to Penn State and have indicated that you would attend one of their satellite campuses if not admitted to University Park. **

  14. What School Records are Sent… When we receive your TRF, we will send the following: Transcript with test scores- all or nothing School Profile Counselor Letter of Recommendation- If requested and Naviance survey is completed

  15. Sending Standardized Test Scores If your colleges want OFFICIAL test scores- you need to have your scores sent directly from CollegeBoard and/or ACT. Some colleges will take the scores listed on your transcript into consideration for admissions purposes. If you are taking the SAT or ACT in October, we suggest that you have your scores sent by CollegeBoardand/or ACT to the colleges to which you are applying.

  16. Teacher Recommendations How do I get them? Ask your teacher in person now & complete any paperwork they may require of you Submit your application Submit TRF to Senior House Office Pick up a Green Sheet from Mrs. Schamp, fill it out and give to your teacher Give your teacher 15 school days to submit your letter Follow-up with your teacher – we suggest that you give them a thank you note and update them about acceptances *James Madison University will only accept ONE recommendation

  17. Funding Your Education “Financial Aid Night” November 12, 2014 ~ CB East 7p.m. for an estimated EFC. NPC – Net Price Calculator on college sites. CollegeBoard has excellent NPC for multiple schools! Complete the FAFSA January of senior year. Complete CSS profile (if required by schools) fall of senior year. Search for scholarship opportunities on Naviance. ** Updated frequently in winter/spring. Evaluate financial aid packages.

  18. 2nd Semester Timeline Complete financial aid forms January/February. Mid-year grades automatically sent to schools to which you applied – February. Visit schools AGAIN. Secure housing by sending a deposit. Final decisions by May 1st Complete Senior Survey on Naviance: final transcript sent. Stay strong academically!

  19. FAQ’s What is our grading scale? 4.0 weighted What is our graduating class size? 635 What do I say for “rank”? NA What about deciles? NA Do counselors need those forms the applications tell us to print? No, we use our own. What should I use as my enrollment/start date? 9/4/2012

  20. What to do if I forgot my Common App username or password? Contact Common App What to do if I need my Naviance password? Try your 6-digit DOB and if that doesn’t work click on the “forgot my password” link What if I do not remember my CollegeBoard password? Contact CollegeBoard directly

  21. Where is the Transcript Request Form? CB South webpage under Guidance or Naviance homepage. My online applications show that the college is sending my counselor an electronic form to release my records.  Do I need to do anything else? YES! We will only send records if you fill out OUR CBS Transcript Request Form.  We do not use the individual colleges' forms. Do I have enough credits to graduate and what is CP 12 on my schedule all of a sudden?! Check portal for credits. CP 12 stands for Career Plan 12. What if I want to play sports in college? Go through NCAA clearing house for Division 1 or 2 school & bring in a TRF to the Senior House Office.

  22. Why can’t I add colleges to the list of “colleges that I’m applying to in Naviance”? We will do this when you hand in your transcript request form. When should I be done my applications? We suggest that you aim to have your applications complete by Halloween. Your ultimate goal is to have everything complete by Thanksgiving so you can enjoy your break! By winter break, rolling admissions schools should all be in so you can be competitive!

  23. QR Codes Step-by-step guide to the application process: Transcript Request Form:

  24. Before you leave, please be sure to subscribe to our notification service! Taryn Barrett & Laura Ladley Class of 2015