benefits of having home insurance n.
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Benefits Of Having Home Insurance PowerPoint Presentation
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Benefits Of Having Home Insurance

Benefits Of Having Home Insurance

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Benefits Of Having Home Insurance

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  1. Benefits Of Having Home Insurance

  2. Home Insurance • Home insurance is used to protect an individual’s home against damages such as fire, theft, etc. • It also provides coverage against accidents in the home. • Everyone should consider having home insurance for their home because it will essentially help prepare you for the unexpected. 

  3. Protects You From Theft • It can cover the cost of damages to your home, as well as, theft of possessions. • These include various valuable, expensive, and important belongings. • These include documents, personal belongings including jewellery, clothing, appliances, furniture, and much more.

  4. Liability Insurance • Liability insurance gives coverage against accidents on your property. •  It covers you against personal injuries, property damage to guests and other third parties which they might have occurred while residing in the insured house. 

  5. Spoilage Of Food In Deep Freezer • Many people use their freezer to stock up on costly meat and convenience food items. • This cover can pay for the losses if the food in your freezer becomes spoiled, usually due to an event such as a power failure. • Freezer cover is included as standard in the majority of home insurance policies.

  6. Replacement of Locks & keys •  It covers the cost you to replace the key if it is lost or stolen. • You will also get compensation for  replacing the lock if required.  • It’s worth checking before you fork out the money for the work to be done.

  7. Conclusion • Home insurance is an absolute necessity and very important indeed and also the least expensive one compared to other policies. • If you do not have a home insurance, then you should go for having it as soon as possible. • For more details on home insurance in Dubai, visit: