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Model RailRoad Manager PowerPoint Presentation
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Model RailRoad Manager

Model RailRoad Manager

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Model RailRoad Manager

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  1. Model RailRoad Manager Simulate Prototype Operations on your Railroad

  2. Service Planning: Industry Traffic, Trains, Manifests, Schedules • Each Industry can be a multiple commodity consignee or shipper; prototypical Orders/Shipments • Unlimited number of Industries • Local, Way, Manifest/Fast, Unit Freight and Passenger • Multiple locomotive consists; lead loco, slaves • Trains Crews and Railroad Staff Roles • Dispatchers, Yardmasters, Back Office, more... • Construct Manifest by Service Rules e.g. CityTowns served, return trip stops • Schedule Stops based on Industry needs

  3. Operations Support: Batch or On-line Switchlists, Wt/HP/Grade Checks, Run Trains, Track Shipments for Industries • Print Switchlists; Use later when Operating Layout • Use Computer during real time Operations • Preflight train checkout - adequate power? , overweight cars? , helper(s) needed? • Step train thru schedule during operations • Add or Reschedule trains as needed • Track multiple cars per shipment per route leg for each industry shipper/consignee order

  4. Train Classes: Local Freights • Serve Industries in a Division Homeyard Area • Multiple daily locals per homeyard; multiple homeyards per Divison • Empties to Shippers => Fulls to Yard => Fulls to Consignees => Empties to Homeyard • Orders cars from other Yards when needed; first checks other yards in same Division, then other Divisions • Replenishes Empty Inventories at Shippers • Manages to Siding Length and Full/Empty Timing • Pop-up report shows current number of car moves queued for each yard service area • Pop-up report suggests which train and when to add next

  5. Train Classes: Way Freight • Moves Full or Empty cars between two yards in a single Division • Unlimited number of yards per division • Run Way Freight in either Direction • Run multiple times per ‘Day’ • Pop-up report shows current number of cars to be moved from one yard to another • Unlimited number of Divisions

  6. Train Classes: Fast Freight aka Manifest, Through • Moves Full or Empty cars between two yards in different Divisions via Interchanges • Unlimited number of interchanges • Run Manifest/FastFreight in either Direction • Run multiple times per ‘Day’ • Pop-up report shows current number of cars to be moved from one division’s yard to another • Automatically Routes cars thru up to three concatenated Interchanges; unlimited manually • Stop at Interchanges to Pickup or Setout Cars

  7. Train Classes: Unit Freights • Moves freight directly from shipper to consignee • Does not stop in servicing yard(s)

  8. Train Classes: Passenger • Moves passenger cars from yard to yard with stops at stations along the route • Can be ‘locked’ so same train and cars can be run on successive days with automatically created manifest for next use.

  9. Other Service Planning Features • Create car cards and waybills if desired • Auto Route from shipper to consignee via up to three linked interchanges; up to 96 manually • Auto Match prospective shippers and consignees • Easily balance industry activity by commodity • Track car locations • Multiple car loads per industry order/shipment • Computer assisted waybill creation

  10. Other Service Planning (cont’d) • Realistic Train Manifest generation • Schedules for Regular passenger or freight; Extras • Train Stops: arrival, dwell and departure times • Car lengths vs siding length • Preview pickup and set-out actions • Local, Way and Manifest/Fast Freight Trains • Multiple locos per train; collective HP used • Create schedules for unlimited number of trains • StopClock measures time between pairs of stops

  11. Other Service Planning (cont’d2) • ‘Dry run’ train schedules; observe cars at each stop • Railroad crew assignments from your roster • Issue Train Orders to crews, dispatchers, yardmasters • Routes empty car to its homeyard • Orders cars from other yards if needed • Manages empty inventories at Shipper if specified

  12. Other Operations Features • Helps the dispatcher, crews and others to run trains • Run multiple concurrent trains; manifests, schedules, switchlists • Can be used with Fastclock: included • Change car locations before or during operations • Add trains, cars, industry activities anytime • Stop/Start any industry’s Shipper or Consignee activity prototypically during operations • Waybill log - review the history of moves

  13. Other Operations (cont’d) • Trace any shipment activity: empties, full’s, via yards, delivery, empties, home • Timing of loading/unloading not constrained, you decide • Same car is moved many times per session depending on trains scheduled, load/unload times, etc. • Warning generated if not enough horsepower assigned • If not enough siding space: manifest altered or warning issued - you decide • Revisit stop by the same train.

  14. Easier to Use • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced User interfaces • Use learning mode while building your simulator, then turn off unneeded details to operate • Turn on Information Alert to get more details on what program is doing. Turn off anytime • Long and Short Menus - your preference • Show only minimal data required if you want to • If sidings are not long enough now, choose to ignore warning or have cars removed from manifest until there is room. • If shipper/consignee is still loading/unloading car when car is otherwise eligible for train manifest, you can ignore warning or to not include the car on the manifest until it is ready.

  15. Reports • Tens of reports • Send to your printer or to an Excel, text or html file - your choice every time • Build a web site of selected inventory items; upload to your Internet Service Provide account • Build a ‘for sale’ web site of selected rolling stock • Use personal web server with browser in your train room to view Train Schedules, Yardmaster Wheel Reports, Conductor Switchlists • If you own Adobe Acrobat PDFWriter license, create web pages in PDF instead of html - WYSIWYG!

  16. Stay in ‘the know’ • Always know where each car is located • Always know Industry manufacturing and ordering balance for any commodity • Always know status of each waybill move queued • Always know the status of each Industry shipment even if it traverses multiple interchanges • Always know the status of every train schedule • Always have fun!