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Antique textured wall for homes PowerPoint Presentation
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Antique textured wall for homes

Antique textured wall for homes

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Antique textured wall for homes

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  1. O^^€ Q Menu ▼ Antique Textured Wall for Homes ©September 26, 2017 & Real Estate # Antique Textured Wall for Homes i Srishti Chandola ifc Like 0 Textured walls are said to be an ideal surface on which to use the color glazing techniques. The glaze will certainly stay darker in recessed areas and look a bit lighter on the raised textures. The glaze color workability will help ‘age' textured walls which makes them look faded, old and a bit worn. The antiques begin with the light colored base-coat which is followed by glaze several shades darker. You certainly can skip the base coat if the wall is painted already with eggshell or satin finish. Basecoat 1. Tape off the baseboards, ceiling as well as trim work with the help of a painter's tape. Cover the furniture and floor with a drop cloth. 2. Uncover the base paint with the container. Make use of 3-inch paintbrush to cut the paint around edges of the room. The antiquing technique works the best with a base coat in neutral, light colors like cream or beige. 3. Pour some base paint into the paint roller tray. Make use of 8-inch roller paint wall with the base paint. 4. Let the base paint to dry. Wait for at least four hours but not longer than a week to start color wash antiquing process. You can save time by leaving everything covered and taped. Antique coat 1. Blend in the darker paint with glaze solution. Make use of 1 part to 3 parts glaze. Use a paint that is at the minimum of four shades darker than the base paint. Read the glaze container solution to control how much glaze you need for the project and mix up twice the amount that you basically need. It is better to have some extra glaze than to try to match the glaze mixed at a separate time. 2. Pour some glaze mix into the paint roller tray. Use 8-inch roller to apply glaze to 4 by 4-foot section of the wall near a corner of the room. Apply a thick coat of the glaze mix. Spread glaze to edge of corner and ceiling of the wall by making use of a 3-inch brush. 3. Rub the glaze into the wall with dry painter's wool pad. Push glaze into recesses of texture as you go. Rub wool pad to remove the most of the glaze from raised

  2. areas. Allow for the little buildup of glaze towards the ceiling as well as corner. Do not work glaze at edges of 4 by 4-foot area. 4. Roll another 4 by 4-foot area glaze immediately next to the previous area. You need to overlap the edge of this section with the edge of the previous section. Work glaze with wool pad beginning with the overlapped area, rubbing glaze into recessed areas. 5. Continue all around the room by working in 4 by 4-foot sections, overlapping all the sections. If the wool pad becomes much soaked with the glaze, rinse it with water and shake it as dry as possible in advance before continuing. Leave glaze thicker near the ceiling at corners of the wall as well as near the bottom of walls. This provides the effect of an old, antique wall. Things you will require ■ Drop cloth ■ Painter’s tape ■ 3-inch paintbrush ■ 8-inch paint roller ■ Latex base paint- satin or eggshell finish ■ Latex accent paint- 4 shades darker than base paint ■ Paint roller tray ■ Painter’s wool pad ■ Glaze base Tip Do not aim for a flawless finish. Antique walls have an uneven finish, watermarks, and areas of the uneven paint. These antique walls will definitely let your homes look unique, modern and antique, all at the same time. Go ahead and play with colors for having your won antique wall ^ 5 Reasons to be a Real Estate Agent, According to Forbes Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked * Comment Subscribe to our newsletter Want to be notified when our article is published? Enter your email address and name

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