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  1. Quiz On How many different fronts was World war II fought? Name Two important Generals during World War 2? Name the major bill that helped rebuild post war Europe?

  2. Chapter 21 The second Great War

  3. Reading Quiz How did joining World War II change the U.S. economy? What kind of items did they produce? How did the U.S. build up its army? What was the role of African Americans and women in the war effort?

  4. In Class Using your notes from last class or reading pages 714- 717 answer the following questions What actions did America have to make to be ready for war? How did the U.S. Mange these Major changes? What was the U.S. producing?

  5. Leaving the depression Though Franklin Roosevelt is afraid of having to fight a war on two fronts the U.S. will surprise the world with its build-up. Part of the success was that the government had started mobilizing the country before the country entered the war.

  6. Working with business Roosevelt believed that the government and business had to work together. He creates the National Defense Advisory Committee. The committee will help mobilizes the economy. Several business leaders serve on the committee.

  7. Cost Plus It was believed that the government should provide some incentives for participating business. Cost plus: The government agreed to pay a company whatever it cost to make a product. Plus guarantee a percentage of the costs as profit

  8. War Production Board As the U.S. started to produce weapons government agencies began to argue about production. To deal with this the U.S. develops the War Production Board. Allowed the board to have authority over production and control distribution.

  9. Production of vehicles How do major car companies contribute to the effort? Automobile factories did not just produce vehicles, but also mines, helmets, rifles. Eventually Henry Ford would produce an assembly line to produce the B-24 bomber.

  10. Reading Quiz What was the Bataan Death March? Name one of the major battles in the Pacific? Explain the convoy system?

  11. America’s Army Grows Using your notes from last class or reading pages 718- 721 answer the following questions How does the U.s bolster it’s forces? What problems does the country face as the army grows ? How are the different minorities treated as the army grows and the country industrializes

  12. Video Questions What is the importance of the Joe Lewis Max Schmeling fight? Did the soldiers at Pearl Harbor have any warning about the attack? Why does the military have trouble detecting the Japanese planes? What kind of industrial products is the U.S. producing, and how many? Why are women the best kept secret of World War II? What kind of projects did they work on? What are the risks?


  14. The Pacific

  15. The Philippines Only after a few hours after the bombing of Pearl Harbor the Japanese attacked American airfields in the Philippines The Leader of the American forces Douglass MacArthur retreated to Bataan Island Eventually they would evacuate to Australia

  16. The Bataan Death March The remaining soldiers on the Bataan Peninsula were forced to surrender, a total of 78,000 soldiers These troops are forced to march to a prison camp 65 miles away. 10,000 men died of sickness and exhaustion.

  17. The Coral Sea and Mid Way

  18. Coral Sea The Japanese believed they could make two successful attacks due to their secrecy. Unknown to them pearl Harbor code breakers found out about the attack. The U.S. would send the Lexington and the York town. Both ships were sake but this attack kept U.S. territories safe.

  19. Midway The Pearl Harbor code breakers learned of another attack on Midway Island. The U.S. was able to set-up an ambush for the unsuspecting Japanese Navy. Considered to be the turning point in the war of the Pacific, with the destruction of four Japanese battleships.

  20. Assisting Allies As the U.S. joins the war effort the lend lease policy begins to assist the U.S. Allies. Particularly the USSR who even after industrialization was lacking weapons. Even with this Assistance Stalin urges the U.S. to open a second Front.

  21. Churchill’s Disagreement Churchill did not agree with Stalin and did not believe that U.S. and Britain were strong enough to invade Europe. Instead he pushed to fight on the periphery of the German Empire. This idea is what lead to the conflict in North Africa.

  22. Invasion of North Africa In response to Churchill’s Plan Roosevelt orders the invasion of Morocco and Algeria. This would place the U.S. forces against the famous German general Rommel. Eventually after a 12 day Battle Eisenhower plans a trap between his forces and Patton. Rommel retreats and leaves control of Algeria and Casablanca to the allies.

  23. Section 3 The home front

  24. Women in the work place It was believed married women should not work Most working women were young and single. They normally worked in clerical positions, like secretaries. The women hired 4 million to work during the war. Most worked as secretaries but factory workers caught the attention of the nation.

  25. On your own answer the following questions. What responsibility is this poster stressing to the audience? Why is this important to the U.S. during WWII?

  26. African Americans and labor Though the U.S. was hiring more female workers what the state of African Americans during WWII? Most companies resisted hiring African Americans. • Phillip Randolph spoke to the President about this issue stating that he would lead a march on Washington Roosevelt began to remove discrimination from the work place

  27. The Great Migration During World War I we saw that there was a migration of African Americans from the south to the North. As jobs become more available again in the North during WWII, we see the migration increase again.

  28. Reaction As we see more African Americans enter the North we see an increase in racial violence. The worst occurring in 1943 in Detroit. As people crowed around the river to cool off a confrontation arose which lead to deaths of 25 African Americans and 9 whites.

  29. Writing assignment On your own write 1 paragraph about the following prompt, using the following quote. How would you feel if the government discriminated against you in the way the U.S. acted against Japanese immigrants? Do you think the U.S.’s actions are just considering what happened at Pearl harbor.

  30. We saw all these people behind the fence, looking out, hanging onto the wire, and looking out because they were anxious to know who was coming in. But I will never forget the shocking feeling that human beings were behind this fence like animals [crying]. And we were going to also lose our freedom and walk inside of that gate and find ourselves…cooped up there…when the gates were shut, we knew that we had lost something that was very precious; that we were no longer free." • Mary Tsukamoto

  31. Zoot Suits Fear grew about juvenile delinquency ad Mexican Americans. This culminated with the wearing of Zoot suites, which required a lot of Fabric to make. This was considered unpatriotic as U.S. citizens were trying to save fabric.

  32. Zoot Suit Riot Many teenage Mexican Americans had adopted the zoot suit. Rumors were that these zoot suited teens were attacking sailors 2,500 sailors stormed a local Mexican American neighbor hood and attacked the zoot suitors The police did not intervene.

  33. Producing for the war Use your notes or turn to page 734-735 How does the United States government pay for the war, and how do they control prices and wages? What are some ways the average U.S. citizen can help with the war effort?

  34. In class Open your book from 739-743 What is the plan for the invasion of Europe from the allies? What is it called? What does the term Island hopping refer to? What is Douglas Macarthur’s role in the Pacific when he returns

  35. Operation Overlord

  36. Over lord The allies decided to invade France They decided to fool the Germans by setting up dummy equipment. The actual attack would occur further south the where the Germans expected.

  37. D-Day The term D-day refers to the actual day that the invasion of Normandy would begin. The U.S. forces luckily had a strategy that worked and attacked where the German forces were weakest. Nearly 2,500 Americans were killed.

  38. Video What sort of production is made for the war? How do soldiers prepare themselves for the battle? What is the special service that a soldier could apply for? What beach was the most renown?

  39. Island Hopping