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  1. VOD Ads

  2. Video on Demand (VoD) Email all VoD creative to: Ad Operations Contacts: Kirsty Roos 020 8612 7546 Peter Yardley-Jones 020 8612 7544 IMD 020 7468 6850 Adstream 020 7539 8400 • File format: MP4 • Dimensions: 832px x 468px Aspect ratio: 16x9 • Bitrate: 1.5Mbps Codec: H.264 • Video Length: Max of 30 seconds - unless agreed otherwise. Please note a premium will be charged for longer length creatives • Clock slates should be removed • Letterboxing should not be used • All files need to be supplied with clock number for clearance through Clearcast (see next slide for more information). • Click URL: to be supplied by advertiser/agency • Tracking: all clicks and impressions are recorded by Channel 5, additional third-party tracking can be supplied by advertiser/agency, depending on the provider. The agency/advertiser are responsible for notifying Channel5 Ad Ops team of any tracking issues within 24 hours of campaign live date. • Due to the variety of 4th tracking providers, please check with us whether we can support the provider. • To avoid unnecessary delays delivery of ads should be via Adstream or IMD – see contacts • Please note if your campaign is running on the Virgin Media Platform then please contact their Ad ops Team for information on their specs: Creative is required to spec five working days before campaign start date. All creatives are subject to Channel 5 approval. Please refer to Channel 5’s standard terms and conditions for advertising.

  3. What is a clock number? A clock number is given to a commercial to identify a particular version and it is unique to a particular product. The clock number is made up of 15 characters. For example: AMV/BTBB001/030    AMV – this represents either the creative agency or the production house BT – in this example the product is British Telecom BB – the product is broadband 001 – is the version number of the broadband commercial 030 – represents the time length of the commercial, in this example 30 seconds The clock number is given to the commercial by the production house, sometimes by the creative agency, that produces the commercial. It is responsible for sending the final version of the commercial to Clearcast for approval. A digital buyer would contact the production house for the latest clock number(s) for the commercial. Please note the vod creative needs to match the clock number exactly, a linear clock number cannot be used for a VOD commercial if it is not identical. Clearcast 020 7339 4700 Creative is required five working days before campaign start date. All creatives are subject to channel 5 approval. Please refer to channel 5’s standard terms and conditions for advertising.

  4. Contact us • Sales: Display and Video on Demand Emily Hill Digital Sales Manager T: 020 8612 7547 E: • Ad Operations: Creative and Trafficking Email all VoD and display creative to: Kirsty Roos Traffic and Analytics Assistant T: 020 8612 7546 E: Peter Yardley-Jones Traffic and Analytics Assistant T: 020 8612 7544 E: