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Who would you choose?

Who would you choose?

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Who would you choose?

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  1. Copy this chart long ways into the appropriate page of your Interactive Notebook Who would you choose? Applicant YesNoWhy 1. William Wyler 2. “Buffalo” Jones 3. Rev. Eli Richardson 4. James Renbow 5. “Blackjack” Martin 6. Louis Tabor 7. Richard McNally 8. Josiah Willis 9. Clayton Johnson’ 10. Robert Cooper 11. Plato J. Leeson 12. Arthur Benson 13. Thomas Jennings 14. Wynn Taylor 15. Rose Carter

  2. Choosing a Colonist: For this colony, not just anyone may be given land. The Spanish, and later Mexican government, is looking for certain types of people to settle in Texas. Basically, they are looking for decent, law abiding family men who will respect the laws of Spain. They should know something of farming or have a skill that will be useful to the new colony. Men who work machinery that will be of use in the new colony will be especially welcomed. Setters must also be Catholic. There are several things to avoid. No people of low moral character should be accepted. People who want land, but are not willing to stay and farm it must be turned down. Remember, you are bringing people to settle. The Spanish are also very sensitive to anyone who may have been linked with the US army or government. They are not fond of filibusters, or their friends for fear of their plots. They are also not fond of pure adventurers. Remember, you are the one who, in the end is responsible to the Spanish government. IF your people go wrong, the authorities will blame YOU!! Choose wisely!!!

  3. William Wyler Dear Mr. Austin, The reason that I would like to go to Texas is to get new land that ain’t all wore out. For a time, we had the best land and farm in the country. My grandpa was the first to build the farm, and we has worked that land ever since. Lately, however, the soil has gotten poorly and, even with my wife and three children helping me, it is hard to make ends meet. If I were to sell my farm and try to buy land in the United States, I could only afford a small place barely bigger than ten or twenty acres which wouldn’t be enough to take care of my family. This land in Texas is an answer to a dream. My family will work extra hard to build a good decent farm in Texas if you allow us to come with you. Sincerely, WilliamWyler

  4. “Buffalo” Jones Dear Austin. I is just the man you need fer yer colony. Why I been a livin’ on the frontier since I was knee high to a grasshopper. I done everything- trappin’, tradin’, Injun fightin’- you name it, I done doed it. Why, I even been ta Texas before. Me and old Phil Nolan done a bit a horse tradin’ with them Spanishers some time back, course that was before they up and killed ole Phil! I heared that you was lookin’ fer family folks. Well, don’t fret none, I been married 5 times. I figur that I could bring along the wife I got in Alabama or the one in New Orleans, It don’t matter. I could even buy me a orphan. How about it Mister Austin? Buffalo Jones

  5. Reverend Eli Richardson Dear Brother Austin, I hear that you are going to Texas. Well, believe me, Mr. Austin sin and wickedness have no boundries. Thy people will need a strong soldier of the Lord to do battle against the devil in the lands of the heathen Spanish. You may ask anyone in Kentucky about me. Why, I have probably baptized more souls than anyone else in the state. Believe me, Mister Austin, thy soul and the soul of thy people will be in great danger if you settle among those Spanish. Why, they will make you become Catholics like themselves! Take me with you Mister Austin, and, together, we can work to make these heathen Catholics into true Christians. Together, with the Lord, we’ll kick ole Satan out of Texas. Amen!! Reverend Eli Richardson

  6. James Renbow Mr. Austin, The reason I would like to come to Texas is that- well- I sure would like to start a new life for myself and my family in a new land. My sawmill back home turns a good profit, but I often worry about the future of my family, what with things gettin’ so crowded around here. The way I figured it, if we were to move to Texas, I could bring my sawmill equipment and set up on the river. I know that your settlers could sure use sawed lumber. We could also start a farm so that my family could grow, and not have to worry about finding land when they grow up. They could raise families of their own right here in Texas and live peaceable with Good neighbors. I would appreciate it if you would let uscome. James Renbow

  7. “Blackjack” Martin Austin- I sure would like to come to Texas. It would be a new start for me. It’s fer sure I’ve never done any real farming, but I can pick it up quick. Before you say no, I might tell you that those things you might have heared about me just ain’t so. It’s true that I used to deal cards on the river steamer “Belle”, but I never got caught cheatin’ at cards. All those fellers I had to shoot were just unreasonable in thinkin’ I cheated them. It also ain’t true that I took folks’ wives. I ain’t saying that I’m a saint, and women are naturally attracted to me cause of my good looks, but I never took nobody’s wife. Those fellers I shot were plain unreasonable. So. How about it? I really need a new, start, ya see. Blackjack Martin

  8. Louis Tabor Dear Mr. Austin, I have heard that you are starting a colony of settlers in Texas and, from what I hear, it is quite a good deal. As the President of the Citizens Bank of Natchez, I, of course , was very interested in the deal. Of course, you must realize that you will need quite a bit of money to make this work, but if we play our cards right, we can both get rich. Here’s my plan. I can hire plenty of people to claim the land. All you have to do is give them the okay, and slip them past the Spanish. Once they get the land, I’ll pay them off and they will turn their claims over to us. Once we get all that land, then we can sell it at twenty times the price. I’ll help you with any money you need, if you say yes to my plan. Sincerely, Louis Tabor

  9. Richard McNally Dear Stephen Austin, At first, business was good back in Georgia for a carpenter and house builder like myself, but now folks are movin’ west and business has got right poorly. Every time there’s money troubles back home, business dies off. That’s why I figure that Texas would be a good chance to do good. Like I say, I’m a carpenter and house builder, an’ folks are sure to need my services. My Pa was a farmer, and I know plenty about farming too. My wife and four children would sure look forward to this new chance. My oldest son helps me with building and would be a great help at farming. If you want to know about my work, you can ask anyone in North Georgia. If you choose me, I would sure be beholden to you! Thank You, Richard McNally

  10. Josiah Willis Mr. Austin, I am a farmer by trade. I know you was lookin’ fer family folks, but I figured I’d talk to you anyway. I ain’t got no wife, but if’n ya let me come, I wouldn’t be lettin’ ya down. Ya see, there was eight a us children. When Pa died, there just wern’t enough land to go around. He left me a few acres fer my own. I worked them acres every day till I was bone tired, Jist ta keep body n’ soul together. But the truth was, they jist weren’t no future in it. I’d like ta give up when I heared’ ‘bout you going ta Texas. If’n ya was to give me a chance, I’d work myself plum to death ta make good in Texas. I have a bit a money what Pa done left me. If’n ya were ta give me this chance, I’d be forever beholden. Josiah Willis

  11. Captain Clayton Johnson Dear Austin, My wife and I would sure like to move to Texas for a new start. Needless to say, having been a captain in the U.S. Army, I might have some skills that could come in handy. I have fought Indians and know how to survey land, a skill which you will no doubt need. I even know Spanish, which would come in handy. You see, I was with old Zebe Pike when he led his expedition into Spanish lands for President Jefferson. The Spanish arrested us, of course, and we were held for sometime in Mexico City. That’s where I picked up Spanish. I sure would like this chance to move to Texas. If you need anybody to look over the land with you- you know, find out where everything is, I sure would like to be included. You won’t be disappointed. Cpt. Clayton Johnson

  12. Robert Cooper Dear Mr. Stephen Austin, To begin with, I’m a blacksmith from Greenville, Tennessee. My business has been plum good, so you most probably would like to know why I want to come to Texas. Well, my wife an’ I talked it over an’ decided that we was a lookin’ for a better life for us and our eight children. The way we figur it, frontier livin’ would make ‘em grow up straight and strong. Back home, there’s just too many ways a body can go wrong. We figure in Texas we kin build a life a feller could be rite proud of. I could still work at blacksmithing fer yer other folks whilst my family worked the land. If ya brought us along, you can rest your mind that we would not make ya sorry. Thank You, Robert Cooper

  13. Dr. Plato T. Leeson Mr. Austin, My name is Doctor Plato T. Leeson. No doubt, you have heard of me! I am a doctor , scholar, philosopher, inventor, and a man of the world! You may have heard of my magical elixer- Dr. Leeson’s Wonder Oil of the Orient. It can cure everything from a toothache to loss of hair, and only costs 4 bits a bottle- cheap at twice the price! Sir, in the far lands of Texas, you will have a need of my services. With enough of my elixer, your colony will be a shining pearl of health. Believe me, if you are interested in the health of your people, you won’t leave me behind. All I ask is a grant of land in Texas. By the way, I might also need to borrow a few hundred dollars to make more elixer, pay a few gambling debts, and pay a few fines to the county sheriff. Dr. Plato T. Leeson

  14. Arthur Benson Mr. Austin, I’m a cotton planter, but I don’t mind telling you that the soil of my plantation is not what it used to be. Every year, the crop is less. I could live off the money that my cotton gin makes, but, at heart, I’m still a man of the soil. What my wife and family would really like to do is move west to say, Texas, and start all over again on fresh soil. Of course, we would bring our cotton gin and our 5 slaves to help work the land. I’m sure that if you have other colonists who intend to grow cotton, my gin will come in handy. I have heard that the Texas soil is good for cotton. If you agree to let us come, I will spare no expense to move all my equipment to Texas. Sincerely, Arthur Benson

  15. Thomas Jennings S.F.A. You have no need to worry about me. My pa and I lived in Louisiana when the Spanish owned it. Of course, I was hardly growed then, but Pa was always on good terms with the Spanish. He even supplied the local Spanish troops with feed for their horses. When the French, then the U.S., took us over, he was none too happy. After he died, I got the farm, but there is just too danged many people movin’ in hereabouts. The reason I want to come to Texas is because I remember the square deal they gave Pa, and I figure that this may be a good opportunity to better my lot. My family agrees with me that they wish to live under the Spanish. I only need your approval to go. Thomas Jennings

  16. Wynn Taylor Dear Mr. Austin, If you is lookin’ fer people ta go ta Texas, then I is yer man. I already know all they is ta know ‘bout Texas. Why one of my very closest friend was none other than Doctor James Long hisself. He done told me everything they was ta know ‘bout Texas. Course that was before them Spanishers grabbed him. Course, I know all ‘bout Spanishers. A while back, I done a lot a hangin’ around down in the neutral zone. I met up with some deserters from their army n’ they taught me everything they was ta know ‘bout Spanishers. “N don’t worry about a wife, cuz I kin git women a heap easy, so they won’t be no questions. All’s ya got ta do is say yea. Wynn Taylor

  17. Rose Carter Dear Mr. Austin, I’ve heared plenty a good things about you. I’m sure you’re the type that would overlook a gal’s past n’ give her a second chance. It ain’t easy workin’ in one of the Natchez saloons, but I want to put all that behind me now. I ain’t married, but I ain’t never had no trouble gittin’ any man I put my mind to. If’n you say I kin go, I’ll promise ta git married by the end of the week. Then, me n’ my man kin go ta Texas n’ settle down. I ain’t afeared a hard work neither n’ I kin even handle a gun pretty well. I know it don’t seem proper fer a gal to be askin’, but I shore could use a change in my life. So how’s about it? Rose Carter

  18. (Copy these directions into the appropriate INB page)Old 300 Letter Now it is your turn write a letter on the left side of your notebook to S.F.A. asking to move to Texas. You may be good or bad (school appropriate) and you do not need to follow the grammar rules!!!