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  2. FREIGHT OPERATIONS • Implementation of Operation Chetak • Running time of trains was calculated on absolute basis i.e. running was calculated at the speed of 75 Kmph and 60 Kmph (for Sumo rake). Analysis of detention is done against these timings. This has led to improvement in running of trains. Diesel loco utilization improved by 0.47% and electric loco utilization improved by 2.96%. • Extended Crew runs • Emphasis was put on extended crew runs so as to cut down detention at major terminals like Varanasi, Roza, Ambala and Ludhiana. Average 800 crack trains were run per month during 2009-2010as against 598 cracks per month in the last year. The extended crew runs have led to reduction in running timing of power house rakes being received at MGS, 38-40 hrs. which used to be 60 hrs.

  3. Breaking the mould :- • Divisions are being encouraged to provide out of box solution to problems. • Shortage of diesel locos led to running of long haul jumbo empties over Moradabad division. • Now 22 loaded BCN wagons are being run in Haridwar – Rishikesh / Harawala section with single WDG-3 loco as against 14 which were run earlier and full empty rake of jumbo is run with a single power on this section • Multi has been replaced by single WDG4 on PTK-JAT section. • Running of Down trains through to PBH and UP trains on FD loop • To overcome shortage of jumbos N.R. used premium BCN rakes for internal loading and were able to achieve 4 loadings during their premium validity . This helped to maximize loading despite the shortage. • Delhi division streamlined movement between GZB-SBB by making it direction wise reducing the running time to 20-30 min from 1-1:30 hrs. LKO division is also attempting similar exercise. • Formulated guidelines regarding sidings of PCOs • Standardizing statistical formats for divisions.

  4. Enabling through IT :- • New Operating website URL • Enables Operating Officers have topic wise availability of circulars : Rate Freight Circulars, Freight Marketing Circulars, Traffic Transportation Circulars and many other useful links. • Archival formats of Central Control to be generated from FOIS and record keeping to be made digital, reducing requirement of storage space and manpower. • Concept Plan:- • Divisions have been asked to make long time plan for enhancement of freight terminal capacity and line capacity. LKO ,MB divisions have been reviewed.

  5. REVENUE EARNING LOADING(In Million Tonnes) Northern Railway has achieved everbest loading during 2009-2010


  7. Status of FOIS projects on Northern Railway Note :- For TMS Phase-II of Phase –II , 139 New locations have been sanctioned

  8. Status of FOIS projects on Northern Railway


  10. Achievements and Innovations Total number of amendment slips issued as under:- * G&SR Book - 17 * Operating Manual - 01 * Block Working Manual - 03 * Accident Manual - 03 * Master Amendment Slip for LC gate working - 01 Operating Safety Seminars & Meetings organized at HQs level – 02

  11. ZRTI/ Chandausi • Achievements:- • Committee of 3 SAG officers (COM/G,CEGE & CE/P&D) visited ZRTI/CH • for improvement/ upgradation of the training facilities at ZRTI/CH. • The problem of messing charges to be realized from trainees has been • resolved. • Training courses on Disaster Management for Supervisors has been • introduced. • Training Modules of Induction Course for multi skilled group ‘D’ staff • approved and implemented. • The Training Modules of Induction Course for multi skilled group ‘C’ • Category, “Station Assistant” has also been approved and implemented. • UTS Training to all ASM/SM Initial, Promotional & Refresher classes has • been introduced.

  12. Innovations:- • Long awaited reprint of G&SR book of N.Rly with latest Correction Slip no.147 dt.05.04.10 has been approved for printing and will be supplied to all Divisions by April. • New revised Operational forms for train operations has been approved and supplied to the divisions for smooth operations. • Data Base of SWRs with Station diagrams and Traffic LC gates on proper prescribed proforma with details of Civil & Police authorities, Fire Brigades, Hospitals and NGO etc of all the stations of N.Rly being prepared. • Establishing a Work Station for training of Optg staff of NR on IT matters to assist in IT projects (under process)


  14. Functions of Operating Planning Cell in Head Quarter. To co-ordinate with divisions ,examining, and finalizing of works pertaining to Plan Head-11(New lines ,gauge conversion), 15 (Doubling) and 16 (Traffic facility). Monitoring of the progress of on going works under plan head- New line, Gage conversion, Doubling, Traffic facility etc. To co-ordinate with Non interlocking works. To examining ESP’s keeping in view the operating facilities. To prepare preliminary Works Programme of Vol-II complete in all respect and sending it to Railway Board. To examine plans of level crossing gates. Examining and processing of Private Siding Proposals.

  15. Improvements- Planning cell • Development of works Programme Data Base. • Development of Data Base of Private Siding proposals. • Short CSL running line identified over Northern Railway network- 1 station completed and works at 51 stations are under progress. • JPO for finalizing check list for processing Engine Scale Plan. • Policy for provision of R&D lines at Private Container Sidings issued. • PI/RRR commissioned at 37 stations yards during 2009-10.

  16. Performance of Planning Cell • 60 number of works were sanctioned in vol V (2009-10) within GM Power. • A total No. of 33 works were proposed to Rly Board out of which 11 nos of works have been sanctioned by Railway Board in Vol II (2010-11). • Works under progress:- • New Lines Works: 12 • Doubling works: 15 • Traffic Facility works: 49 • Law Book: 19 • Volume V works: 64 • No. of ESP’s finalized other than level crossing gates - 63 • 3 works under Plan head 15 & 25 works under Plan head 16 were completed during 2009-10

  17. Streamlining of Procedures for Private Siding proposals • A separate cell headed by Sr.Scale Officer setup to process Private Siding proposals • Clearly delineated procedure for processing of proposals • Ensures availability of appropriate operational facilities and accurate traffic projections. • Ensure all charges payable to Railways are submitted. • Ensures timely execution of work and commissioning



  20. Punctuality %age of Mail/Express Trains Note : The COA system became operational in October’09, Thus heralding real-time feeding of time and 1 minute Punctuality