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“Girl's long-awaited lung transplant complete” PowerPoint Presentation
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“Girl's long-awaited lung transplant complete”

“Girl's long-awaited lung transplant complete”

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“Girl's long-awaited lung transplant complete”

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  1. “Girl's long-awaited lung transplant complete”

  2. Sarah Murnaghan, a 10-year-old Pennsylvania girl with cystic fibrosis whose family fought to have young children prioritized for adult organs, received new lungs Wednesday. Her surgery took about six hours, and there were no complications resizing or transplanting the adult lungs. "We expect it will be a long road, but we're not going for easy, we're going for possible. And an organ donor has made this possible for her," the family said, calling the family of the deceased person who donated the lungs "true heroes.” The parents' push for an organ transplant policy change has thrust the issue of who gets donated organs into the national spotlight. Earlier this week, the Organ Procurement and Transplant Network's executive committee approved a one-year change that makes children younger than 12 eligible for priority on adult lung transplant lists. Sarah received lungs donated by an adult, according to Simon, meaning the lungs needed to be modified.

  3. In Other News Six months after a gunman burst into a Newtown, Connecticut, elementary school and slaughtered 20 children and killed six others, promises of stricter national gun control laws remain largely unfulfilled. And though the families of those lost made yet another pilgrimage to Washington this week to plead for action in meetings with the two top House Republicans, it is highly unlikely that lawmakers will act. Backers of gun control proposals were unable to advance legislation in the Senate centered on expanded background checks earlier this year, even after a high-profile push. The House never took up the measures. NASCAR driver Jason Leffler died Wednesday evening after a crash during a sprint car race at Bridgeport Speedway in New Jersey. CNN Videos