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Vocabulary Activity: Week 4 PowerPoint Presentation
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Vocabulary Activity: Week 4

Vocabulary Activity: Week 4

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Vocabulary Activity: Week 4

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  1. Vocabulary Activity: Week 4 Latin Roots: multi-, port-, rupt-, scrip-/scribe-

  2. Roots and Definitions: • multi-: many • port-: to carry • rupt-: to break • scrib-/scribe-: to write

  3. Extension Activity: Understanding Word Parts and Navigating a Dictionary • Use a dictionary to find words using each root, and make a list of them (four total). • IMPORTANT: As you’re looking for words, think about the idea of taking the old pen and paper approach to education into the new age of digital technology to guide your word selections. • Include each word’s definition and explain where you see the root’s meaning in their definitions.

  4. Extension Activity: Context Clues Communicate Meaning in Short Stories • Choosefour words that use the roots (one for each root) and write a two-paragraph expository piece that uses those words in four separate context clue sentences. • IMPORTANT: Keep the general topic of old-school educational methods versus modern methods in mind as you craft your response. You need to CONNECT your context clue sentences to each other. Think about what your purpose could be when you choose your words, so everything flows together as an explanation or comparison. • Underline the words and the context clues you use.

  5. Extension Activity: Strengthening Writing through Powerful Word Choices • Choose three to five words for each root from this week’s instructional slides to incorporate into a Wordle presentation. • To create your word cloud, go to and click on the “Create” link. Follow the steps, and you’ll have a miniature word poster to print in minutes. • If you find you’re having trouble, odds are you need to update your Java script. Follow the prompts on the Wordle Web site to do this. Using the computers in the IMC at school will help you avoid this problem. • I’ve included an example Wordle cloud made from all of our Latin roots on my Wiki for you to check out and/or print for your reference.