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Plumber Melbourne

Female Choice Plumbing have fully trained and licensed Plumber Melbourne and gasfitters available to service all of Melbourne and surrounding areas. We also offer an on call plumbing service for plumbing and gas emergencies.

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Plumber Melbourne

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  1. 8/20/2015 Plumber Melbourne, Emergency Plumbing Service Melbourne (http://www.femalechoiceplumbing.com.au) (http://www.femalechoiceplumbing.com.au/book- online) (http://www.femalechoiceplumbing.com.au/50- off-todays-visit) (http://www.femalechoiceplumbing.com.au/interest-free) 24/7 EMERGENCY LOCAL MASTER PLUMBER 1300 921 421 24/7 Emergency Plumbing Service 1Hr Emergency Local Plumber* Fast, Friendly & Licensed Plumber Melbourne Female (http://www.femalechoiceplumbing.com.au/plumber-melbourne/), is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year – Christmas, Easter and all other public holidays included. If you need a fully Qualified, highly trained Plumber Melbourne right now, we’re able to get somebody out to your home or business within just an hour of getting in contact. It doesn’t matter when you need, we’ll always be there, so call: 1300 921 421 now, or fill out our simple Online Form. Choice Plumbing, your Local Plumbers in Melbourne http://www.femalechoiceplumbing.com.au/plumber­melbourne/ 1/5

  2. 8/20/2015 Plumber Melbourne, Emergency Plumbing Service Melbourne Footscray, Caulfield, Werribee, Altona, Dandenong, Ringwood, Essendon, Kew, St Kilda, Sunbury, Geelong. This is just a small list of the suburbs our 24/7, within the hour plumbing service applies to in Melbourne, but you can rest assured we can have an expert there no matter where you live or work. Whether you’re based in the street art-lined laneways of the city centre or out in the quieter suburbs, a Female Choice Plumbing can come to you. If you’ve got a gas leak that needs fixing, a blocked sink drain that needs to be cleared or a new water-connected fridge that needs to be installed, we will have the experience, the expertise and the equipment required to undertake any job you could possibly need. Okay, what jobs can your Plumber Melbourne do for me? Female Choice Plumbing is proud to have a plumber army who are all extensively trained in every aspect of their trade, from Installing Appliances and Tapware to Repairing Gas Piping and Toilet Suites. We have the best technologies and a large range of spare parts in our vans, so we won’t need to go anywhere to give you the results you expect. All the 4.25 million residents of Melbourne can access an expert plumber from us, so don’t hesitate if your need a plumber now. Some of the most common jobs we do are: Repairing of Pipe Work (http://www.femalechoiceplumbing.com.au/burst- and-leaking-pipes-melbourne/) Has one of your pipes burst? Are you getting water leaking from a pipe? These can quickly become serious problems, wasting not only water but also time and money if left untreated. We can have plumber to you with the expertise and equipment to fix any type of pipe in any location of your Melbourne building, whether it be PEX, Plastic, Copper, Galvanised or some other material. We will also carry spare parts in most materials, making his job even faster and cheaper. Repairing (http://www.femalechoiceplumbing.com.au/slider/fix-leaking-taps/) and Replacing of Tapware http://www.femalechoiceplumbing.com.au/plumber­melbourne/ 2/5

  3. 8/20/2015 Plumber Melbourne, Emergency Plumbing Service Melbourne Are you getting an annoying drip, drip, drip constantly? We can fix that! Every fully qualified, licensed plumber from Female Choice Plumbing has the skills and knowledge to take care of any tapware problem, no matter if it’s just a worn out washer or something more serious. We have a large range of replacement taps in our own Melbourne stock, so, whether you’ve already bought a new set or not, we can easily and quickly have our expert to install new tapware and have it functioning perfectly. Installation (http://www.femalechoiceplumbing.com.au/gas-ovens-and-hot-plates/) and Repair of Gas Appliances We  really does have you covered for every job possible at Female Choice Plumbing, with every professional plumbers also being an extensively trained, licensed gas fitters, as well. We can have an Expert Gas fitter take on any gas job, whether it be a Gas Leak, a Gas Conversion, a Gas Installation, a Gas Repair or anything else. Your attending Gas fitter will have the experience and skills required to test for, locate and then fix any gas leak, no matter if it’s in a gas pipe or a gas appliance that needs to be repaired or replaced. We can install and commission any type of gas appliance, from Gas BBQs and gas stoves to Gas Hot Water Systems and Gas Room Heaters, and we will even have all the tools and spare parts to repair them if they break down. Conversion of LPG or Natural gas appliances to the opposite fuel source is also an option. Clearing (http://www.femalechoiceplumbing.com.au/blocked-drains-melbourne/) of Blocked Drains A Blocked Drains is one of the most common jobs we called out to in Melbourne, but a lot of people don’t realise what could have caused it or just how serious it could be. All your drains are essential, taking waste materials away from your Melbourne property to be disposed of; if that function is prevented – whether by material like sanitary napkins and toilet paper, food scraps, tree roots, breakages, grease, dirt, hair – it can be irritating and even potential harmful. At Female Choice Plumbing, we have everything to tackle all those drainage issues, removing the risk and irritation. Every extensively trained plumber has access to the latest equipment – Hydrojet Drain Machines, Electric Drain Machines, CCTV sewer cameras – to be able to give you the best result possible to any Melbourne blocked drain you might find yourself facing. Repairing (http://www.femalechoiceplumbing.com.au/toilets-and-cisterns-melbourne/) and Installation of Toilets http://www.femalechoiceplumbing.com.au/plumber­melbourne/ 3/5

  4. 8/20/2015 Plumber Melbourne, Emergency Plumbing Service Melbourne If you’re existing toilet won’t flush, or there’s water leaking from the cistern, we will be able to figure out exactly what’s causing the problem before carry out the best course of action to fix it. Should he conclude that it needs to be replaced, we  can discuss your options with you: if you decide on one of our toilets we have in our Melbourne stock, your attending plumber can collect and install it for you; if you would prefer to purchase a different one from a retailer, you can arrange and we  come back at a later date to install it once you’ve bought it. Repairing and Installation of Hot Water Systems (http://www.femalechoiceplumbing.com.au/hot-water/) For all your hot water needs, look no further than Female Choice Plumbing. Every plumber we’ve employed is only the very best in Melbourne, who all have extensive training and skills in working with all types of hot water systems – Gas, Solar and Electric – and all the most popular Hot Water Brands. We have  the tools and parts to repair your faulty appliance, depending on what’s needed, and can even undertake a full hot water unit replacement if your existing one is beyond repair or repair is inadvisable. All our vans are stocked to the hilt with tools and spare parts, ensuring your attending expert will already have everything he needs to carry out any hot water heater repair. However, a repair is sometimes either not possible or not worthwhile, and in such cases we’ll recommend a replacement unit be installed. We stock a large range of hot water boilers ourselves in Melbourne, so you can ask to install one of these, or a different one from a retailer. Installation of Dishwashers (http://www.femalechoiceplumbing.com.au/dishwasher-installations/) When it comes to installing appliances and their extent of difficulty, dishwashers certainly rank among the highest in Melbourne. With so many parts, fittings and attachments, not to mention actually connecting it to an available water pipe, installing a dishwasher can become very tricky indeed. We will have that new dishwasher in quick smart; your attending plumber will have extensive training and experience with all types and brands, ensuring you get the best outcome. Repairing (http://www.femalechoiceplumbing.com.au/roofing-guttering-leaking/) Your gutters perform an essential function, directing rain water from the roof into your stormwater drains to be taken away from your property. If they’re blocked or damaged, however, that water can overflow and cause all kinds of issues with walls, foundations, windows and other structures. We can send you a an expert plumber with the tools, knowhow and parts to either repair or replace any gutter, depending on what the problem is, getting your roof drainage back to perfect quick smart. We can even repair roof leaks, too. of Roofing and Guttering http://www.femalechoiceplumbing.com.au/plumber­melbourne/ 4/5

  5. 8/20/2015 Plumber Melbourne, Emergency Plumbing Service Melbourne Installation of Fridges (http://www.femalechoiceplumbing.com.au/fridge- installations/) Having a water and ice dispenser in your fridge seems to be a necessity these days, but that fancy little gizmo needs to be installed correctly. Your new fridge must be attached to the nearest water mains, which can be a very tricky job, most often too tricky for a DIY. There’s no need to fret, though, as an expert from Female Choice Plumbing can do it for you. We can install that new fridge wherever you want it, ensuring you’re water dispenser will work efficiently and perfectly. © Copyright Female Choice Plumbing 2014. All Rights Reserved. ABN: 88 154 192 560 Licence: BLD 253215 (https://plus.google.com/+FemalechoiceplumbingAustralia) (https://www.facebook.com/femalechoiceplumbing) (http://www.linkedin.com/company/female-choice-plumbing) (http://www.youtube.com/user/FemaleChoicePlumbing) (http://blog.femalechoiceplumbing.com.au) (http://www.pinterest.com/fcplumbing/) (https://twitter.com/FCPlumbing) http://www.femalechoiceplumbing.com.au/plumber­melbourne/ 5/5

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