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First, Here’s How I See Things…. PowerPoint Presentation
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First, Here’s How I See Things….

First, Here’s How I See Things….

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First, Here’s How I See Things….

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  1. Membership Strategies That Work!Tom Lamphere BS, RRT, RPFT 2008 AARC Membership Committee Chair 2008 PSRC Delegate / Membership Chair / Office Manager

  2. First, Here’s How I See Things…. Non-Members AARC Members

  3. PLENTY of Jobs Available For Non-AARC Members….

  4. Who Am I ?(...and what am I doing here talking to you!!) • Pennsylvania Society for Respiratory Care • Board Member since 1995 (Secretary, President, Delegate) • Membership Chair since 2003 • Office Manager • AARC • Membership Committee member 2005 • Membership Committee Chair 2006, 2007, 2008

  5. PSRC Membership • November, 2004 –> 1106 Active AARC members • 6,500 licensed RTs = 17% • February, 2008 –> 2944 Active AARC members • 6,400 licensed RTs = 46%

  6. What’s The Latest Data??The Good News… • 35,000 “Active” AARC members • 47 state societies increased their membership in 2007. • 2 states have over 60% membership (ND, SD) • 7 states have over 40% membership (NJ, MO, PA, AL, NM, WY).

  7. What’s The Latest Data??The Bad News… • 35,000 AARC members • Over 120,000 therapists in the U.S. • 47 state societies increased their membership in 2007….but 3 state societies membership decreased or had no increase. • 9 states have > 40% membership • 36 states have < 40% and 8 have < 20%

  8. What Does It All Mean???? Opportunity!!

  9. Why YOU Should Make Membership Priority #1!! • Membership = Money!! • AARC membership dues provide $12 to the state affiliate for each member • Increase in PSRC membership resulted in an increased revenue of $22,056 every year to PA and over $143,000 in revenue to the AARC! • If AARC membership increased to only 50% (60,000 members) AARC revenues would increase nearly $2 million and state revenues would increase $300,000!

  10. “We’d love to increase membership in our state, but we’ve tried everything without much luck.” • You’ve tried everything? • Put some time and effort into coming up with a NEW approach! • Is this a priority or not?

  11. SO ...... How Do We Do It ??

  12. How To Increase Your State Membership… #1. Appoint a Membership Committee Chair!! • Many states don’t have one… • Many states appoint someone who has no idea what they’re doing…OR…someone who doesn’t have access to the necessary tools to do the job well. • One of the MOST important positions not just to have filled, but filled by an energetic, charismatic, and dedicated person! • If your state doesn’t have a committee chair, then go find one! This person is as important as your state’s President!!!

  13. How To Increase Your State Membership… #2. Find out where you stand! • Find out how many RT’s are licensed in your state (or, if not licensed, how many work in your state). • Divide the number of ACTIVE members of the AARC in your state (from your membership listing) by the number of RT’s in your state to determine your membership %.

  14. Current Membership: Where Do You Stand? Example • 700 members / 3,000 therapists in state • 23% membership • 2,300 opportunities to recruit new members. • GOAL = Increase by 100 members in 6 months

  15. Where To Start…. • RT’s fall into 1 of 3 groups: • Students (member and non-member) • Non-Members • “Never Gonna Be a Member” • “Maybe” Member • Members

  16. STUDENTS If we all invest more time and resources into students now, we’ll spend less time and resources trying to convince them later!!!

  17. Recruiting & Retaining Student Members • Strong Program Director / Educator support. • Get them early!! • Insure a POSITIVE shadowing experience! • Board Representative visit all schools and provide AARC overview. • Offer a discounted membership or other small item upon graduation. • Congratulatory letter from affiliate President upon successful completion of CRT exam.

  18. Recruiting & Retaining Student Members • Get students involved with affiliate activities. • Seminars, Assign Student Reps to Board • The more they’re involved and feel a part of the organization, the more likely they’ll remain a lifelong member. • Some states provide scholarships. If your state cannot financially support this endeavor try to find support elsewhere from vendors, hospitals or the students themselves!

  19. Recruiting Non-Members • Identify and target RT Department managers that are non-members. • Managers who are members are MUCH more likely to support and encourage membership among their staff. • Develop an updated manager email list and hold manager meetings 2-3x a year. Utilize list to inform managers of affiliate activities and events.

  20. Recruiting Non-Members • Make personal contact with non-members to explain benefits and answer misconceptions about the AARC. • Utilize Ambassador program. • Assign all hospitals to each Board member who then contact the RT departments. • Visit as many facilities as possible (utilize AARC video). Make it a RC Week event.

  21. Recruiting “Maybe” Members • Utilize continuing education events (both large and small) to recruit new members. • Offer discounts for AARC members. • Include AARC membership cost in non-member price for larger events and then sign up the attendee for membership for “free”! • Utilize ribbons that identify individuals as a “Member”.

  22. Recruiting Non-Members • Utilize AARC’s bulk membership program and purchase memberships at discounted rate. Offer new memberships at discounted rate. • Suggest payroll deduction as a possible way for RT’s to pay for an AARC membership. • Ask vendors to consider sponsoring AARC memberships for RC week or during affiliate events.

  23. Recruiting & Retaining Members • Send postcards to: • New members – thanking them! • Renewing members – thanking them! • Expiring members – reminding them!

  24. Bulk Membership Discount • Membership “vouchers” can be purchased from the AARC in bulk…at a discount! • If you purchase: • 50 vouchers your cost is $ per voucher • 75 vouchers your cost is $ per voucher • 100 vouchers your cost is $70 per voucher

  25. Bulk Membership Discount • Vouchers can be used for new memberships or to renew existing memberships. • Vouchers are good for a FULL membership (both magazines). • Reduced revenue sharing to state affiliate when voucher is utilized (state affiliate receives approx. $8.93 vs $12.00) • Sell vouchers at a discount but recoup your lost revenue and expenses (charge $5.00 above what you pay for the voucher).

  26. Concerns About Bulk Membership Discount “We’ll lose money…”Not if you sell the vouchers at $5.00 above your cost.

  27. Concerns About Bulk Membership Discount “We won’t sell the vouchers….”At a MINIMUM, you’re going to sell as many vouchers as you have Board members!Seminars, awards….

  28. Concerns About Bulk Membership Discount “My affiliate can’t afford it…” You can’t afford to NOT use this program. The PSRC has sold over 3,200 vouchers so far…

  29. It’s Simple…. The AARC’s Bulk Membership Discount program is one of the BEST ways to help your state increase membership. If your state isn’t using it, what are you waiting for???

  30. Postal Service To The Rescue…. • USPS website: • Allows for automated mailings at non-profit rate & mailings are discounted as well. Postcard average cost is $0.23 each. • Simple! Mailings can be done in minutes… (even at 2:00am!) • No supplies needed (no stamps either!) • Bill to a credit card.

  31. Advertise Your Discount!! • Advertise your membership renewal offer via your affiliate website, postcards, newsletter… • If using postcards make sure they arrive at or near the time the AARC renewal notice arrives. • Be careful how you word your message. People are, by nature, skeptical of a “deal”. Say it plain and simple and you’ll win them over!

  32. Reminder Postcards • Do They Work? • Yes….but some work better than others! • Don’t repeat what is in the AARC reminder, the member has already heard it! • Point out the two or three most important benefits offered by the state affiliate. • Send the reminder BEFORE their membership expires! • Don’t use postcards once member has lapsed more than 3 months….send a letter signed by the President instead!

  33. You’re AARC & PSRC Memberships Expire April 30, 2007!!  Here’s an EASY way to save $15 and insure you don’t miss out on all the terrific membership benefits we have planned for this year!! The Pennsylvania Society for Respiratory Care (PSRC) is once again sponsoring a discount membership program that can save you $15 off your AARC membership renewal dues. The cost of a one-year, FULL membership in the AARC is $90. However, if you renew through the PSRC discount program, you receive the exact same membership for a price of $75…or 20 cents a day!!

  34. We’re closing in on 3,000 members and YOU are a big part of our success! However, we need to continue counting you as a member so that we not only maintain our membership, but push us over the 3,000 member mark. Why is that so important? Simply put, the more members we have, the more powerful a voice we have when we deal with the Pennsylvania legislature. If government representation at the state and federal levels isn’t enough to convince you of the value of membership, consider the other 100 benefits of membership offered by the AARC (visit to view them all!).

  35. Still need more value? Then consider all of the benefits of membership in the PSRC including discounted and “members only” continuing education programs and fun events like the PSRC Day @ Camel Beach Waterpark, PSRC Night @ the Phillies and some surprises we have planned for 2007! To take advantage of this program, all you need to do is send a check for $75 (payable to the PSRC) along with this postcard and your membership renewal form from the AARC (or a note requesting your membership renewal) to: ___________ OR visit the PSRC website at

  36. What Else?? Aim For Higher Goals!

  37. What Else?? • Sell AARC membership by highlighting the value of state affiliate membership! • Some believe AARC is national and not “personal”. • The AARC does a great job of selling themselves. Why repeat that work? • People may recognize state affiliate board and committee members, not so much the AARC board or office staff. • State benefits are an “added” benefit!!

  38. What Else?? • Utilize your state affiliate website… TO THE MAX!!! • Advertise your membership benefits! If you don’t have a lot, then create them! • Benefits don’t have to be hugely popular for them to help your affiliate!

  39. No-Brainers…. • AARC member discount for ALL state affiliate events. Make it a decent discount! • At larger seminars/conferences, make the registration fee at least as much as an AARC membership…and then give them a membership! • At smaller educational events: • Charge $15 or $20 for non-members; FREE to members • Make some events “Members Only”

  40. What’s Next For The PSRC??? • Focus more and more on retention! • Revamped our affiliate 2008 P&P manual with three main objectives: • Education • Advocacy • Fun!! • Increasing value of state membership…mostly through fun events!

  41. Take Home Notes…. • Don’t forget the students and program directors • Develop a manager’s list and go after them! • Utilize the AARC bulk membership discount!!!!

  42. Take Home Notes…. • Utilize the USPS website to communicate with your members cheaply and easily • Highlight state affiliate membership value • ALWAYS offer membership discount at events

  43. Take Home Notes…. Goto to download…. • Renewal postcard sample • Discount membership letter sample • Bulk membership discount information