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How to on web design PowerPoint Presentation
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How to on web design

How to on web design

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How to on web design

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  3. 1) FIRST IMPRESSION: Your first impression made is an important one – and a professional website design is definitely going to leave a better first impression that one that looks as if it was put together by your cousins neighbor who is 12 and just got his first PC.

  4. 2) HIGHLIGHT YOUR EXPERTISE WITH EASE: With a professional website design, you’re able to showcase the things you do best – if you’re a designer, the design itself showcases your skills and if you’re a writer, you’re able to utilize a great design to highlight areas you excel at.

  5. 3) BETTER DESIGN + MORE EYES = MORE SALES With your killer design, you’re attracting visitors from all over the web – they want to sit & stare at the beautiful website design you’ve got on display and then, out of nowhere, they’re going to get the urge to pull their credit card out of their pockets and buy tons of products from you.

  6. 4) LESS BUGS AND CROSS- BROWSER COMPATIBILITY A professional web designer will ensure that your website is clearly viewable on all major browsers, thus giving you the ability to keep your professional appearance up in front of everyone viewing your site, even those who are viewing in the less-than-popular browsers.

  7. 5) DUCE YOUR MAINTENANCE TIME GREATLYRE With a professional website design, the time you actually have to spend cleaning things up and making sure everything is up to day drops drastically, giving you more time to focus on the things that matter most – traffic, sales and increased visibility

  8. 6) INCREASE SEARCH ENGINE VISIBILITY A professional web designer will ensure the code markup is clean and easy to read – great for spiders who crawl your page.

  9. 8) ATTRACT CUSTOMERS An appealing site will attract attention and influence customers. Web users browse hundreds of sites every month so it’s vital yours stands out from the crowd.

  10. 6) BUILD YOUR BRAND, REPUTATION AND SALES. Your website should be the perfect reflection of your brand, ensuring you’re delivering a consistent message to your audience whilst giving customers a great first impression

  11. 9) ADD YOUR VISUAL IDENTITY Your page’s structure is similar to that of your personal Facebook profile, which means you can add both a profile photo, usually your logo or some other existing business identifier.

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