junior senior division current events round 1 n.
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Junior/Senior Division Current Events Round 1 PowerPoint Presentation
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Junior/Senior Division Current Events Round 1

Junior/Senior Division Current Events Round 1

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Junior/Senior Division Current Events Round 1

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  1. Junior/Senior DivisionCurrent EventsRound 1 2013-2014 Local Tournament Questions

  2. 1. National News and Politics On August 7, President Obama canceled a planned summit meeting to discuss arms control, missile defense, Syria, trade and human rights. The immediate cause was Russia’s decision to grant temporary asylum to Edward J. Snowden. Who was the person that President Obama cancelled on? A. Vladimir Putin B. Sergey V. Lavrov C.Dmitry Medvedev D.Alexander Novak

  3. 2. Science/Technology NASA spacecraft has made an out-of-this-world achievement! This spacecraft has become the first object made by people to travel into interstellar space. Launched in September 1977, the 36-year-old probe has equipment considered low technology by today’s standards. Its computers have much less memory than a smart phone. What is the name of the spacecraft? A. Voyager 1 B. Apollo 3 C. Explorer 1 D. Gemini 1

  4. 3. National News and Politics In September, an economist of national fame, Treasury Secretary under President Bill Clinton, President of Harvard and Director of President Obama’s National Economic Council, withdrew his name from being considered as the head of the Federal Reserve Board. Who is he? A.Ray Dolby B.Timothy Geithner C.Ben Bernanke D.Larry Summers

  5. 4. People in the News The longest-serving British Prime Minister of the 20th Century died at 87 of a stroke. On April 17, 2013, this person was buried in the largest funeral production since that of Winston Churchill, half a century before. Among the honors accorded to her was a gun salute from the Tower of London every minute, a military band playing, and the silence of the Big Ben bells. Who was she? A. Angela Merkel B. Barbara Boxer C. Margaret Thatcher D. Olivia Snowe

  6. 5. Sports On June 20, the Miami Heat beat the San Antonio Spurs for a 95-88 victory in Game 7 of the N.B.A. finals. Which player shot an 18-footer, then a pair of free throws, to win the game? A. Dwayne Wade B. Chris Bosch C. LeBron James D. Shane Battier

  7. 6. International News and Politics On February 11, 2013,the former Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger announced his retirement, becoming the first Pope to do so since 1415. He cited advancing age and a growing physical weakness as his reasons for retirement. Which pope retired? A. Benedict XVI B. John XXIII C. Innocent II D. Pius X

  8. 7. International News and Politics On July 12, 2013, MalalaYousafzai gave a speech at the United Nations headquarters in New York City. It was her sixteenth birthday and the first time she had spoken publicly since being attacked by the Taliban. In her speech, she called on world leaders to make sure that A. The Taliban is disbanded. B. Pakistan receives humanitarian aid for families. C. Every child has the opportunity to go to school. D. Girls receive job training.

  9. 8. National News and Politics She is the first female governor of New Mexico in the state’s 100-year history. Her heritage also makes her the first Latino, or Hispanic female, governor in the United States. Who is she? A. Sonia Sotomayer B. Susana Martinez C. Valeria Perez D. Ana Rodriquez

  10. 9. Science and Technology Scientists often find new species of plants and insects, but finding a new mammal is rare. Dr. KristoferHelgenwas the main scientist who discovered the new mammal. The scientists named it olinguito (oh•lin•GEE•toh) because it looks similar to an animal called the olingo. Dr. Helgenhas identified other new animal species, but he says that this is his most important discovery. Where did he find this new species? A. Madagascar B. The cloud forests of Colombia and Ecuador C. The Amazon rain forest D. A temperate rain forest in Canada

  11. 10. People in the News This self-proclaimed queen of Southern cooking faced criticism over admissions made in a deposition about workplace discrimination. She admitted that she had used racial epithets. On June 21, the Food Network dropped her shows and several of her sponsors followed suit. The case was eventually thrown out. Who is this celebrity chef? A. Rachael Ray B. Ree Drummond C. Paula Deen D. Nathalie Dupree

  12. Extra: Sports This American heavyweight boxer and WBC world heavyweight champion died in September 2013 at age 70. He was best known for his 12-round victory over Muhammad Ali when he famously broke Ali's jaw. Who is he? A. George Forman B. Ken Norton C. Jack Lomax D. Larry Holmes