resiliency n.
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  1. RESILIENCY Presented by: NAMI Utah(National Alliance on Mental Illness) Utah’svoice on Mental Illness

  2. Resiliency What is it?

  3. Resiliency is defined as: The Ability to recover from misfortune

  4. OR To AdjustEasily to Change

  5. Resiliency is the capacity to withstand pressures and recover rapidly from a temporary disruption even without outside help and to bounce backto normal or even supernormal levels of functioning

  6. What do you think Resiliency looks like? The following 4 slides are things that help someone have resiliency. Everyone take a minute to think about that you think resiliency looks like and then as we go through the slides figure out which category your idea about resiliency fits into.

  7. Life Purpose If you have a life purpose or can find one, you will be better able to adapt to and learn from adversity.

  8. Control While what happens in your life may be out of your control, you can control how you react to what happens; you will feel more in control of your life and better able to deal with challenges.

  9. Self-efficacy Self-efficacy is when you have confidence in your ability to handle new and different situations. Belief in yourself makes a big difference in how you overcome adversity.

  10. Problem Solving You know how to identify and draw on resources to support you during times of change and challenge. Self-esteem and self-confidence do not come from being told you are great. You get them by facing and mastering challenges.

  11. What ideas do you have on how to increase your resiliency ?

  12. Some ideas to increase your Resiliency: • Deal with yourself on the most personal level. • This means to be honest with yourself. • Be tolerant and accepting of yourself. • Growth takes time and experience. Remember this: Life is a journey, not a destination!

  13. More ideas to increase Resiliency: • Remember that adversity can be a great strength-building process. • When confronted with difficult situations, its ok to say, “I don’t like this and wish I didn’t have to go through it, but since I do, I’m going to learn as much as I can from the experience.”

  14. And Another Idea: • Increase your ability to embrace change and deal with change by incorporating more change into your life. • Try a food you have never tried before • Take a different route to school or home. • Disrupting your normal routine can lead to psychological resiliency.

  15. One more idea to increase Resiliency: • Simplify difficult situations. • Instead of trying to manage everything at once, break down the problem into manageably-sized pieces and focus on one thing at a time.

  16. In General, People with good mental health have the following attributes and attitudes: • Value themselves • Deal with reality instead of avoiding it • Accept strengths and weaknesses • Do what they say they are going to do • Establish and maintain close relationships • Pursue work that suits their talents and training • Feel a sense of fulfillment

  17. Final Points about Resiliency and Good Health: • Independently solve problems within your ability to solve • Know you goals, strengths and weaknesses • Be truthful to yourself • Work to achieve what you want • Do things to promote your own growth • Go in search of yourself, It can be scary but fun!

  18. Final Word • If you are ever feeling overwhelmed by your problems or feelings, remember it is ok to ask for help!!!!!!! • Talking to someone is the best. Talk to a parent, counselor, teacher or a friend!! • NAMI is here as well, for free programs and resources call or check the web: • 801 323-9900 or