the vast sea of my hometown n.
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The Vast Sea of My Hometown PowerPoint Presentation
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The Vast Sea of My Hometown

The Vast Sea of My Hometown

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The Vast Sea of My Hometown

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  1. The Vast Sea of My Hometown Made by LiJing 2009.06.01

  2. My hometown is a beautiful coastal city. It locates at the southeast of Shandong province and on the west coast of hang sea.

  3. Mirage(海市蜃楼)

  4. red tiles, green trees, blue sea and azure sky ---kangyouwei

  5. the sea provides us with different kinds of delicious seafood, such as shrimps, crabs, squid, clam and various kinds of fish.

  6. Shrimps crab

  7. Squid fish whelk

  8. Speaking of seafood, I can’t help thinking of the QingDao beer. Built in 1903, it is rich of carbon dioxide, soft and refreshing, with white and fine foams and unique taste, which enjoys a high reputation both at home and abroad. Every summer, the cold beer with seafood become tastier, and the international beer festival held once a year is a great for people to have a spree.

  9. The International Beer Festival

  10. the vast sea makes its air fresh and its climate pleasant. It is picturesque and vibrate that seagulls fly over the boundless sea at dusk. Standing by the sea, breathing the fresh air, feeling the sea wind, the feeling is so great.

  11. the sea does a lot good to its economy development. Especially since the policy of reform and opening carried out, it has been developed rapidly. As one of the most important ice-free port of our country, it is very convenient to make trade with other countries.

  12. Thank you!