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Cleaning Services Vancouver WA PowerPoint Presentation
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Cleaning Services Vancouver WA

Cleaning Services Vancouver WA

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Cleaning Services Vancouver WA

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  1. Cleaning Services Vancouver WA Cleaning Services St Mary’s Window Cleaning Services provides professional and reliable maintenance andcleaning services Vancouver WA. Give us a call today and see what we can do to help you! •Window Cleaning St Mary’s Window Cleaning Services Vancouver WA has comprehensive knowledge of how to clean your inside and outside windows. We use the AquaClean System. It is a five filter purification system that removes 99% of minerals from water build up. For those hard to reach places, we hand wash using environmentally friendly products that are healthy for you and your windows. •Gutter Cleaning Clogged or damaged gutters can pose many issues that can be extremely costly. With proper maintenance, these problems can be avoided. With our Cleaning Services Vancouver WA, we recommend that your gutters be cleaned at least twice a year. Our experts can provide you with all of your gutter cleaning and maintenance needs. •Pressure Washing Over time your home’s exterior can look worn and dingy. At St Mary’s Window Cleaning Services Vancouver WA we can restore it with our pressure washing services. Choosing to pressure wash your own home can be damaging. Allow our specialists to take care of your pressure washing needs. •Roof Cleaning Moss can grow and thrive almost year round and your roof can be a breeding ground for moss and mold. We can get rid of your moss and mold problems before and after they arise. We have a choice of our preventative spray treatment and if the moss is already growing, we offer gutter cleaning Vancouver WA. Our services are guaranteed. •Skylight Cleaning

  2. a leader in glass cleaning. We specialize in windows, skylights, chandeliers, and more. We have been operating since 1990 in the Portland/Vancouver Metro area. We are a top service provider with experience and expertise for all of your glass cleaning needs. •New Construction New construction window installation can pose several problems, such as debris from installation and/or stickers or decals that are not easy to remove. We have specialized tools, equipment, and procedures for the removal of these issues without damage to your new windows or frames. •Holiday Lighting If you are looking into having your home all aglow for the holiday season, look no further than St Mary’s Window Cleaning Services. We furnish the supplies and will design a lighting theme for your home. We can virtually light up anything! You can decide on your colors and style, we will take care of the rest.