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It’s what we do.

It’s what we do.

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It’s what we do.

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  1. It’s what we do. Digby Consultancy 0712

  2. It’s what we do. Welcome to your Appointment and Vacancy Creation Telesales Training It’s what we do. Digby Consultancy 0712

  3. Mechanics • Signed in ? • Cloakrooms • Telephones/messages • Breaks/Refreshments • Car parking • Fire precautions • First aid • Health and safety • Course evaluations-Action plans Digby Consultancy 0712

  4. Peter Kent • 5 years Construction • 3 years Heavy industry • 7 years Retail/industrial sales • 4 years Service sales • 26 years Recruitment industry • (operations & training) inc. • 9th year Independent Training Consultant Digby Consultancy 0712

  5. 16-18 Digby Consultancy 0712

  6. Course Objectives 16-18 By the end of the course you will have gained/refreshed your knowledge of; • Company strategy, aims and objectives • Marketing campaigns, opportunities, sourcing employers ,using E-Shots • How to use call guides/scripts and make telesales calls to employers with the objective • of gaining appointments for your BDM • How to establish rapport, peak interest and deal with call reluctance. • Techniques used in questioning, selling the benefits of a sales meeting to a • prospective employer, handling objections and positively closing the call • Making “live” sales calls to prospective employers • Identified ways to enhance your opportunities of gaining appointments for your • Business Development Managers to sell Apprenticeships upon your return to the workplace Digby Consultancy 0712

  7. 16-18 Your Introductions Name Job role & responsibilities Centre Your learning objectives Digby Consultancy 0712

  8. Action Plans (Atthe end of the Course) 16-18 Did you gain what you wished to from today's event? Your main learning points from the day? Would you have changed anything? Any other questions or observations ? K413 Online training evaluation Digby Consultancy 0712

  9. Company Strategy 2011/13 Have you read it? Digby Consultancy 0712

  10. 16-18 Summary • An additional £655 million is to be spent on Apprenticeships, increasing the overall funding on Employer Responsive Apprenticeships to nearly £5 billion in 2011/12. • 16-24 Apprenticeships continue to be a national priority with • 1 million young people in NEET and Key Training’s focus has • doubled the number of 16/24 Starts during this year and aims • to double again in the next 24 months. Digby Consultancy 0712

  11. 16-18 Objective • To double again the number of 16/24 year old Apprenticeship Starts • from just under 1,000 in 2010/11 to over 2,000 in 2012/13 • This will be achieved by increasing vacancies registered from 35 per week • to 60 per week and filling 70% of those vacancies. • In addition, employers on our CRM database need to increase from • 30,000 to100,000. • To minimise ‘6 week leavers’ to less than 10% by adapting the • ‘After Care Policy’ required for these youngsters in their first job. • To maintain our 80% completion rate. Digby Consultancy 0712

  12. The Market Ideal! We are coming out of recession and employers need another pair of hands to help them grow again-at minimum cost. The following quotes from surveys illustrate this point:- “Given the current economic climate, Apprenticeships help business on the route to recovery. Taking on a young, enthusiastic Apprentice will cost as little as £95 per week, with their training costs fully covered” …….National Apprenticeship Service “Apprentices deliver a very real return on investment for businesses. Commitment and loyalty are stronger, skills gaps are filled and staff moral improved” ……Warwick University Institute for Employment Research “Not only are Apprentices good for business on the inside but people prefer to buy from a company that supports young people by employing an Apprentice” …. You Gov “81% of businesses said their Apprentice helped to generate higher, overall productivity” ….. Populus Research “At the moment, only 14% of S.M.E’s know how to access Apprenticeship funding” ….. CBI/ EDI This is why we will be targeting employers with less than 1,000 staff. 16-18 Digby Consultancy 0712

  13. 16-18 • Key Training Marketing Campaigns: • Marketing Dept. Source data • BDM’s devise 12 month Campaign • Focus Sales Activity on Specific Sectors • Recorded on Marketing Campaign Template • Industries include: Automotive Banking Consumer Construction Education Fast Moving Consumer Goods Financial Food and Beverage Government-Local and National Healthcare Manufacturing Media Online Retail Technology Telecommunications Transport and Travel Etc. etc. Digby Consultancy 0712

  14. Marketing Campaigns • In addition, we have tailored our Apprenticeships to specific industries. • This followed our very successful campaign that launched ‘Apprenticeships for Recruitment Personnel’ which, in its pilot, will place nearly 100 youngsters in recruitment companies. • In turn, this has resulted in the stamp of approval from REC (the Recruitment and Employment Confederation) where we have been approved as abusiness partner for delivering Apprenticeships to their members (over 4,000 branches awaiting our call!) • This has led to the development of more industry-tailored Apprenticeships in our offering : • Estate Agency • Insurance • Legal • Renewable energy • Call centres • Children and Young Peoples Workforce 16-18 Digby Consultancy 0712

  15. 16-18 Sourcing potential employers- How? Walkabouts Contact current Employers and Past Users Potential Hit List Speak to Assessors. Search Jobsites Monster, fish 4jobs ,, Connexions/JCP NAS Good news stories Local Business networking, Networking for Employers expanding Local newspapers Specialist magazines Trade magazines Internet Billboards TV/Radio Recruitment Agency/Local Company Networking Centre Open days Digby Consultancy 0712

  16. The Opportunity • There are no actual 16/24 Apprenticeship vacancies out there as no employer wakes up in the morning and says “I’m going to take on a 16/24 year old today!”. • It’s our job to put that thought in their mind and, with their help, create a new vacancy for a 16/24 year old with an Apprenticeship. • In the current year, we have created 35 vacancies per week and filled 55% of them – therefore, forecasting to find a permanent job for nearly1000 unemployed youngsters this year – something to be proud of! • This increase in vacancies has been generated by our investment in Telesales Executives which is on-going as we aim, also, to increase our 16/24 teams where the market demands. 16-18 Digby Consultancy 0712

  17. 16-18 • Our Aims: • To convince those who have a vacancy for an experienced adult • to take a 16/24 year old apprentice. • To convince those who don’t have vacancies that they should • take on a 16/24 year old apprentice. • To convince those who are laying off staff to • take on a 16/24 year old apprentice. • To convince employers who don’t have a budget, or think they can’t afford it • to take on a 16/24 year old apprentice. Digby Consultancy 0712

  18. Process 1 Sales process for Apprentices Telesales person gains a lead BDM gains a vacancy on walkabout or networking Employer rings with Vacancy Assessor provides referral or progression CRM updated with employer activity Appointment Confirmed Telesales e-mails agenda and information appropriate to employer copies in BDM Job Description obtained Digby Consultancy 11/12

  19. 16-18 • Sales Activity • 1) Walkabouts • Visit potential employers without an appointment to gain • information to facilitate a telesales approach • 2) E-Shot • Mail shots • (K600series-Intranet)- • Information E-mails • Specific to your Centres Target Markets/Employers • 3) Outbound Telesales Call • Cold- • 1st call made to a prospective employer • Warm lead • e.g. converting JCP Vacancies • Follow up • Any subsequent sales call made to a prospective employee • Objective: Get an appointment for your BDM! Digby Consultancy 0712

  20. Business Development Manager • What will the BDM discuss with the Potential employer? • Information about our recruitment process for 16-24 year olds • What an Apprenticeship is (K146-Induction Presentation-PEC) • What involvement an employer has • Benefits of recruiting an apprentice • Costs • Methods of delivery. • Work closely with your Business Development Manager! Digby Consultancy 0712

  21. 16-18 • Sales Activity • 1) Walkabouts • Visit potential employers without an appointment to gain information to facilitate a telesales approach • HOW? • Introduce yourself • Make friends/build rapport with the gatekeeper/receptionist • Establish who the contact/s will be-(decision makers?) • Get e-mail addresses-telephone numbers-direct dial numbers • Get a business card and leave yours • Have brochures/company information on hand. • Always have your diary with you-You may get an appointment on the spot! Digby Consultancy 0712

  22. Mailshots 16-18 • The method: • Telephone sector targeted employers. • Ask telephonist/ receptionist: • “Who shall I send details of government funded training to?” • Get correct spelling and title and send mailer together • with relevant Industry Apprentice Outline. • Do not send unless you have a named contact. • (Nationally organised campaigns the exception). • Each campaign can be sector specific (i.e. Solicitors, Public Sector etc) • or gradually work through BT directory ( • or local Yellow Pages which lists in industries. • For local authorities, councils, NHS etc, try • Q) When do we follow up the mailshot? • A) Within 2/3 days Digby Consultancy 0712

  23. 16-18 Information E-mails What are information e-mails used for? If the person we need to speak to is not available If the person we have spoken to is not overly keen Notes: There will be other examples in your Centre- change the information provided to match the needs of your prospect. Always refer to your BDM before sending and do not send before attempting to call your prospective employer Example Digby Consultancy 0712

  24. What is selling? 16-18 • Finding out what people need and want • Analysing their needs and wants • Finding out their issues and offering the solutions • Showing them that we can give them what they need and want • Recommending our service • Persuading the Client that the proposition has value; the supplier is • satisfactory-and NOW is the time to take action. • Building a solid business relationship based on trust-through • rapport and friendship. Digby Consultancy 0712

  25. Telesales Executive: Call Objectives That 1 in 40 calls results in an appointment/vacancy (2.5% ratio) This means QUANTITY That 70% of those vacancies are filled by your BDM This means QUALITY Quantity= the numbers of calls made Quality = how good the calls are Successful Telesales Executives get this balance right! Digby Consultancy 0712

  26. Training Video • “The Outbound Call” • By the end of the session you will understand the following: • Setting primary and secondary objectives • Measuring success • The basics of creating a call guide for the first 15 seconds • Handling the gatekeeper • Dealing with call reluctance • Handling the unappreciative prospect • Building customer relationships • Signing off with service. • Aim of a successful call: • Initially establish a rapport • Engage the prospect in a needs analysis • Offer a solution • Close the sale or complete the objective of the call The Outbound Call Digby Consultancy 0712

  27. 16-18 BREAK 10 minutes Digby Consultancy 0712

  28. The Outbound Call. The outbound caller will have at least two objectives; Primary: What you hope to achieve from the call Secondary: Leaving a positive impression of Key Training with the door open for the next step. You must write them down They must be realistic and measurable You must focus on these before you make the call Activity Choose a prospective employer from the CRM database List specific primary and secondary objectives for an outbound call to this employer You will be ringing this employer later in the day. Digby Consultancy 0712

  29. The Outbound Call. • Your Call Guide-(script) • As you saw in Isaac’s conversation with Danielle about Fluffy-The first 15 seconds • of the call are vital! • Activity • List five things to be included in your call guide- • that you need to explain at this stage of the call • What do you need to explain in your introduction? • Who you are • Where you are from • What you want-your reason for calling • Are you speaking to the right person? • If you are speaking to the right person-peak their interest • Friendly, natural delivery-build rapport • Avoid reading your guide (script) • YOU MUST HONESTLY REPRESENT YOUR INTENTIONS Digby Consultancy 0712

  30. The Outbound Call. The Gatekeeper (Receptionist) Activity List the do’s and don’ts for handling the gatekeeper Do’s Remember the gatekeeper may not be your customer, but they know who The customer is Be polite and friendly (rapport) Remember their name Honestly represent your intentions Find out information about who you need to speak to Ask to be put through Get contact details-name, e-mail address, direct line? Find out a convenient time to call back Don’t’s Don’t be rude Don’t be dismissive Digby Consultancy 0712

  31. The Outbound Call. • No-one is sitting around waiting for you to call them and offer a product, • service or a solution to a problem that they don’t know they have • Sometimes your reception will be less than friendly. • When an initial response is curt: • Be empathetic • Ask permission to go forward • Gently ask questions • Establish contact and details • i.e. best time to call, send an e-mail, arrange to follow it up • Remain polite if it is denied • Thank them for their time Digby Consultancy 0712

  32. The Outbound Call. • Call reluctance • After a series of calls where you don’t achieve your objectives, it’s quite • common to face call reluctance. • You would gladly do anything but pick up the telephone and make a sales call! • Don’t take rejection personally • Recognise the fear and let it go • Talk to a colleague • Remind yourself of previous successes • Reward yourself for reaching smaller goals. Digby Consultancy 0712

  33. 16-18 Initially establishing a rapport What is Rapport? How do you know people are in rapport? Synchronisation of movement? Match your voice. Use key words.(be subtle!!) Don’t try to match the emotion of the person if they are stand-offish! Digby Consultancy 0712 Digby Consultancy 0911

  34. Reason for call/ Peaking their interest 16-18 I recently sent you a mailshot…….. I understand that you are responsible for… I understand that you manufacture… I read your article… I noticed your advertisement…… What are The “reason for call” statements on the example scripts? Move into your first question… Digby Consultancy 0712

  35. 16-18 Questions Open Questions ? Closed Questions ? Start with the general questionsfirst…then with your objective in mind focus your Client in with specific questions Listen to the Clients answers Keep goinguntil you have uncovered the Clients needs Summarise Digby Consultancy 0712

  36. Questions 16-18 What does the company do What is your role in the company What do you know about the current 16/18 Apprenticeship initiative? What is your understanding of funding available and what it means to you in terms of cost?? What do you know about NVQ’s What additional support would you benefit from? What skills do you require? What job role would you consider for an Apprentice in your Company How do you see your company benefiting from employing an apprenticeship What needs doing in your company that you cant afford to do at the moment? Other questions: How many vacancies do you have at the moment? How do you normally recruit ? How many of these could be Apprentices? What happens when: sickness/holidays /let downs? Peaks in work, lack of skilled staff etc.? heavy admin workload etc Headcount Freeze on? Budgets restricted? What effect does that have on: How does that affect: productivity, morale, profit How will that affect you when the “upturn” comes? time, quantity, quality, your customers? Your strategy, aims, goals and objectives? Your competitive edge? Digby Consultancy 0712

  37. 16-18 What do we sell? We Present: Features – the good things we can provide We Sell: Benefits – what they will gain from taking advantage of the features provided Digby Consultancy 0712

  38. Benefits 16-18 What’s in it for me(or my Organisation)? Saves mytime Savesmehassle Maintains myproductivity Cost effective -it gives mevalue formymoney Make benefits Personal to the Purchaser! Digby Consultancy 0712

  39. General • Feature Benefit • 35 years trading tried and tested, great reputation • Local Training Provider Understand the local economy and needs • National Training provider Can find a way of covering different locations • Ranked 39 out of 750 Training Providers Proven service • 86% achievement rate 12% above national average • High retention and progression 96% of NHSBEN apprentices still within the NHS • Grade 2 but some Grade 1 OFSTED reports it’s not just us who think we are good! • Specialise in Office based apprenticeships focused on what we know we do well • Access to government funding allows small/large businesses to benefit from MASSIVE savings • Studying towards level 2 nationally recognised WBL Qual. • 8 month programme allows employers to create their full time employees • of the future (even Managers!) • Details provided by Populus for NAS 83% of employers rely on apprenticeships to provide their • skilled workers of the future- 67% believe apprenticeships • help them fill vacancies quicker • £150 reg and cert • £120 per week speaks for itself! 16-18 Digby Consultancy 0712

  40. Recruitment Appointment service Dedicated account Manager One stop recruitment service Free advertising on Apprenticeship .gov Candidates vetted 400 applicants a month 5 GCSE’s or above, Maths and English +/- ICT Some A level candidates Internal CV library All candidates screened via Induction Short list provided Arrange interviews Invariably first time jobs we’ll visit and fully understand your business needs and explain in detail how it will work one point of contact for all your needs save companies time and effort huge internet portal for local talent pool ensure we only send the best there is huge choice to offer ensures high standard of existing literacy, numeracy and ICT skills able to provide candidates that don’t wish to go to Uni. “ready to go” database of candidates at our finger tips know their qualities and skills we’ll screen the applicants for clients We’ll arrange and provide schedule no bad habits-mouldable employee Digby Consultancy 0712

  41. Delivery • Worked Based Learning • Online portfolio-ecordia • 8 contact delivery model • Ist. visit with employer • 1.5 hours on site every 6 weeks • Telephone assessments • Regular employer/assessor/apprentice reviews • Key skills and technical certificates tests • Employers rights and responsibilities • workbook • e-learning package • I week induction • Health and safety workbook • Progressions to further qualifications majority takes place in the workplace 21st century delivery-manager can access Less disruption to the client Understanding of how it will work/discuss units that would benefit the clients business minimal disruption to the client minimal disruption to the client enables 360 feedback enhances numeracy/literacy/ICT skills/ and general job competencies gives all round knowledge of ERR gives all round knowledge to apprentices structured development programme for the apprenticeship and further access to government funding Digby Consultancy 0712

  42. Why take on an Apprentice? 16-18 • The Main Benefits: • Only have to pay min. £120 per week-as opposed to full salary • Less than half the minimum wage! (first 9-12 months) • An extra pair of hands at little cost • Well placed for the upturn at little cost • Gets around the headcount freeze • Fewer onerous rights of employment to deal with • Good for Clients PR/ social responsibility persona! (especially Public Sector) • FREE Training!............................................. Digby Consultancy 0712

  43. 16-18 • Apprenticeships-Benefits from Case Studies • ( from Business Case Studies Key Marketing and Recruitment (QM) B.T-Carrillion-Sheffield City Council) • Positive return on Investment. • Improved Productivity Higher Staff retention • Higher quality of work • Higher Staff motivation levels • Higher Level of competence • More potential for succession planning • Contributes to shareholder value. • Improves competitiveness. • Improves: Safety. • Loyalty. • Reinforces Company Culture. • Enhances Company Image. • Enhances Customer experience • Contribute to company growth Produce your own case studies and use as a sales tool! Digby Consultancy 0712

  44. Summary of Needs 16-18 Why do we summarise? How do we summarise? When do we summarise? Check and clarify yours and the Clients understanding! “So what we have agreed is…………..” “So what you are saying is……………..” Let’s go ahead and arrange an appointment for our BDM to come and see you…………….. Digby Consultancy 0712

  45. 16-18 Closing on the Appointment Alternative Close-The employer seems ready to buy in to the proposition of an appointment with A BDM and confirmation is gained by offering alternatives to choose from: “We can arrange our meeting for 10.00 hrs tomorrow or 1400 on Friday-which would suityou best”? If not acceptable:“How about Next week on Thursday at 15.00 or Monday the following week at 10.00? If not acceptable: “When would be the most convenient for you? When the appointment has been agreed inform the Employer of the Account BDM’s details and pass on details to the BDM. Inform the Employer that the BDM will be sending an Agenda. Plus all other information gleaned and action agreed with the Employer If still not acceptable the Employer clearly has not been convinced of the value to them. Ask questions to find out why……….Handle the Objection! Digby Consultancy 0712

  46. 16-18 Handling Objections Techniques Formula Tips Exercise Digby Consultancy 0712

  47. Objections can be Sales opportunities From a customer’s point of view, a genuine objection could be: 16-18 A request for information We simply haven’t told the customer something he/she wants to know. A lack of understanding The information we have given has not been expressed clearly enough. A desire to defer The customer needs to consult someone else before committing himself. Not completely ‘sold’ We have not done our job convincingly, perhaps not sold the benefits strongly enough. A buying/closing signal The customer is close to saying ‘yes’ but needs a little more reassurance or help. If we can give a satisfactory answer, we may well be able to close the sale. Digby Consultancy 0712

  48. 16-18 Formula 1. Listen (don’t interrupt or talk over!!) 2. Acknowledge and check understanding ( empathetic responses, questioning and summary) 3. Answer (using benefits to outweigh the objection) 5. Verify (does this satisfy the query made?) 6. Close and/or continue Digby Consultancy 0712

  49. Empathetic Responses 16-18 ‘So …………. is very important to you?’ Feel- Felt- Found • I understand what you are saying, …(question) • I know what you mean ,…(question) • I can see why you feel that way ,…(question) • You’re right,…(question) • Fair enough….. It’s a valid point, …..(question) Digby Consultancy 0712

  50. Objections Exercise: 16-18 In Groups 15 Mins A List of Objections on the next slide…………… Answer these objections…………… Digby Consultancy 0712