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Application of Sales and Distribution Management PowerPoint Presentation
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Application of Sales and Distribution Management

Application of Sales and Distribution Management

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Application of Sales and Distribution Management

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  1. Application of Sales and Distribution Management

  2. The complete cloud-based POS system POS has everything you need to run your small business successfully!

  3. The all-in-one solution for small business management Business management is the cornerstone of Sales Application. Process payments, generate reports, manage your employees and organize your stock with inventory software.

  4. Sales Application is made for small business Whether you’re serving drinks at happy hour, serving customers a quick meal or brewing up the latest imported coffee bean, Sales is made for many types of small businesses.

  5. INTRODUCTION The mobile sales app allows your sales reps to use a tablet to manage client information, demo your product catalogue, create quotes and place orders. Managers can also track the team's sales activities. The Sales Application CMS links your ERP system, which makes your entire range visible within the sales portal. This link makes it possible to see stock information, customer-specific prices, and the order history. The link that is made with your back office is real-time and ensures that all current information can be retrieved at any time. When an order is placed in an application, it is immediately visible in your ERP.

  6. Main Features Point of Sale Order Management Order Tracking Customer Management POS Payments Split Payments/Discounts Receipts Inventory Management Ingredients Management

  7. Employee Management(Sales team) Tip Management or Incentive Tax Management POS Reporting Apps and Integration Accounts & Contacts Order and quote tracking Sales rep tracking Easy import PDF generator

  8. Create routes Route Mode Route Optimization Color and Filter Check-ins Calendar Integration Live Traffic Statistics Team Chat Leaderboard

  9. Lead Machine Catalog/Look book On and offline mode

  10. Point of Sale POS has everything you need to run your small business, available on Android tablets, iPad, PCs and the Poynt terminal. It’s quick, efficient and intuitive to use. Easy setup will have you taking payments in minutes and serving your customers just as fast.

  11. Features • Add and scan items directly into the cart. • Ring in sales, calculate discounts and add up taxes. Easy for any employee to learn. • Device Agnostic • Works Offline • Custom Receipts • Voids and Refunds • Cash Management • Payins and Payouts

  12. Open/Close Register • Include/Exclude Taxes • Discounts and Loyalty • Point of Sale Management • Taxes and Tips

  13. Product Brochures • Convert your existing printed product brochures into electronic brochures. • Flip through the brochures using swipe gestures. • Tap on products in the brochure to see more details. • Add items to an order from within the brochure.

  14. Catalog • Catalog and list view • Find, sort, filter and select items • Add items to an order • Supports multiple languages • Customer specific prices • Lookbook • Use a lookbook as your catalog • Link your items and item groups • Multiple visualization options

  15. Order Management Select order types such as quick sale, take out, drive thru or delivery. Store customer information as you take their order.

  16. Features • Saving and Reopening Orders • Accessing Previous Orders • Manage Order Types • Manage Order Status • All-In-One Order View

  17. Quotes & Orders • Create a new quote or order whilst onsite with your customers. • Add items to the quote or order by browsing the product catalogue. • Send PDF quotes to your customer for approval. • Send PDF orders to your office for processing. • Let customers browse the catalogue and self-order. • Full order history is stored for all customers. • Placing Orders • View and order items Advanced order processing Send order confirmations.

  18. Order Tracking Manage your orders with an option to track order statuses.

  19. Features • Saving and Reopening Orders. • Accessing Previous Orders. • Manage Order Types. • Manage Order Status. • All-In-One Order View.

  20. Customer Management Store and build your customer information to know exactly what they buy and when. It’s simple to add, edit, and to search customers. Personalize your service and receipts, as well as, email marketing to build repeat business.

  21. Features • Customer Profiles. • Personalized Customer Service. • Customer Purchase History. • Import Customer List.

  22. CRM Integration • Want CRM integration? We can do full 2-way sync between whatever CRM you use. • Have a custom setup? We can quickly setup nightly ftp sync with your IT team. • CMS • Integrated with your ERP software • Use price lists from your ERP software • Online stock information • Historical customer information

  23. POS Payments Process any kind of transaction via cash or credit card quickly and easily. POS supports, cash, EMV credit and debit cards, Apple pay, Samsung pay, EBT.

  24. Features • Cash Payments. • Credit and Debit Payments. • Split Payments. • Use Your Existing Processor. • Manual Payments. • Mobile and Contactless Payments. • Manage Order Payments.

  25. Split Payments Ability to split a tab according to a customer’s request via cash or credit card.

  26. Features • Cash Payments. • Credit and Debit Payments. • EBT Card. • Split Payments. • Use Your Existing Processor. • Manual Payments. • Mobile and Contactless Payments. • Manage Order Payments.

  27. Receipts Provides a customer with an option of printed or emailed receipts.

  28. Features • Voids and Refunds. • Cash Management. • Paying and Payouts. • Open/Close Register. • Include/Exclude Taxes.

  29. Inventory Management • Process, check, and manage your inventory right down to the grain. • Know exactly what you have and where.

  30. Manage departments, categories, prices, and quantities. • Manage your store operations in real-time. • Track everything from store assets to exchanges, and returns. • Features • Purchase Order Receiving. • Store Transfer. • Inventory Adjustment. • Menu Builder.

  31. Modifiers. • Inventory Matrix. • Product Management. • Stock Management. • Vendor Management.

  32. Ingredients Management Create ingredients that could then be assigned to a product or modifier’s recipe, track ingredients’ stock by small and larger units, receive and transfer ingredients, and view ingredient reporting to become more informed about your inventory, prevent revenue loss, and make better business decisions.

  33. Features • Create and Manage Ingredients. • Assign Ingredients to Products. • Assign Ingredients to Modifiers. • Manage Stock Units. • Ingredients Reporting.

  34. Employee Management • Full control over staff access to features and data for safe, reliable operations and store security.

  35. Manage roles, permissions, and employee data for effective budgeting of time and staff. • Features • Employee Specifications. • Time Clock.

  36. Tip Management Provide employees with an access to enter their tip amounts. Managers are able to view and do shift close outs.

  37. Features • Device Agnostic • Works Offline • Custom Receipts • Voids and Refunds • Cash Management • Payins and Payouts • Open/Close Register

  38. Include/Exclude Taxes • Discounts and Loyalty • Point of Sale Management • Taxes and Tips

  39. Tax Management Easily create either individual or multi-line taxes, add taxes to items, and choose to include/exclude them from orders to automate your tax maintenance and reduce chances of human error.

  40. Features • Manage Individual or Multi-line Taxes • Include/Exclude Taxes • Tax Report • Tax Manager • Integrate Taxes with QuickBooks

  41. POS for QuickBooks • Save countless accounting hours with POS QuickBooks App. • With QuickBooks Online integration, quickly and easily manage your finances without hassle.

  42. Automatically synchronize sales transactions, inventory, taxes, paying/payouts and more. • Features • Product Catalog • Revenue and Expenses • Taxes • Tips

  43. POS Reporting • Quick access to your critical information makes for faster and better informed decision making. • The reporting gives you complete visibility and analysis into every aspect of your business.

  44. Access anytime online to manage and track transactional and customer data. • Features • Inventory Reports • Sales and Orders Reports • Tax and Tips Reports • Serial Item Reports • Time Clock Report

  45. Apps and Integrations • Use our variety of apps and integrations to better grow your business and increase profits.

  46. Features • QuickBooks Integration • Marketing and Loyalty • Multi-Register • Credit/Debit POS integration • Control # for Puerto Rico • Integrated with your ERP-software • ERP software such as Exact Globe, Exact Online, AFAS, Profit, UNIT4, King, Snelstart, DBFact, Visma, Microsoft Navision, BAAN, and SAP can be integrated with the iPad sales app and the Sales CMS.

  47. Accounts and Order • Manage all your customer information in one shared database. • Update the account and contact info from any mobile device. • Allocate accounts to specific sales agents. • All changes to contact information get synced to all other mobile devices • Track your sales reps using GPS check-ins. • Get a real-time view of your quotes and orders for the entire team.

  48. Order and Quote Tracking Get a real-time view of your quotes and orders for the entire team. Sales Dashboard Application dashboard provides real time insights that identify exactly where each individual team member needs assistance in your sales process.

  49. Sales rep Tracking Track your sales reps using GPS check-ins. Leads Use keywords like industry, business name, and product type to find your ideal leads in the field.